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Dinners That Can Be Made On A Sheet Pan

The sheet pan is often seen as a tool in the kitchen for baking cookies or biscuits. There are a few ideas for dinner that you can make on the thin pan. Many of the recipes are made with healthy ingredients and items that the entire family would enjoy. A benefit of these dinners is that they are very easy to make as many of them only require laying a few ingredients on the pan and putting the pan in the oven.

One of the dishes that children will likely enjoy includes fries and chicken. Place chicken covered in BBQ sauce on one side of the pan. You will need to bake the chicken first to get it done before adding the other items. In the middle of the pan, add any kind of fries that you enjoy. The other side of the pan can include a vegetable, such as asparagus or corn that you might place on the grill.

If you enjoy a delicious sausage and pepper sandwich, consider putting the ingredients on a sheet pan and assembling the sandwich after everything has been roasted. Add sliced onions, slices of green peppers and whole pieces of Italian sausage on the sheet pan before baking for about 30 minutes or until the sausage is done. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the peppers and sausage for flavor.

A delicious meal that can use some of the summer foods that you get from the garden includes pork chops and squash. Coat the pork chops with the kind of breading that you enjoy, and bake the meat in the oven until it’s almost done. Add slices of yellow squash and spinach that has a drizzle of honey. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the squash as well as a bit of butter for a crispy touch to the vegetable. Chili powder is an option for the squash or the spinach if you want something with a little more spice.

Eating Spicy Foods May Add Years to Your Life

There’s nothing more satisfying than a hot bowl of chili when you come in out of the cold. Throw in some diced jalapenos or other chili peppers and make it even hotter and spicier. You’ll warm up in a hurry! According to one study, if you like your chili spicy, you may even live longer.



In a recent Chinese analysis of spicy food, over 16,000 people were followed in the course of 23 years. The study found people who ate hot peppers on a regular basis had a 13 percent reduced risk of dying early.



Why Does it Work?


Some people crave spiciness in their food and add chili peppers to everything from scrambled eggs to their hamburgers. The ingredient in hot peppers that gives it a kick is called capsaicin. Its anti-inflammatory properties aids in disease prevention. It helps coronary blood flow and prevents obesity. Science Daily  says, chili peppers can even affect your gut in a healthy way by altering microbiota. Adding chili peppers to your diet is a great way to start out a new year of eating healthy.

How to Eat Hot Peppers?



If you want to begin adding chili peppers to your diet, it is recommended to start slowly. Eat milder chili peppers first, such as the poblano chili pepper, the mildest of hot peppers. Remove the stem, seeds and veins where the most spiciness is stored. Try a few diced into your scrambled eggs. Experiment with soups, stews or stir-fries.



Too Hot?


If it proves to be too hot for your tongue, take caution not to drink water which spreads the oils in your mouth. Instead, drink milk with it, or add some sour cream to your chili or soup to tame the heat.



I Like It!


If you find you like the heat, jalapenos are the most popular with a medium heat. A great appetizer is a jalapeno coated with cream cheese, rolled with bacon and roasted in the oven. If you’re brave, try the habanero – the granddaddy of hot peppers.



A Benefit for You!


There are hundreds of types of hot peppers from very mild to diabolically hot. There is sure to be one that fits your taste buds. Even adding a few peppers to your dishes weekly will benefit your health in the long run and may even increase your life!



Tips To Time-Strapped Parents for Making Quick and Delicious Meals

No matter how busy things get for you and your family, everyone has to eat. But sitting down together for a nutritious and tasty home-cooked meal can sometimes seem like an impossible task. For your inspiration, here are some easy tips for attaining that goal.


For starters, save time by doing prep work as soon as you come home from the grocery. Don’t try to do too much either, at least during the week. Try those enticing and interesting new recipes on the weekend.


If you have the freezer space, freeze both cooked and uncooked foods at the peak of their freshness and quality, at or below 0°. If you eat meat, season and cut up poultry and fish as soon as you get back from the grocery. Portion the cuts into several meal-sized freezer bags, and simply begin to thaw each bag in the morning to reduce your prep time. Meals that freeze well include casserole, meatloaf, stew, chili and soup. And if you have the time to try out a new recipe that also happens to freeze well, check out

This link…

For your family’s favorite meals, make double or triple the amount, freeze the leftovers, and incorporate them later into new dishes. For instance, meat and vegetable meals can be turned into soups. Or add cheese and put the filling into pre-made dough to make a turnover.


Besides freezers, other appliances that can move you further towards your goal include slow cookers, microwaves and pressure cookers. Slow cookers should get more love in general for their amazing ability to cook soups, stews, casseroles and more while you’re out. For meat lovers, a pressure cooker can cook a lot of meat in minutes. And a microwave can save time when steaming vegetables.

The Best Turkey Recipe

One of the best parts about life, in my opinion, is food and eating. Food and eating brings a feeling of euphoria. The best part about food is the taste of the best dishes around. If you are looking for an easy turkey recipe for the holidays, this is the place to be.


The Best Turkey Recipe


The total time for this recipe is approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes. The prep only takes 10 minutes while the cooking takes 3 hours. You first need to preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, you need to pull the neck and giblets out of the cavity of the turkey. Be sure to get rid of the liver and save the giblets for the gravy. Next, take a paper towel and be sure that the bird is dry before you season the turkey up with seasoning salt and pepper for a flavorful taste. Next, you will want to fill the cavity with a combination of herbs and vegetables of your choice. The best to use are chopped onions and herbs to give it an extra kick of flavor. After you complete all of these steps, you will need to place the turkey breast-side up in a roasting pan. Be sure to cover the turkey with melted butter to keep it nice and moist. After you complete these steps, cover the turkey with tin foil and place in the oven for approximately 2 hours depending on the size of your bird. For a 10 to 12 pound turkey it would be 2 hours. You will need to add an extra 15 minutes for every pound after that. After the 2 hours are finished, take the turkey out of the oven and cover it with more melting butter and heat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook the turkey for another hour. Now, pull your turkey out of the oven and let it cool off for a few minutes while making your gravy. There are several recipes that you can find about how to make the best gravy at Food Network. Food Network is a great place to visit for a variety of recipes ranging from main dishes to desserts.


Happy Thanksgiving!



My Top 10 Most Popular Thanksgiving Sides

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Along with your main dish, you will also want to have a few sides for your guests to choose from for the best Thanksgiving feast. You can visit this Food Network webpage to get all of the recipes for the side dishes included in this blog post.


#10: Giada’s Roasted Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips and Brussels Sprouts


This recipe is simply delicious. For those who dislike vegetables, they will even like this dish with the way Giada seasons up this side dish!


#9: Creamed Corn Cornbread


One of my favorite side dishes of all time is cornbread. This recipe is the best cornbread that I have ever tasted. This recipe delivers moist cornbread right at your fingertips.


#8: The Deen Brothers’ Baked Hush Puppies


Another favorite food of mine is baked hush puppies. These baked hush puppies are simple to prepare and your guests will be begging for more.


#7: Perfect Cranberry Sauce


This recipe on Food Network is one of the best cranberry sauce recipes to date.


#6: Mashed Potatoes with Roasted Garlic and Mascarpone Cheese


This classic recipe is delivered to you from Bobby Flay. This is definitely one of the top mashed potato recipes around.


#5: Gluten-Free Feather-Light Potato Buttermilk Buns


If you are looking for the best gluten-free buttermilk buns, you have found the right place. These buttermilk buns are so fluffy and simply melt in your mouth.


#4: Roasted Brussels Sprouts


One of the best brussels sprouts recipes that I have come across is this one on Food Network. The dish gives a kick of flavor with the seasonings that are used.


#3: Sunny’s Sage and Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole


This recipe is simply delicious. The topping adds more sweetness to the potatoes.


#2: Brussels Sprouts Gratin


Another great brussels sprouts recipe is this one. This dish is easy and simple to make and your guests will love it!


#1: Parker House Rolls


I saved the best for last! One of the best roll recipes I have come across is this one produced by Alex. These rolls just melt in your mouth and they are just so good. Add a little butter to them and they are the bomb.


Liven-Up The Lunches You Eat At Your Desk

If you’ve ever brought your lunch to work or school, then you probably know how challenging it can be keep things fresh, free of sogginess, and interesting. When I came across a recent online article earlier today that claims to offer 62 ways to improve or upgrade your desk lunch, I just had to read it.


One of the main points being made in this article is that more office workers than ever before are eating lunch at their desks. With the days of the lengthy, three-martini business lunch being largely a thing of the past, office workers are increasingly brown-bagging it, or ordering take-out items from local food establishments.


Several food tips regarding sandwiches are included in this article. Using cold fried chicken as a sandwich filling is highly recommended in this article, as is utilizing any leftover dinner meats as cold cuts in your work lunches. One of the more unusual tips offered here is to use maple syrup as a sandwich condiment.


The authors of the article feel that bologna is a delicious and underappreciated sandwich ingredient. They also recommend preparing and eating leftover spaghetti and tomato sauce sandwiches, as well as peanut butter and sardine sandwiches.


Condiment tips in this article include using mashed sweet potatoes as a sandwich spread, making a delectable salad of olives, roasted peppers and garlic, and adding great texture to sandwiches by adding different types of chips.


The authors of this article state that English muffins are the perfect bread to use for virtually any type of sandwich, if your office has a toaster oven on the premises. Being a big fan of English muffins, I have to agree with that viewpoint.


A few chef-designed sandwich recipes are also contained in the article. These include a ham, turkey, cheddar, onion, and broccoli variation, and a hot corned beef, fontina cheese and pickle option.


Salads are popular lunch dishes with office workers everywhere, and a nice selection of salad ideas are featured in the article. A brief essay in the piece also makes some valid points concerning the concept of office workers eating while standing up.

Food Hacks To Change Your Life

Hacks are all the rage these days, and there are hacks for every part of life. If you are like the rest of us, you are looking for some quick tips for food and eating, and I’ve got some great ones for you.

Bagels make great sandwiches for lunch, but they slide around and fall apart. Use an old CD spindle to anchor your bagel and you’re lunch will be perfect when you are ready to eat.

Like drinking wine but hate that it gets warm so quickly? Freeze grapes and use them as ice cubes to keep you wine chilled without watering it down.

Love picking up dinner but hate that it’s cold by the time you get home? Turn on your seat warmer in the passenger seat and place your take out dinner there. When you arrive home it will still be nice and warm.

I love trying new recipes but I hate the way the cookbooks are always trying to close while I’m doing something, and they lay flat on the counter way out of view. That can be fixed, use a plastic pants hanger from the store, the kind with the clips on the ends of the hanger. Use each clip to hold one side of the book then hang from one of the knobs on your cabinet so it’s at eye level.

If you are having a BBQ try this simple serving tip to cut down on dishes and make things easier. Pull out your muffin tin and fill each cup with a condiment like mustard, pickles, onions, mayonnaise and ketchup.

One of my personal favorite tips is pretty simple and pretty genius. If you love Oreos dipped in milk but don’t want milky fingers or dry cookie, here’s a simple solution. Slide the Oreo on a fork, smash it together to make sure it’s locked on the fork and dunk for a perfectly milk soaked bite every time.

These tips can help you out in little ways that will make your eating experiences so much better. If you like these and are looking for more, check out this great Buzzfeed article full of a few more tips and pictures.

Get Your Fill Of Coffee Cabinents

Many individuals love to go to Food Network when it comes to food advice. There are so many different recipes that can be found there, and apart from that, it is a great to know that foodies have a site that they can go to in order to talk and gush about food. Recently, did an article about Coffee Cabinets. Many people have not heard of a Coffee Cabinet, but it is a new England delicacy that is very well-known in certain areas. Coffee cabinets have been in the news quite often, because this beverage is made with ice cream, milk, coffee and syrup. Many individuals from the Rhode Island area love this drink, and since it is incredibly delicious, there is every reason to love it. There are five things to know about this new England delicacy are they are described below.

#1 Coffee Cabinet is made with syrup called Autocrat. This is a coffee extract company, and it was founded in 1895.

#2 Coffee Cabinet has evolved from Rhode Island’s official state drink. This drink has its roots dated all the way back to the 1920s, and it is a drink that is made with only milk and coffee syrup.

#3 Road Island milkshakes are called cabinets. The reason that this drink is called cabinets is because the blenders that were used to make these shakes were generally stored in cabinets. This is a very common so it has not been completely confirmed.

#4 Coffee Cabinets can be easily made as long as an individual can get their hands on Autocrat syrup. This is a syrup that can be easily bought online.

A Coffee Cabinet is a very delicious drink that new Englanders have made their own, but individuals all across the United States are abuzz with talk about this drink. It combines many things that people love: Syrup, ice cream, and coffee. Since that is the case, this is a beverage that can be drank with breakfast, or it can be an amazing dessert.

Meals In The Slow Cooker

The slow cooker can be your best friend in the kitchen. All you have to do is add ingredients to the cooker, turn it on and leave it for a designated amount of time according to the recipe. There are several kinds of recipes that are available for the slow cooker. Many use at least one kind of meat, but there are some that only call for a few simple ingredients, such as pasta and sauce.

If you’re family enjoys nachos or tacos, then consider making chicken nacho soup. Put small pieces of chicken in the slow cooker, add salsa or tomato soup, and set the cooker on medium heat. When the chicken is almost done, top the soup with shredded cheese and tortilla strips.

Take a trip to your favorite sub sandwich restaurant by making meatball subs from the slow cooker. Add homemade meatballs and spaghetti sauce to the cooker before setting it on a high heat. When the meatballs are done, turn the heat on low, adding various spices and herbs that include salt, pepper and a bit of chili powder for a kick. Top French bread with the meatballs for a delicious meal.

Baby back ribs are a delicious meal that offers a bit of southern comfort. Put the ribs in the slow cooker with a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce. Let the ribs cook all day before enjoying them with macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes or potato salad. Another option if you like beef is to put a skirt steak in the slow cooker with fajita seasonings. When the steak is done, cut it into thin slices to make beef tacos.

Sliced roast beef is easy to make in a slow cooker. Make a delicious dip to go with it for an appetizing French dip sandwich. You want to add scallions, garlic and allspice to the beef while it’s cooking to give it the decadent flavors that you would get with a sandwich that you would order at a restaurant.

French Fries With Curry Sauce Are A Tasty And Popular Snack Food

Being a longtime foodie, I just love reading about different types of foods. Earlier today, I came across an online article that was about French fries with curry sauce.

Since I am already a fan of French fries that are seasoned with curry powder, I was interested in reading the article as soon as I saw it.

In this article, the author mentions how much she enjoyed a meal that she recently ate at an Irish pub in Fairfax, Virginia.

The meal that she shared with her husband included fare such as bangers and mash, a burger with gravy, and crab bisque. The food that she enjoyed there the most, however, was an order of French fries served with curry sauce.

The article’s author goes on to say that French fries are not usually one of her favorite foods, but when they are served with curry sauce, they become an addictive snack for her.

Several years ago, I first learned about the popularity of curry-flavored French fries in England and Ireland. When cooking frozen French fries in the oven at home, I often rub some curry powder into the fries before placing them in the oven. The resulting flavors are indeed quite delicious.

Although I’ve never eaten French fries with curry sauce, after reading this short yet appetizing article, I definitely want to try eating this popular taste sensation.