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Coffee Lovers, Prepare For Price Increase

Do you love coffee? Of course you do, it’s one of the most popular drinks in the country. Well, I’ve got some bad news for you. Bloomberg reports that coffee prices are about to go on the rise due to a drought in Brazil, too much rain in Vietnam, and a smaller than usual harvest in Indonesia. All these weather factors have combined into one sad and scary force, a force that threatens our daily cup of joe.

The areas affected mostly produce robusta bean, the bean used in instant coffee, espressos, and as a filler bean in mixed blends. This means prices across the board are set to rise, and it doesn’t look like there is much hope in a 2017 recovery for Brazil.

Big names like Folgers, Café Bustelo, and Dunkin’ Donuts have already begun to raise their prices to offset the lack of product. The same company owns all three brands, J.M. Smucker Company, and they have stated that packaged coffee will go up about 6 percent while K-cup prices will remain the same. For now, Dunkin’ Donuts prices will only increase on their packaged coffee, not the product sold in their various locations nationwide.

Over the summer, Starbucks rose their prices for the third year in a row, this time the increase was $.10 to $.20 per cup on select beverages, all to account for the slim supply that is expected to last through all of 2017. The chain bumped their prices once again right before Christmas on cold beverages and baked goods.

For those of us that love to start our day with a warm brew, this might be the year to splurge on an at-home espresso maker and avoid the inevitable price changes at our local coffee houses. 2017 looks like a rough year for coffee drinkers, let’s hope that 2018 brings a better outlook. Along with a rough year for coffee, it looks as though citrus will also be affected. Orange juice features traded at a four year high this past fall in New York. Maybe we should all sleep through breakfast this year and hope that lunch is shaping up to be a lot better.


Modern and Pioneering Cooking Still the Trend

Ever since Texas women, modern, contemporary women, began bringing down-home cooking to modern kitchens, there has been a very elegant blending of pioneering cooking and modern technology and techniques which is both warm and low maintenance. This trend spread throughout New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, and even Chicago.


“Modern Pioneering Cooking” was not only a fast spreading trend, but it became an ocean wave of a deciding factor on how women viewed the modern kitchen and how chefs in cooking shows went about “rustic yet high-end” techniques. And, it is still the trend today.


Food Network’s Ree Drummond, author of The Pioneer Woman, is starting a new show “Star Kitchen,” which is aptly named for both her high quality professional cooking and is a nice reference to Texas, the Lone Star State.


Ree Drummond, who is a very modern-day city girl, married a real live cowboy who is very comfortable with pioneering lifestyle and pioneering cooking. Ree combined her love of cooking with her love of her cowboy and created her website, The Pioneer Woman.


Ree Drummond’s new show, Star Kitchen, is coming out soon, and this shows the growing and pervasive trend in mixing modern techniques and modern style of cooking with pioneering style of food. It is a brilliant combination, especially since everyone loves to see professional chefs working on rustic dishes. In fact, this is one of the trends in the United States which is showing a comfortable melding between city life and country life, and is showing a comfortable mixture of cosmopolitan people, all of whom love and accept each other because of their differences, not in spite of them.


Warm, down-home cooking has always been a part of America’s roots. Though we may grow in technology and modernization, our roots lie deep and fertile in the pioneering cooking of yesterday. It is fitting that all of our trends seek to balance the two worlds and bring them together again, mix them together, and then grow and then bring them together again. It is fitting that this is the cycle of our cultural development in the United States. What are some of your favorite recipes or old fashioned techniques taught to you as a child? We would love to hear about them!


A Delightful New Gourmet Sandwich Shop Is Now Open In Manhattan

One of the best things about reading food-oriented articles is that they can really stimulate the appetite. A few minutes ago, I read an appetizing current article about the incredible sandwiches being served at the new Make Sandwich restaurant in NYC.


Make Sandwich is located on Fourth Avenue at Union Square, and is becoming well-known for the unusual combinations it serves between two slices of bread.


The article mentions how Make Sandwich has hired chef Josh Sharkey to be culinary director, and oversee the sandwich shop’s food offerings. Previously, Mr. Sharkey was the chef/owner of the now-closed Bark Hot Dogs restaurant in Brooklyn.


In addition to providing a tantalizing menu of specialty sandwiches, the restaurant gives customers the option of creating their own tasty sandwiches. A wide variety of sandwich fillings are available, as are side dishes such as apple-date slaw, and lettuce and parm salad.


For a breakfast sandwich, Make Sandwich offers the combination of egg, maple-ginger sausage, cheddar cheese, pimento cheese, and chile ketchup on a brioche roll.


A grilled chicken and chorizo sausage sandwich at Make Sandwich features Oaxacan cheese, pickled onion and jalapeno, avocado, smoky mayo, and cilantro. An Italian meats sandwich is filled with salami, prosciutto, mortadella, provolone, jardiniere, red onion, tomato and Italian dressing.


Make Sandwich has a pork belly and pickle sandwich, and a real steak sandwich with salsa verde and olive oil. Their turkey sandwich comes with avocado, lettuce, tomato, pickled apple, smoked gouda cheese, and chile-celery mayo.


For vegetable lovers, this Union Square eatery offers a zucchini and falafel sandwich, as well as a spinach and artichoke option.


For dessert, Make Sandwich has triple chocolate cookies and vanilla gelato on the menu. These sweet treats can be ordered individually, or combined into an awesome ice cream sandwich.

Bojangles Makes Move to Target Millennials

The world of fast food is changing. Chains are targeting the newest generation of consumers with updated menus and interior spaces. McDonald’s has added calorie counts, healthier fare and even flavored coffees to its menu in an effort to win over young consumers. Bojangles is taking a hint from the Golden Arches and embarking on its own update.


It’s hard to make fried chicken healthy, so Bojangles is heading in another direction. It’s adding amenities that appeal to Millenials. In Greenville, South Carolina, the chain is showing off its  latest plans.  The cutting edge restaurant is intended to create a hang-out space like a modern coffeehouse, making Bojangles a destination, not a drive-through.


Redesigned stores will feature a number of updates. Free wireless internet will be available. Charging stations for phones, e-readers and laptops will be present throughout the store. Both features will encourage diners to spend extra time in the store. A biscuit theater will let visitors watch dough turn into biscuits. Even the dining space is being redesigned with modern furniture and fewer tables, creating a more enjoyable area.


Every new Bojangles will feature the updates. The dining rooms will host wooden chairs and an elevated table with bar-style stools. Exposed brick walls will create an industrial feel. Bright yellow lights add a splash of color.


It’s not clear how encouraging diners to hang around and take up table space will lead to increased profits. Independent coffeeshops struggle to stay afloat with millennial customers who stay for 8 hours and buy $3 of coffee. Perhaps Bojangles knows something they don’t.




Innovative Ways to Make Pizza

Pizza has long been a go-to for dinner, and it also makes for a quick lunch or an easy party food. While pizza is already pretty delicious with classic toppings like cheese and pepperoni, you can also opt for toppings like onions, mushrooms, onions and even pineapple. However, there are some new and exciting ways to make your favorite dinner that will bring back childhood memories and even help you get another serving of vegetables in.


French Fries Pizza


If you’re in the mood to indulge, you can combine your two favorite “cheat day” foods and make a French Fries pizza. Simply cut up potatoes and roast them with olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh herbs. Add these to your favorite frozen organic pizza after the potatoes have cooked for a few minutes, then bake the pizza and fries together for a salty, savory treat. You can even top it with parmesan and more herbs to make the entree even tastier.


Green Goddess Pizza


The Green Goddess Pizza is a great way to enjoy pizza while getting a serving or two of vegetables. Instead of traditional red sauce, you can make a pesto for this pizza with pine nuts, spinach, olive oil and fresh herbs. Top the pizza with your favorite greens like arugula and kale, and finish it off with quality olive oil, black pepper and lemon juice for a pizza you won’t feel guilty about eating.


Mushroom Pizza


If you’re a fan of mushrooms, this pizza is for you. Combine all your favorite mushrooms like button, portabello and oyster mushrooms for a pizza that is rich in selenium and vitamin A. Add your favorite artisan cheeses and a light white or red sauce and dinner is served.


For more great pizza ideas, checkout the Buzzfeed Food website.


2017 Food Trends: What Will the Year Bring?

2016 is officially behind us. That means that the controversial election and the “filled cupcake” Oreo flavor are now (somewhat) a thing of the past. Now, it’s time to look ahead to 2017 and anticipate all the good things that will come our way this year.


The team at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants have compiled a list of 2017 food predictions, and judging from their analysis, it looks like the year will be pretty delicious. This year, people will also be more encouraged to cut down on food waste by using plants from root to leaf and cooking animals from “nose to tail.”


So, what exactly do we have to look forward to? Alternative meats such as venison and elk will likely on menus around the country, and fermented drinks are still trending, which is great news for those who love kombucha. Other fermented treats like kefir, which is full of vitamins and minerals and aids in digestion will also be part of a number of diets in 2017. Charring and smoking meats and veggies will also still be a food trend in 2017, which is a technique lots of people enjoy, since this brings out the flavor in food quite nicely.


When it comes to the region that will get the most attention for food trends, the Mediterranean area will likely take over 2017. However, when it comes to cocktails, flavors from South America will still wow our tastebuds this year. Cocktails have also taken more of a culinary and savory turn to make these beverages almost as impressive as an entree.


2017 is shaping up to be a pretty delicious year, indeed.



Comfort For The Winter Months

When the weather is cold outside, you might feel like making a meal that has a little more substance to it, such as soup or chicken pot pie. Spaghetti is always a good meal to prepare when it’s cold outside. There’s just something about the smell of pasta sauce and garlic that makes you feel warm inside. Try your spaghetti with turkey chili instead of the traditional sauce as this is thicker and sticks to the noodles better.


Lemon chicken might sound like a summer meal, but if you make it with the right side items, then it’s the ideal winter meal. Bake the chicken with a bit of lemon juice and spices. Place the chicken on a bed of brown rice with a side of delicious vegetables, such as broccoli, sweet potatoes or squash. When you think of a warm meal for a Sunday dinner, you might think of Salisbury steak. When you prepare the sauce for the steak, add a few mushrooms and slivers of onions. Boil egg noodles with beef broth so that the flavors blend together.


Soup is always a good idea for the winter season, but consider stepping up the ingredients. A chicken chowder can easily be made in the crock pot, saving you time during the day to get the house in order. Dice potatoes, add corn and heavy cream, and make sure you have chunks of chicken on hand to complete the soup, combining everything in the crock pot with salt and pepper. Brown the chicken to lock in the flavor before adding it to the chowder.


Food Trends for 2017

Now that 2017 is here, it’s time to get into the food trends that will shape the year and leave us wanting more. Of course, there may be a few trends that we’ll be glad to leave in 2017 once the year comes to a close, like the “filled cupcake” trend of 2016.


The staff at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants have compiled a list of 2017 food predictions, and based on their projections, it looks like the year is going to be pretty delicious. The staff also predicts that people will take more precaution in reducing food waste, so meals and even delicacies will be sustainable and filling.


What are some of the tasty food trends you have to look forward to? The include non-conventional meat entrees, like venison and elk. It also looks like fermented drinks will continue to be popular in 2017, which is great news for people who love kombucha. When it comes to main dishes and sides, the techniques of charring and smoking foods will still be trendy this year, which also sounds like something we can all look forward to.


Mediterranean will likely be the most influential regional food this year, since this cuisine features fresh vegetables, herbs, light sauces and healthy protein. Other fermented beverages that will probably continue to be popular include kefir, a yogurt drink that aids in digestion, and ginger beer, a sparkling drink with a bite that can help clear up a stuffy nose and open up the sinuses. As far as cocktails go, flavors from South America are on trend, and adding a savory culinary element to cocktails will likely not go out of style any time soon.





Tips To Time-Strapped Parents for Making Quick and Delicious Meals

No matter how busy things get for you and your family, everyone has to eat. But sitting down together for a nutritious and tasty home-cooked meal can sometimes seem like an impossible task. For your inspiration, here are some easy tips for attaining that goal.


For starters, save time by doing prep work as soon as you come home from the grocery. Don’t try to do too much either, at least during the week. Try those enticing and interesting new recipes on the weekend.


If you have the freezer space, freeze both cooked and uncooked foods at the peak of their freshness and quality, at or below 0°. If you eat meat, season and cut up poultry and fish as soon as you get back from the grocery. Portion the cuts into several meal-sized freezer bags, and simply begin to thaw each bag in the morning to reduce your prep time. Meals that freeze well include casserole, meatloaf, stew, chili and soup. And if you have the time to try out a new recipe that also happens to freeze well, check out

This link…

For your family’s favorite meals, make double or triple the amount, freeze the leftovers, and incorporate them later into new dishes. For instance, meat and vegetable meals can be turned into soups. Or add cheese and put the filling into pre-made dough to make a turnover.


Besides freezers, other appliances that can move you further towards your goal include slow cookers, microwaves and pressure cookers. Slow cookers should get more love in general for their amazing ability to cook soups, stews, casseroles and more while you’re out. For meat lovers, a pressure cooker can cook a lot of meat in minutes. And a microwave can save time when steaming vegetables.

Get Up And Go Sandwiches Remain Favorite Meal For Most In 2017

Let’s be frank here; busy Americans really want to eat healthier every time a new year swings around. We might not have tons of time to chow down, especially for breakfast and lunch.


That’s why the humble sandwich remains the delicious, quick and easy meal to make within five minutes or less. It can get fancy or stay truly basic; whatever you desire, the sandwich is the original portable meal and perfect for 2017.


Trendy restaurants like Egg Slut in Los Angeles have patrons waiting in long lines, just to buy the favorite gourmet Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich.


This ain’t your mama’s fried egg sandwich, boys and girls. The ingredients are sensual-sounding and make for the ultimate sexy egg sandwich.


Consider Egg Slut’s hardwood smoked bacon over medium egg, cheddar cheese and chipotle ketchup in a warm brioche bun.


Of course, you could make your own version of Egg Slut’s Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich. It’s quick, simple to make and a filling, healthy meal.


Here’s our spin on the classic sandwich:


2 slices smoked bacon

1 egg

2 slices bread

2 slices cheese





As bacon is frying on medium low, crack egg and slowly pour onto middle of bacon, as close to center as possible. Crack fresh pepper on top. Continue cooking until bacon becomes crisp and egg white opaque. When done, remove to plate.


Spread ketchup and chipotle on to one slice of bread and add cheese slices on top. Cover with remaining slice and spread butter on both sides. Begin grilling sandwich in pan in bacon fat at same medium low heat. Grill both sides until golden brown. Then remove, and carefully open sandwich, so you can place bacon and fried egg onto bread. Cover sandwich and slice in half.