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Giada De Laurentiis Celebrates Her 46th Birthday With A New Man

Giada De Laurentiis had had a rough year. A divorce in the spotlight and the hope of saving her career, all while moving on with her personal life. However, according to an article in The Huffington Post, it seems that things are looking up for the Food Network Star. It was her 46th birthday on Monday, October 10th. The beauty was surprised by a decadent chocolate cake for breakfast.

De Laurentiis took to social media to share the cake that was left to her from Shane Farley. Farley also happens to be a TV producer, which happens to work out well for her. She has been dating him since November, around the same time her divorce was finalized. She was married to Todd Thompson for more than 11 years. They share a daughter, and they have been together since she was 19. After sharing a lifetime with this man, she admitted she is scared and doesn’t know what to do next.

Though the divorce was a rough time in her life, both she and Thompson have done well to keep things about their daughter. They are sharing custody and working together. In fact, for her daughter’s eighth birthday, a photo was published on social media of them sharing it together. Keeping things civil for the child’s sake is always a good move.

The divorced chef did a candid interview with E! in March regarding starting over. Many were shocked when they learned about her split from her husband of nearly two decades. The circumstances surrounding the split were also equally shocking. However, she had to stay on track and make sure it did not affect her job at The Food Network. De Laurentiis is known as one of the best Italian cooks around. Her presence would be missed if she was no longer able to do her show.

So, this year on her birthday, she celebrated her new life with a new man. The cake appeared to be a homemade treat, which would mean more than a store bought one to the star. She posted the picture on Instagram with a caption that read “a breakfast of champions.” It was a sweet start to her birthday, and it looks like the rest of her year will be smooth sailing.