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Hershey Campaign Features Flavors of America

When one thinks of Hershey, the thought of rich, unforgettable chocolate immediately comes to mind. Whether the name conjures up images of a Hershey Chocolate Bar or a Chocolate Themed Amusement Park, the nostalgia of the moment is as sweet as a bite into a Hershey Kiss. From its humble beginnings to its reigning chocolate empire, Hershey is a part of the American fabric.


In it’s latest round of delicious creations, Hershey is celebrating her place in Americana. The new “Flavors of America” collection features our favorite chocolates with a unique twist of flavor that represents many of our favorite summer destinations. The candies represented in the “Flavors of America” creations include Hershey Bar, Hershey Kisses, Twizzler, Kit Kat, PayDay and Reese’s. Each favorite maintains its individual candy character but transported to new summer destinations with the addition of unique flavor combinations.


Everything is big in Texas, so it is only fitting that one of Hershey’s biggest sellers, PayDay, features a Texas BBQ flavor boost. The salty sweet taste of PayDay is the perfect palette on which to paint the flavor of real Texas BBQ.


Equally flavorful is the California contribution of lush ripe strawberries to the crispy crunch of our favorite Kit Kat bar. And if California is not quite tropical enough for your taste buds, give Hawaii inspired Coconut Almond Hershey Kisses a try. Your perfect beach destination is packed into one bite of these to tropically inspired delights.


If city life is more to your tastes, then Hershey’s Cherry Cheesecake Bar is the perfect compliment to your imagined hot summer day in the big apple. And if a laid back, Florida summer is on your itinerary, then you do not want to miss the Key Lime Pie and Orange Cream Pop flavored Twizzlers. The iconic flavors of the Sunshine Start are packed in these favorite whips. And on your way to Florida, be sure to check out the best that Georgia has to offer in its Honey Roasted Flavored Peanut Butter Cups.


Your summer is not complete without the Flavors of America Collection, available now while supplies last.