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Highland Capital Management: A Closer Look at One of the Leaders in Asset Management

Highland Capital Management is one of the leading firms in the USA when it comes to asset management and investment advisory services. The company was founded in 1993 in Dallas, Texas and has grown over the years to become one of the biggest and most experienced credit managers. Today, the company maintains its headquarters in Dallas but has other branches in Sao Paolo, New York, Singapore, and Korea. Highland Capital Management has many diverse clients ranging from public pension plans, corporations, financial institutions, governments among other organizations. The company manages assets worth over 13 billion dollars invested in different sectors of the economy. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

Highland Capital has become one of the leading companies in asset management due to some unique reasons. They hire some of the most brilliant minds who are trained to make informed investment decisions to ensure the clients’ funds are invested in winning projects only. Their analytics team has come up with a way to identify and mitigate the various risks in investments. Before any funds are invested a rigorous research process must be done. All employees at the company have only one mission which is to ensure the clients get a good return on their investments.


Highland Capital Management is also committed to promoting transparency in everything that they do. They ensure their clients are kept in the loop about the various investment decisions and that all operations involving clients’ funds are transparent and recorded. This has made the company one of the most trusted investment management companies and has, in turn, helped them gain many clients including governments.

Highland Capital Management is not only focused on investing in assets alone. The company is also committed to improving the lives of the community where their employees reside. The company is involved in many charity works such as volunteerism and donations to national charity organizations and local community organizations. These donations go towards helping people in need, sponsoring education and veteran’s initiatives. The company has donated over 10 million dollars over the years which has helped improve the lives of the needy within the communities they operate in and also in other parts of the world either directly or indirectly. Read more at

Andrew Rolfe and the Work of the Ubuntu Fund Featured in Financial Times Piece

With all of the negative news making its daily rounds within the media circles, it is a welcomed relief to read some positive stories taking place. In light of the recent allegations of fraud within a banking institution and the air of tension gripping the nation, reading a story that restores your faith in our ability to reach beyond ourselves and accomplish good should become a daily ritual for every citizen at the moment. Though those types of stories are far and few between highlighting the importance of the latest piece about the charitable non-profit, the Ubuntu Fund, published by the Financial Times.

The excellent writing staff at the Financial Times were able to catch up with the founder of the non-profit to discuss how the non-profit is not only making an impact on the world at large but also within the world of charitable organizations.

The entire piece captures a portion of charitable donations that for some may come as a surprise, as the relationships between donors and the recipients of their charitable gifts come with quite a few restrictions. Often set in place to ensure the gift is used well, these restrictions have at times become an obstacle for the organizations executing the will of the donors.

This environment is nowhere to be found within the Ubuntu Fund, in no small part due to the excellence of its board members such as Andrew Rolfe. As the charitable non-profit has taken a more personal approach to its philanthropic work.

The writers at the Financial Times were able to produce a story that simultaneously was engaging and certainly eye-opening while shining a light on the good work still being accomplished across the world despite the current political and national tensions felt across the globe.