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Michael Burwell: The Newest CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson was established in the early 19th century and has existed for over two centuries. It is a market leader in providing broker services insurance and advisory services. It currently has a workforce of around 30,000 employees globally. It has designated offices in over 140 countries across the globe. Willis Towers Watson aims at ensuring proper service delivery to its clientele. They endeavor to nurture a client’s ideas and innovations to realize maximum gains. They also provide top security for their clients’ investment and ensure that the money is appropriately used in potentially successful startups.


Willis Towers Watson’s Chief Financial Officer Rodger Miller voluntarily retired in 2017. This prompted the company’s human resource team to outsource the services of one Michael Burwell. Michael is a University graduate with a degree in Business Administration. He is also a certified public accountant. Michael was brought on to the Willis Towers Watson executive team having been in the financial industry for over three decades. Before he was offered the CFO role in WTW, Michael worked in top positions for other financial institutions such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers(PwC). He served as the CFO in the company and later rose in the corporate ladder to become a managing partner at the same firm. Michael Burwell also served as the Head of Transaction Services in the United States.

The Chief Executive Officer at Willis Towers Watson John Haley welcomed the new addition to his executive team with open arms. He said that it was an exciting time to have Mr. Burwell on board. Mr. Burwell would bring with him his vast expertise and experience to enhance service delivery at the firm. The CEO has expressed his optimism that Michael Burwell will bring a renewed vigor that would propel Willis Towers Watson to greater heights. Michael received his welcome with a lot of enthusiasm vowing to put his best foot forward and work together with the company’s staff to achieve its goals. He even wished his predecessor Mr. Miller good tidings in his future endeavors and promised to continue with the excellent job that he had been doing.


Michael was pleased to have joined the company as one of its top executives. He had always relished the way the firm conducted its business. Willis Towers Watson was renowned for having top-notch service delivery, and it also fostered a culture of putting its clients’ needs first. He would put his managerial skills to good use and work for hand in hand with the existing staff to help the company reach new heights of success.



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