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A Guide to Investment Banking

Investment banking is an area of finance that deals with helping companies raise capital. In most situations, an investment banking firm will help two or more companies merge together in order to increase their stock value. During a typical investment banking deal, a firm will contact two companies that are in the same industry. They will often look to merge so that they can offer more products and services to customers. Then the investment banking firm will analyze trends in the industry and draft a proposal for the two companies to consider. Once approved, the two companies will complete the legal paperwork to finalize the deal. After this is all done, a new stock will be issued on the exchange.

Another type of investment banking entails working with small companies and individuals. These firms often provide financial advisory services to many people. They also help businesses acquire the start up capital necessary to launch their companies. Investment banking firms that work with individuals and small companies are known as boutique firms. With their services, they are able to help address the financial needs of both individuals and small businesses. As a result, they are among the most valuable financial institutions around.

Some of these investment banking firms are owned and operated by individuals. One of these individuals is Martin Lustgarten. He currently runs his own firm that helps both individuals and small businesses better manage their finances. Oftentimes, Martin will work with individuals who are looking to plan their retirement and grow their investment portfolio. When working with individuals, Martin will assess their needs and then look for investment options that will put them in the best position to reach their goals.

Along with working with individuals, Martin also works with a number of small companies that are in need of financial assistance. Many of these companies are often looking to come up with the capital they need to start up or expand. They will look to get this funding from lending sources. Martin helps them get this capital by making referrals to venture capital firms he knows of. As a result, these companies will have the opportunity to get the money they need to reach their goals.

Intriguing Standards Upheld by AXA Advisors

This is a worldwide insurance provider started about 200 years ago,and is headquartered in Paris, France. By 2015, it had been registered to have an employee base of about 166,000. The large number is significant in ensuring that the global market is sufficiently served. For the eighth year consecutively, AXA stands as the first insurance brand across the entire world. It is operated in line with the laws of the various countries. Primarily, they have their locations in the Asia Pacific region, Western Europe, North America, Middle East, not forgetting that they also feature in Africa.

Charitable Works Executed by AXA

This insurance brand funds research focusing on studying and curbing the dangers prone to the environment, humanity and the society at large. In a span of three years they had supported 256 fundamental research schemes, inclusive of 230 fledgling researchers. Of the funded researchers, 42 are of varying nationalities. This shows the much desire they have to extend the charity across the globe.

Vinny Parascandola’s Influence at AXA Advisors

Vinny is a specialist in financial services, serving as a senior executive vice president AXA U.S. He extends his prowess in life insurance, retirement preparation, estate planning and asset handling. For seventeen years now, he has been handling securities registration. Mr. Parascandola is a proud alumnus of Pace University where he pursued a bachelors in Computer Science and he visited the institution in 2014 to give a commencement speech to the 2014 class.

Having begun his career as an agent in 1987, right now Vinny has 25 years of experience in the financial industry. At AXA he handles such responsibilities as retention, staffing, production, sales, management expansion, as well as nurturing new and already skilful financial experts. Transparency and effort in his work has earned him several awards in the course of his career. Theseare inclusive of the GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards.


Vinny has been subjected to both local and regional responsibilities where he exhibited great qualities in leadership. Before joining AXA, he had been serving in an AXA unit called ‘The Advantage Group’ where he served as the President. Prior to that he had also been in a Metro branch of the same company. His experience is hence undisputable.