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Family Dinners

When you prepare dinner for the family every night, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to fix so that there is a variety. If you use your imagination and a few tips from Food Network, you can create family-friendly meals that even the children will enjoy.

One of the fun dishes that you can create without using pasta is butternut squash spaghetti and meatballs. Slice the squash into thin pieces that look like spaghetti. Add meatballs, a bit of tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese for a dish that is healthy and tasty.

Shake and Shimmy Pork Chops are a spicy take on ordinary pork chops. Crust the meat with a blend of bread crumbs of your choice, a bit of paprika, Parmesan cheese and parsley. You can add pepper flakes as well before grilling the pork chops or baking them. Beef and cheddar casserole is a dish that is easy to make and that is satisfying. Combine ground beef, egg noodles and shredded cheese in one dish before baking. Top with slices of mozzarella cheese before putting the dish back in the oven for a few moments to melt the cheese. A variation of this dish uses green peas, diced ham and a creamy cheese sauce. You can layer biscuits in the casserole as well if you’re looking for a way to add substance so that it will feed more people.