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Attending The Olympics In Rio Means You Eat Tasty and Exotic

Attending the giant Olympics worldwide event of events in athletic competition in Rio de Janeiro offers the opportunity for many visitors to experience the diverse foods of South America, and especially of Brazil. Everyone wants to know which are the most-recommended places to eat. Read much more detail in this article on

Academia da Cachaça
There are actual three locations, each offering over a hundred types of spirits from Brazil. Some consider their cachaca the best available in Brazil.

Bar Astor
The 100 kilometer bicycling race’s finish line is in front. It serves many classic dishes, such as picadinho, shrimp risotto, paired with signature cocktails.

Bar da Laje
A bit of a climb to get to it up on the middle of Vidigal Hill, this place is famous for sighting the partying famous, such as Queen Latifah and Spike Lee. Their fried manioc, mustard sauced jerked beef, and tasty fun pasteis.

Bar do Lado
Located in Leblon’s Marina All Suites, this place has great views and cocktails. Their cocktails lean towards Asian tastes, with drinks featuring japanese sake and rice wine.

Estação Baião de Dois
In the open market called São Cristóvão, you cannot miss this place, famous for its ethnic food from Northwestern Brazil.

Porto di Vino
Watch events on their hi-def TV, enjoy many local wines from the 500 different labels stocked. Try some of the local craft beers, as well. Their foie gras terrine is great.

Prima Bruschetteria
They have a big Italian menu of everything from classic Roman salads to beef tongue with aioli & pickles with red onions.

Rubaiyat Rio
Eat genuine local churrasco. This is a top Rio beef steakhouse.