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OSI Group CEO Awarded

OSI Group is a successful institution that has been in the global market for a while now. The organization has become so successful in the tight markets over the years because of the high-quality meat products it has been offering its customers. Despite the numerous challenges of operating an international food company, the company has remained to be a leader, and it has changed the lives of many people. At the moment, the food processing firm offers employment opportunities to more than twenty thousand individuals. The company has opened branches in several countries too. OSI specializes in meat products, and it has several other food products for its clients.

The leadership of OSI group has been in the limelight for a long time. The prestigious organization is fortunate to have some of the most experienced individuals in the food processing department in the leadership team. The chief executive officer of the firm is Sheldon Lavin. The finance executive is also the chairman of the global firm, and he has led the company to success in the tough times. Sheldon Lavin is helped by other professionals who understand the interests and tastes of the customers in the grassroots, and this has ensured that the consumers get the products they deserve.

David McDonald is also an important personality in the huge corporation. The businessman holds the position of president, and he has been instrumental in the daily company operations. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, David has done so much to make the food company better and more successful. David understands the kind of products customers are looking for, and he has been working hard to ensure that they get exactly that.

Just recently, the leader of the organization was offered the Indian Vision World Academy Global Visionary Award because of his numerous accomplishments. The huge awarding ceremony took place in India, and it attracted individuals from all over the world. Getting an award from the prestigious institution is not a walk in the park. The few professionals who were awarded during the event had proven to the world beyond reasonable doubt that they have the right skills and leadership qualities. Lavin has served in the food processing department for over forty years, and this means that he has lots of expertise. Lavin was very excited to have received the respected award in the recently announced awards. Sheldon is looking forward to more success in the future because of the hard work he has put in his work.

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How Dr. Imran Haque Helps the Asheboro Community

Dr. Imran Haque is an internal medicine doctor working in the greater Asheboro, North Carolina area. He earned his M.D. while attending the University of Virginia. His practice is conducted at Horizon Internal Medicine where he has been treating patients for more than 15 years. Over the course of his career he has built up a large base of patients who use him as their primary care physician due to his expertise and knowledge of general medicine. He has also received additional training so that he can offer even more to his patients.

While working as a doctor in Asheboro, Dr. Haque saw that there were medical services available that weren’t being offered in the area. He decided to spend some time focusing on these type of services so that he could offer these services to those who needed them. His practice makes use of the latest technology in a number of ways. He uses this to improve the life of his patients and help them lead longer, healthier lives. One thing that he has said is of particular benefit is the centralization of information that has occurred over the last decade. This makes it much easier to care for patients, review all of their medical information, and prescribe drugs that won’t interfere with other prescriptions his patients may be taking.

As an Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr. Haque has attained a wide variety of diverse experiences over the course of his career. He has developed affiliations with a number of hospitals in North Carolina including the Southeastern Regional Medical Center and Firsthealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital among others. He also coordinates care with a variety of specialists so that his patients receive the very best care.

One of the areas that Dr. Haque has developed a medical specialty is weight management. He has helped many patients lose weight and, perhaps even more importantly, keep it off. Another discipline he received training in is laser hair removal. He maintains the latest technology that can remove unwanted hair his patients have identified. Furthermore, Dr. Hague does 360 resurfacing which helps people look better by removing wrinkles and other unwanted skin conditions.

Avi Weisfogel Moves From Dental Success To Become An Entrepreneurial Success

In almost every aspect of his life Dr. Avi Weisfogel has found success through his commitment to hard work and following his own ideas to their fruition. Weisfogel began his career as a dentist establishing his own New Jersey practice in 1999 and finding continued success in this role for 15 years before following his true passion in life to create a professional way of looking at sleep disorders by dental professionals. Dr. Weisfogel has now used his own entrepreneurial skills to develop the Dental Sleep Masters company that is fast becoming one of the go to groups of experts for educating dentists about the issue of sleep conditions they can help identify.

Becoming an entrepreneur Avi Weisfogel believes he was destined to do as his first successful career as a dentist did not fulfill him professionally or personally. In a bid to achieve success Avi Weisfogel has been forced to develop a new way of living Weisfogel’s professional life that includes each day beginning with a period of time spent with his life coach to make sure he is mentally prepared for each day; making sure every aspect of his day is scheduled has also assisted Avi in continuing to find success with his own company.

The graduate of Rutgers and the New York University of Dentistry has achieved much in his career, including multiple Dentist of the Year awards in new Jersey in new Jersey as he launched a number of sleep disorder based companies starting in 2010. One of the major aspects of his career that Weisfogel has looked to develop is making sure he sees through each and every idea he feels is worthy of exploring. In a bid to get the most from his career Avi Weisfogel discusses his ideas with as many people as possible to ensure he makes the correct choices are always made for the good of the Dental Sleep Masters brand.

Todd Lubar Offers Business Persons Low-Interest Loans

Entrepreneurship History

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to have a mentor from the industry like Todd Lubar. Although business infatuates people, finding capital can be challenging. That is why Todd Lubar is a role model for many entrepreneurs. Through his extensive entrepreneurial background, Todd Lubar has been able to offer loans to business start-ups. Todd is the president of TDL Global Ventures LLC, a firm committed to helping the less fortunate. He also serves as the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. Upon graduation in 1995, Todd joined Crester Mortgage Corporation where he worked for four years.

Lending Business

In 1999, Todd Lubar started working at Legacy Financial group located in Arlington, Texas. Through his broad experience in the service industry, Todd increased the company’s profit to over 100 million. Later on, Todd Lubar left Crester and ventured into the real estate sector. He founded Legendary Properties LLC, a firm that focused on residential growth. At Legendary Properties, Todd extended his loan portfolio to outside investors. As a result, the company experienced a rapid progression of purchasing, rehabilitating, and selling properties.

Business Rapport

Legendary Properties’ success is attributed to practicing healthy business relationships. By producing timely quality products, Todd developed friendly business relationships. By embarking on creating good healthy business relationships, Todd Lubar would partner with major banking companies. As a result of creating successful business relationships, Todd Lubar established Charter Funding, an affiliate of First Magnus Financial Corporation. Charter Funding is the largest private mortgage company in the United States. As demand for wealth-related products increased, Todd Lubar expanded his lending portfolio through Charter Funding.

Funding Services

With an extensive understanding and knowledge of market trends, Todd Lubar grew his customer base significantly. Riding on the success of Legendary Properties, Todd Lubar established Legendary Financial LLC, which is an affiliate of Legendary Properties. Legendary Financial LLC provides commercial lending services to companies and high-net-worth individuals. Through Legendary Financial, Todd Lubar assists borrowers with challenges in acquiring loans from other lending institutions. Having initiated over 7000 loan transactions, Todd Lubar has extensive knowledge in interpreting and analyzing expected risks; thus, he knows when to act when markets are about to fluctuate.