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An Egg a Day could help Undernourished Kids Grow Taller

Many kids especially those living in areas where there is little or no access to nutritious food tend to be impoverished and suffer from stunted growth. The World Health Organization’s report shows that at least 155 million kids under five years are stunted. Most of these kids live in the low and middle-income countries. A study conducted in Ecuador shows that an egg a day could help such kids grow bigger and taller, regardless of whether it is scrambled, boiled, or fried.


In the study, infants were randomly picked, where a small group was to eat an egg daily, and the other set apart as the control group that was not to consume any. Researchers made efforts of visiting the families of the selected group each week to ensure the schedule was followed, and also followed up on any side effects. By the end of the study, the group that consumed the eggs was less likely to have stunted growth by up to 47 percent. The study brings out a solution to malnutrition. Allergic reactions were also monitored, and no incidences were reported.


Lead researcher Ms. Lanonotti was surprised at just how effective the egg intervention was, citing that eggs would serve as a great solution for low-income families vulnerable to nutritional deficiency given that they are easily accessible and affordable. She went ahead to say that eggs are a perfect choice for kids as they come with a combination of nutrients. However, to prevent infections from affecting kids, the eggs must be cooked well.


For the first six months, WHO recommends that mothers breastfeed their infants exclusively for good health, optimal growth, and development. After this period, they should be engaged in a nutritious diet and continue breastfeeding for up to two years or more. Although eggs will play a great role in their menu, parents are advised to include a variety of foods in the diet.