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Andrew Rolfe and the Game Changing Ubuntu Model

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a charity/non-profit that is focused on helping the impoverished and vulnerable children of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. These children deserve a shot at a full life and the team at Ubuntu have been trying to make it happen. Jacob Lief is the founding executive at the Ubuntu Education Fund but it has been his work with chairman like Andrew Rolfe that has made it all happen. Despite the success of the Ubuntu Fund, the team behind the scenes know that they could be doing better. This is what has led to a reformation in how the non-profit is working and that brings us to the topic of our discussion: the Ubuntu Model.


Running a non-profit can be hard, especially when you look at all of the red tape that comes with working around wealthy benefactors. Donors like to make sure that their money gets spent in a specific way even if it comes at a cost to the non-profit. This earmarking of funds can hamstring a foundation and that is why Jacob Lief and Andrew Rolfe knew that they needed to find a way to change things up. The Ubuntu Model seeks to revolutionize the way non-profits interact with their wealthy benefactors.


The big change that the Ubuntu Model is bringing comes by way of how they select their donors. It is a strange concept for a charity to decline donations but it actually has some science behind it. The Ubuntu Model, as Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief noted, focuses on accepting donations only from high net worth individuals and family foundations who can afford to donate without any strings attached. These donors know how important it is for a non-profit to have ultimate flexibility and this is the focus that Andrew Rolfe is pursuing.


Andrew Rolfe himself has been stepping up in a big way for the Ubuntu Fund. Since 2011 he alone has donated over $100,000 to the charity. He’s focused on giving the impoverished a better chance at life and we have to applaud him for his hard work with the Ubuntu Model.


How Betsy DeVos Has Been A Leader In The School Choice Movement

Betsy DeVos has been known as a reformer during her entire adult life. Even when she was attending Calvin College she was politically active in the campus community. She has been a leader in many causes ever since, including for political action committees, Republican campaigns, and the Republican party organization. One of the causes she is most involved in is school choice which allows parents to send their children to the school of their choice rather than the public school assigned to them.

One of the things that Betsy DeVos recognizes is that a child’s zip code is the biggest determination in the education they received. Those who grow up in poor communities receive a very sub-standard education while those in wealthy communities receive the best education in the United States. The school choice movement seeks to eliminate this gap by allowing students to attend private or charter schools through educations reforms such as tax credits, vouchers, and education savings accounts. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Betsy DeVos’ involvement in the school choice movement includes serving on the board of two national charities, the American Education Reform Council and Children First America. Both of these organizations look to expand the school choice movement into more states across the United States. Betsy, along with her husband Dick, were instrumental in getting a charter-school bill passed in their home state of Michigan in 1993. In order to push for further reforms in the state such as tax-credit scholarships and vouchers, she founded the Great Lakes Education Project which was highly successful in the expansion of charter schools in Michigan.

One of the biggest successes she has had in the movement, according to BetsyDevos, is in the state of Florida. Her efforts led to a tax-credit scholarship program opening in the state and have led to more than 50,000 students attending a school that their family chose. The program has been met with strong approval by both the public and legislators in the state.

Due to her extensive experience in the field of education, Betsy DeVos was nominated by President Donald Trump to be the United States Secretary of Education. Her nomination was passed by the Senate and she started serving in her position in February 2017. She has pledged to support underserved students and provide them with access to a quality education. She is looking to expand school choice into the 25 states around the country that currently don’t have that as an option.

Before serving in her new role, Betsy DeVos was the Chairman of The Windquest Group, an investment company she co-founded with her husband. Through their Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, they have provided million in donations to different causes across the nation.

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Andrew Rolfe Ubuntu Fund Work

There are many people who want to change the world. Not only that, but they want to do so in areas that are in the most need. Across the world, there are still many people who live in poverty or close to it. With those changes, now is a great time for Andrew Rolfe to work with the Ubuntu Fund on a plan for the future. One of the areas that he likes to work in is business development. In many nations, it is harder than ever before to figure out how to invest for the future. With the lack of capital available, now is a tough time in a lot of countries. A lot of people are excited about the changes that are starting to take place in this area. If you want to learn how to help others, this is a great place to get started.


Andrew Rolfe


When Andrew Rolfe first started with the Ubuntu Fund, he never thought that it would grow to what it is today. He is really excited about all of the changes that he has started to make in this area. Not only that, but he wants to help more people than ever before get ahead in life and in business. If you want to take your business to a new level, this is the way to go. Andrew Rolfe has the experience that is needed to help people who are in need of starting a company with the help of the fund. Over time, he has had a hand in helping many companies get off the ground in various countries around the world.


Future Plans


With the Ubuntu Fund, they are always looking for ways to help other people get to a new level in life. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are taking place with the fund. Andrew Rolfe wants to help people make the biggest impact on the world as possible. He believes that education and business development are the places that the fund should concentrate on in order to build wealth in the present and the future.