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Tarralucci e Vino Is Serving Up Great Times For Great Events

If you are in the market for a beautiful event space in New York City then there are plenty of options to choose from. The city is dotted with lovely little event spaces that will wow your guests and leaving a great impression on those that attend.

There are many wonderful event spaces in New York City. They represent the finest atmosphere and amenities for your next important function. China Blue is a fabulous event space that is located in Tribeca. It has an elegance and classic feel that is unique and welcoming. Your guests will love all of the special touches that create its warm atmosphere. Naturally, the menu is a combination of Chinese Specialties including the crowd favorite Dim Sum.
China Blue is sectioned off into different partial spaces which make it great for most parties.

Another great event space is Franny’s. The have a wonderful event space and they serve up delicious small plates of contemporary Italian cuisine. They are also famous for their many cocktails and special microbrews. This fun and inviting event space would be great for friendly get-togethers and special functions.

Tarralucci e Vino is a spectacular event space. It actually has two separate event spaces to accommodate more parties and gatherings than most other places. The chef at this venue is Chef Ricardo Billota. He creates traditional Italian masterpieces for his guests to enjoy. He uses modern techniques to create classics that will please the palate and make a lasting impression. One of the event spaces is great for a party of around thirty for dining or around eighty individuals if the event is a cocktail party. The other event space is the sixth floor which is a loft that is suitable for a private party of fifty guests or even up to around one hundred twenty individuals if it is a cocktail party. The sixth floor has a stunning interior complete with gorgeous chandeliers, antique furniture, a bar, and a lounge. Everything you could need for a successful event can be found on out sixth-floor event space. You can even modify and decorate it, however, suits your needs.

Become one of the many satisfied customers that have used Tarralucci e Vino for their event spaces needs. You will make your event the very best it can be and your guests will be glad that they attended and will want to come back to Tarralucci e Vino again. Book your next event today.