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Duda Melzer’s E-Bricks

Inefficient services irritate people, but for E.Bricks Ventures this can be a business opportunity. The Brazilian company venture capital prepares a background of R $300 million to invest in startups whose technologies are able to help improve the quality in key areas. Four segments were defined as priority targets: health, education, financial services and small and medium enterprises.

This is the second fund of E.Bricks Ventures, controlled by Sirotsky family, RBS, and Szajman, the VR Group. RBS is the largest affiliate of Rede Globo. In addition to TV stations, newspapers and radio controls stations and newspaper called “Zero Hour”. It also has internet ventures. The VR Group operates in the area of ​​benefits such as food stamps, and business in the financial and real estate.

The fund is raising phase, informs Pedro Sirotsky Melzer, managing director of venture capital e.Bricks Ventures. “We are having a very good reception from investors,” said Valor. The funds are being raised both in Brazil and abroad and the forecast is that the first contributions are made from July.

In addition to providing financial resources, the advantage of e.Bricks Ventures is the experience of its main partners, says Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, chairman of the RBS Group. “Capital is important, but not sufficient,” he said. RBS brings six decades of experience and the VR, 40. “We know Brazil as few, and we combine it with a global education, with investors in New York, Miami, Mexico etc.”

The first fund e.Bricks Ventures, of R $ 100 million, was launched in late 2013. The funds were invested in 16 companies. At that time, E.Bricks was just a business. Among the companies that received funds are EmpregoLigado a vacancy service for mobile devices based on geolocation; the AppProva of tests to improve the performance of students; and ZoeMob, family tracking by GPS. there is still money in the first fund, but those funds will be used in companies that are already part of the portfolio.

With the second background, e.Bricks want to find technological solutions that can help in solving structural problems. “For example, half of the population still does not have a bank account,” says Peter Melzer, justifying the interest around the Fintechs, financial services companies via the Internet.

Despite the difficulties of Brazil, ranging from the recession and the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff away until the outbreak of the virus zika, foreign investors are aware of the country, says Claudio Szajman, president of VR Group. In the short term, the mood may vary, but the investor understands that other countries also face problems such as terrorism or civil war, he said. “Even for the United States there are many different points of view because it is an election year,” says Szajman, who lives in New York. “The investors interested in Brazil are professionals.”

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Duda Melzer Looks To The Best Advisors To Create A Successful Future For The RBS Group

The RBs Group has recently been undergoing a series of changes to its management structure as Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda, looks to bring the company into the 21st century with a series of innovative investments designed to lead the company into the global arena. Since the outset of the 21st century the RBS Group has been looking beyond the borders of Brazil to get the best business advice from respected advisors from industry and academic sources.

Duda Melzer is a dedicated follower of the family business expert Professor John Davis, who acts as a professor at Melzer’s alma mater Harvard University. Davis is one of the most respected and best qualified experts in family business, particularly in making sure the work of any company remains professional despite the family links between key people in any business. A professional business is a key part of making sure any business remains successful for a prolonged period of time and should include a transparent form of governance agreed between the executives at the family business.

The advice of Professor John Davis is not the only source of information Duda Melzer has been seeking in recent years as he made his way through the ranks at the RBS Group, beginning in 2004 and extending to his promotion to President in 2015. Melzer is a well known visitor to conferences and seminars operated under impressive industry groups, such as Google and Sun Valley. There is much to admire in the life and work of Duda Melzer, including his seeking out of respected business advisors Jim Collins and Ram Charam; the advice of Indian entrepreneur Ram Charam shows how Duda Mezler is willing to seek business help from sources around the world to better the business of the RBS Group.

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