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Tasty, Nutritious, and Budget Friendly Beneful

Recent foreclosures in our area led to several dogs being set loose in our neighborhood. Our hearts were broken to see these homeless dogs hunting for any scrap they could get from garbage cans.

As a neighborhood, we got together and formed an informal dog rescue group, where we fed and cared for these abandoned animals until they could be rehomed.
One consideration we had when undertaking this venture was cost, so we needed to find a safe, nutritious, tasty food that was budget friendly. After the dogs got a checkup with the local vet, we asked for guidance as to dog foods, and off we went shopping for our new “guests”.
For the tiny Chihuahua and little Terrier mix we fostered, Beneful‘s Incredibites dry food perfectly fit the bill. Especially made for smaller size dogs, Sammie and Trixie loved the Incredibites dry chicken and beef varieties, and before long their coats were shiny and we couldn’t keep up with their energy.
The elder Siberian Husky, Lucy, had special needs, as she suffers from tooth loss. We were so worried she wouldn’t eat, but one whiff of‘s chopped meals had her eagerly heading for her bowl. She loves all of Beneful’s wet food varieties; ( however, I do think she enjoyed the turkey with sweet potato, brown rice and spinach the best. They say dog don’t see color, but she would happily wag her tail each time she saw the blue topped container, anticipating her lovely dinner.
Once they were used to digesting regular meals again, we added a daily treat to their diet. Beneful’s Healthy Smile Dental Ridges, gave the little ones’ teeth a workout and Lucy enjoyed Beneful’s Heartfuls, as they are oven-baked, shortbread dog treats with soft, apple flavored centers. Not too hard or too soft, they were just right for her.
Thanks to Beneful (and a little love from our neighborhood rescue group), all of these dogs went to good homes. The new owners were pleased to know that the dogs just love Beneful, a trusted brand that is available right on the local Wal-Mart supermarket shelf.



The Benefits of Beneful Dry Dog Food

Beneful dog food is designed to keep dogs healthy and active. Made with wholesome ingredients like real meat and nutritious vegetables, Beneful is designed to nourish your dog “from the inside out”. The line offers both wet and dry foods in many flavor varieties as well as treats. Dry dog food is the top choice for most dog owners because its easy to store, can be purchased in large quantities and is enjoyed by most dogs. Beneful ORIGINALS dry food comes in beef, chicken and salmon flavors. Dogs can choose a favorite daily food or have variety in their diet. Beneful ORIGINALS is full of antioxidants and nutrients to keep dogs feeling their best. Beneful dry food is also offered in several specialty varieties including HEALTHY WEIGHT, HEALTHY PUPPY AND PLAYFUL LIFE for dogs needing specialty nutrition. HEALTHY WEIGHT is designed for dogs needing to restrict their calories but not their nutrients. It offers all of the delicious flavors dogs love from other Beneful foods, with a lower calorie count. It provides dogs with proper nutrition while helping them maintain a healthy weight. HEALTHY PUPPY is designed for young dogs to support brain and vision development with DHA and calcium. Puppies have different nutritional needs than grown dogs and this variety on Amazon of Beneful helps them grow healthy and strong. PLAYFUL LIFE is protein rich for very active dogs helping to maintain muscle and joint health. For small dogs, Beneful offers INCREDIBITES to keep small dogs in top form. INCREDIBITES is full of all the healthy and nutritious ingredients that customers have come to expect from Beneful, in smaller bites suitable for smaller dogs. No matter what breed, size or age, there is a Beneful dry food for every dog. Many flavors and varieties ensure that every dog will enjoy all of the benefits of Beneful.