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Food For Thought With Beneful

I have a six-month old puppy who I have given Purina Beneful Healthy Puppy to since we got her. She enjoys the food, and it works well with her body. I have not seen any kind of harm that has come from the food after she has had a meal. I only have to feed her twice a day as this fills her up, and I add a few Beneful treats either in the morning or the afternoon. One of the things that I like about this product is that I can read the ingredients. Once I open the bag or the container, I can see the items that are in the food instead of guessing at what she is eating. The wet foods have small pieces of foods, such as peas and carrots. It’s not a strong food, either, which does well with her stomach. There are ingredients like sweet potatoes, beef and chicken that are easy to understand. They give her the strength and energy she needs to play, and the foods have seemed to keep her coat shiny and soft. Dog food brands on Purina Store have seemed to come a long way in recent years. Business owners like Richard Thompson want to use fresh foods in Beneful products, which is ideal because I don’t want my dog to eat something with a lot of preservatives and ingredients that I can’t understand or that I wouldn’t eat. He is an example of how businesses should care for dogs and other pets as they are family, too.