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Dr. David Samadi: Successful Prostate Cancer Surgery of Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential candidate, happily released to the press that he had undergone a prostate surgery. During the last summer, he had suffered from a tumor that grew slowly and was further diagnosed with prostate cancer. The announcement of his health condition may able be done as his intent to continue running for the US Senate seat for Utah when Orrin Hatch leaves the position.

The surgery was a success because of the team of Dr. Thomas Ahlering. The procedure was done in the UC Irvine Hospital in California. The prognosis was noted to be very positive, even as a part of that statistic that 160,000 men were diagnosed with the same condition in 2017. The statistics seem steady for 2018, as American Cancer Society has estimated that there will be additional 160,000 for the year.

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The prognosis of prostate cancer is more positive during the early stages. According to Dr. David Samadi, he recommends that patients undergo surgery compared to radiation treatment as more patients are twice likely to die from the complications of prostate cancer when undergoing radiation.

About Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is a reputable practitioner in his field. As the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery in Lennox Hospital, his expertise and knowledge allowed him to rise into renowned ranks that only a few doctors would achieve. Dr. David Samadi has successfully treated patients in the urology department, with cases more complex than that of Mitt Romney.

Additionally, he held the position as a Professor of Urology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine. He is passionate about his discipline and is able to contribute to the students’ learning in the prestigious school.

Dr. David Samadi is a frequent face in mainstream media as well. He has several appearances on Fox News, and is currently hosting his new radio show called “World Health News”. He has also frequented online publications such as Huffington Post as a guest blogger and medical writer.

His humble beginnings denote his success as a professional in his medical field. After fleeing the tumultuous political situation in Iraq during the late 1970s, he decided to continue his education abroad. He went to several educational institutions in Belguim, London, and landed his place in the United States. With this, he graduated with a degree in Biochemistry at the Stony Brook University. He received a full scholarship in recognition of his talents.

Dr. David Samadi currently specializes in urology and in the treatment of certain conditions such as prostate, kidney and bladder cancer. His vast knowledge, dedication to work and attention to detail made him one of the most notable Urologists in the country.


Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. McKenna is a licensed surgeon and medical doctor. His medical practice authorization was given by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. After graduating from Tulane University Medical School, he joined his father and practiced medicine.

While working with his father, he developed real estate interests, and he started a venture company which he named after himself. Dr. Mark McKenna later went on to acquire Universal Mortage Lending and Uptown Title. This portfolio company was targeting to employ 50 employees and offer real estate closing. The company also aimed to provide turnkey design-build and finance services.

Dr. Mark McKenna shifted to Atlanta as November drew to an end, in 2007. He initiated ShapeMed, a company based in aesthetics. He sold it to Life Time Fitness Inc. on November 1st, 2014 and served there as National Medical Director until July 2016. The following year, Dr. Mark McKenna founded OVME, pronounced as “of me.”

Dr. McKenna is a family man, and he is married to Gianna McKenna. They have two daughters, Milana Elle and Pomeranian Ryder. His day begins at 6:30 AM. He gets his daughter out of bed to give her mother time to sleep. After taking breakfast, he showers and heads to work at around 8 AM. He works until 6 PM. After work, Mark goes back home for dinner and heads out for Jiu-Jitsu training.

McKenna has adopted the tactic of visualizing before bringing his ideas to life. He likes meditating at least once a day, as he finds the power of meditation and visualization a way to success. He encourages people to read the book, “Think and Grow Rich,” written by Napoleon Hill.

Dr. Mark McKenna likes reading a lot of books because he believes that doing so makes one more knowledgeable. He also surrounds himself with smarter people than himself because they always challenge him. Challenges, as he believes, do a great thing to motivate one into success. Among the people that have influenced his thinking are Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and Michael Bloomberg.

Dr. Imran Haque is a Featured Guest On Ideamensch

Dr. Haque was asked about a person whom he finds inspiring and motivational. His answer was that former United States president, Barack Obama has greatly influenced him. He particularity admired Barack Obama’s calm demeanor while under great pressure and stress. It is something that a lot of people can learn from and should strive to emulate. Remaining calm under pressure is also a critical part of any doctor’s line of work.

Ideamensch inquired what is a book that Dr. Haque recommends other people check out and read. His response was that the book titled The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change written by Stephen R. Covey is an excellent read. It is a best selling book that can be applied to the business, medical and almost any other field you can think of.

Dr. Haque was then asked what is a failure he has encountered in his life while being an entrepreneur. Ideamensch then followed up by asking him how he overcame that failure. Imran Haque said that at one point in his life he had a sock and textile business that was expanding too rapidly. At the same that this was occuring, Dr. Haque had a medical practice that was also growing at a fast pace. A lack of safeguards created problems for Haque as it was difficult to juggle both his growing medical practice and textile business. The solution to his problem of rapid growth was by choosing to focus on his medical practice and letting go of his sock and textile business.

Ideamensch asked Dr. Haque about a business strategy that he thinks helped him to expand his business. His answer was that you should try and follow the golden rule at all times in your business and life. The golden rule is to treat people how you want to be treated yourself. He says that by practicing the golden rule, he has managed to gain a lot of positive recommendations. It has also allowed him to network and create relationships that have helped his business. The golden rule will also naturally build up a positive reputation around your business that should attract clients.