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Nutrimost: The Fitness System Other Fitness Systems Want To Be

Throughout the ages, there have been many different weight loss programs that have promised a lot of good results. However, even the best of them were only somewhat effective. Only a few people would be able to lose weight while others find themselves going back to the drawing board and even giving up. Then Nutrimost came in. With Nutrimost came another company by the name of Healthy Living. Healthy Living has decided to rip off Nutrimost by taking its ad and replacing mentions of Nutrimost with the words “Can’t Lose”. This has resulted in the company getting sued for all of the damages it has caused.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

While that is a rather low thing to do, it is understandable that a successful company is going to bring out other companies that want to be that company. The other companies want it that bad that they would resort to unexpected measures to manage that. Among these measures is trying to rip off that company. With Nutrimost, having results such as people losing 20 lbs within their first 40 days is a huge feat. It is no wonder another company is going to try to rip off Nutrimost. However, their reputation is earned. Nutrimost has earned its success and is not going to allow another company to steal from it.

With Nutrimost, people don’t just lose weight, they actually change their whole lives. Their bodies change in many different ways. Their minds also change because of the diet that is suggested by Nutrimost based on the body chemistry of the individual. They are able to enjoy some good food while losing off the excess weight that has made them ashamed. They also experience an increased amount of energy from their fitness system. As a result, they are more encouraged to maintain a healthy weight and enjoy their new lifestyle.

NutriMost Helped Us All Lose Weight

We have all been losing weight on NutriMost since we started the plan, and I am very happy with the results that we have gotten because they were so easy to get. We have the menu online that we follow, and it is very simple to manage this program because it is all online. We are in a place where we know that we are going to lose a lot of weight all at once, and we are going to keep using this plan because it feels so much better than the normal kinds of diets that we have been on. They have all the food right there on the website, and they make it so that we can shop for our food easily.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

There are a lot of things that we would have never thought to eat once we got on the plan, and we have been finding new things all the time. We were really happy to see that we were getting results, and we were even happier to find out that this was such a simple system to use. I just log all our food in the system, and then I make sure that we are eating something different every day.

The best part of this for us is that we are going to be able to keep it up for as long as we want. We have wanted to make it easy to lose weight, but have had to be focused on a system that really works for us. Logging on and using NutriMost is going to make it so that we are all losing a lot of weight, and then we can just cycle through the menus to make sure that we all have the food that we want for every meal every day.

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Journey With Nutrimost

The weight loss company Nutrimost is suing its rival, Healthy Living. Healthy Living purportedly stole Nutrimost’s promotional video from their website, replacing any Nutrimost reference with their own “Can’t Lose Diet.”
Posting the video on Healthy Living’s website, they kept the Nutrimost testimonials, both from customers and its principal. Healthy Living also appears to have made and published a shorter version of the video after receiving a cease-and-desist letter in September from Nutrimost. Presently, it appears that both videos have been taken off the website. A press release published by NY Daily News quoted Dr. Ray Wisniewski saying Nutrimost is “a professional blend of scriptural health wisdom and understanding along with leading edge science,” and not to be confused with other diet only focused programs.
Nutrimost is a diet program that advertises not only weight loss but a correction of other health related issues. Nutrimost recognizes that people’s bodies are different and therefore require a unique plan of diet and supplements.
Using biocommunication tech Nutrimost determines what a person’s body needs in order to achieve weight loss andlifetime health. With a personal and customized roadmap from Nutrimost your hormone and organ imbalances will be corrected, helping you achieve optimal health and looking great. Nutrimost believes that positive emotions about health can revolutionize your weight loss journey.

Though the main selling point of Nutrimost is weight loss, Nutrimost’s goal is total health, both of the mind and body. Keep up with Nutrimost here:

NutriMost Files Lawsuit


NutriMost has sued nutritional competitor Healthy Living for stealing there promotional video and promoting it as their own on its website. Healthy Living is accused of replacing all likeness of NutriMost with “Can’t Lose Diet.” They’re being sued for $300,000 for the theft and misuse of property owned and created by NutriMost. The video also includes testimonials from NutriMost customers and has been referenced to Healthy Living testimonials. Healthy Living failed to stop using the video after a cease and desist order was issued in September of 2015. The case is currently still pending in a federal court.
What Is Nutrimost

NutriMost is a weight lost system that promises their customers with the right diet that they can loose 20-40 pounds in up to 40 days. They differ from state regulate services and are a pastoral medicine driven weight lost program. They say absolutely no exercise is required with their prepackaged meals. They offer an advantaged technological program that doesn’t require any drugs or a need to go hungry. It is a safe way to lose weight and is doctor recommended and supervised. They promise you will never need hormones or surgery.

Now is a great time to jump right in and lost the unwanted pounds safe and fast. In just a few weeks you’ll have that beach body that you been wanting. NutriMost has a great reputation with their customers and proven results. Their testimonials are from actual people that have used the program and not paid actors. Nutrimost teaches you how to eat right and maintain a healthy diet to lose weight. It is a revolutionize body balancing scan that targets the areas where you having trouble losing weight with the right diet. Visit the NitriMost website to find out more about nutritional weight lost.

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NutriMost Sues Rival For Stealing Its Marketing Video

NutriMost, the company which makes one of the most innovative, effective, weight-loss systems on the market today, is suing rival diet company Healthy Living in Manhattan Federal Court. NutriMost alleges Healthy Living copied its promotional video, replaced the NutriMost name with Healthy Living, and uploaded it to the Healthy Living website. NutriMost says the stolen video even has the testimonials by NutriMost founder Dr. Ray Wisniewski as well as NutriMost customers. A cease-and desist order was issued by Nutrimost in September, but Healthy Living ignored it. NutriMost is seeking in excess of $300,000 for loss of goodwill and reputation and wants to prevent the company from ever displaying the video which has since been removed.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Created by Ray Wisniewski, D.C. the NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System uses NutriMost Resonant Frequency technology to enable people to lose as much as 45 pounds of fat in 40 days. The system is customized to meet the needs of each individual patient and designed to be used under the supervision of a doctor. This ultimate fat loss program works to help get people’s hormones in their proper harmony. This improves the metabolism and enables them to quickly get rid of unneeded fat. This is called the Ultimate Fat Burning Zone.

The NutriMost system doesn’t people to make radical lifestyle changes, do strenuous exercise, or adopt starvation diets. With the NutriMost system, the fat melts away and it can be targeted towards areas of the body where fat is hard to dislodge. Adherents to the NutriMost program begin by receiving a scan to identify their body’s specific weight-loss needs and challenges. A program is then designed to eliminate toxins that prevent healthy weight-loss and cause fat build-up. This program improves health and helps people maintain their optimal weight for the rest of their lives.

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Fiber and Sugar-A Winning Combination

Sugar is more than just a staple of a stocked pantry, it’s a staple in almost everyone’s diet. In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to find products that don’t have sugar in them somewhere on the ingredients list. In May, the Federal government said that in 2018, food nutrition labels would be required to list the amounts of added sugar. On the heels of this announcement, it brings into focus the question of just how bad is sugar for the human body? The New York Times-Well Blog recently published a Q & A article with scientist and experts to try and tackle that tough question.
According to the scientist, people should be less concerned about the type of sugar that is added to food but instead with the lack of fiber that would balance it out.
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While three apples and a 16oz bottle of a sugary drink contain the same amount of sugar in grams, the key difference is the fiber. Soda obviously has none, while an apple has about 20% of the recommended daily fiber in it. Fiber helps you feel full faster so most people won’t end up eating 3 apples, but they can easily drink the whole bottle of soda. Fiber also slows down the time it takes for the sugar to find its way to the liver.
The general consensus among the experts is that moderation is the most important thing. For most healthy people, 6 teaspoons a day is an acceptable amount.

NutriMost Sues Healthy Living


The NutriMost brand has managed to get a lot of recognition in the past 12 months. The plan has made the news as a plan that has been used by the chiropractor that invented it. This plan also surfaced as the type of diet that has a guarantee. Now there is a lawsuit against Healthy Living for stealing promotional videos, and that is going to give the company new exposure to a new crowd.
I believe that NutriMost was luring customers with the claim to have the “Ultimate Weight Lost Daily,” and many other competing diet companies wanted to capitalize on what NutriMost was already witnessing. There certainly are lots of companies that are trying to get customers and some will do anything to get the attention of customers. NutriMost has called out Healthy Living as a theft, and the NutriMost executives are claiming that customers were lost because of this.

I think that this is an interesting battle because so many companies will try to create new diet plans and simply change the name to avoid any legal implications. Healthy Living went a lot further by actually stealing the NutriMost video. I can see why a company would do this. It is just cheaper when you don’t have to creating promotional matieral. The thing that I cannot see is why this company assumed that it would work. Executives at Healthy Living should have known that executives for NutriMost were going to become aware of this eventually.

There is a lot of interest in NutriMost, and I think that this will give people a chance to discover more about the brand. NutriMost System may have loss some customers to Healthy Living, but they will probably get just as many customers back with the promotion that has been received through this lawsuit.

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Try Using Cauliflower in New Ways for a Healthier Diet

With an increasing number of Americans worrying about their diet and weight, healthy eating has become more important than ever. If you are looking for new ways to consume a healthy diet, or if you would like to help someone in your family eat healthier, try incorporating cauliflower into more of your recipes. There are a number of ways to use this nutrient rich vegetable in your cooking, and most of the time, you won’t even notice it’s there.

Cauliflower Recipes

One of the best ways to create a classic dish with cauliflower is to make pizza crust out of a cauliflower, cheese and herb blend. You’ll simply need to cook, grind and drain the water out of your cauliflower before mashing it together with cheese and Italian herbs. Cook it once before adding your pizza toppings, and cook it again with the cheese and toppings on top.

Cauliflower in Casseroles

Most of the time when you make a delicious casserole with meat or without, some sort of pasta, rice or other grain is the main ingredient. Of course, on top of that, you might add butter, cheese and other not very nutritious ingredients. Obviously, this racks up the calories in any dish and does not add to the nutrition of the dish very much either. By replacing rice, pasta or whatever other simple carb you’d be using with cauliflower, you are adding nutrients and some bulk and flavor.

Try these two dishes and see what you think. You’ll probably even love them if you don’t like the taste of cauliflower!

Are American Diets Changing?

There has been an extreme shift in how the average American eats nowadays. About a decade or two ago, fast food and junk food items were at an all-time high when it came to sales. It was easy to get fast food and to go for candy instead of higher priced health food items. Nowadays, more of an emphasis is being put onto healthy foods and exercise because of the impact that the unhealthy stuff can have on a person’s life. The rise of the diet change comes in accordance with a rise in obesity levels says Marcio Alaor BMG in this piece. People know that junk food and fast food items, when consumed in excess, can cause a person to gain weight.

By eliminating these foods and going with a healthier diet and lifestyle, people are able to lose weight and get back down to their goals. This is essential for those who have been dealing with obesity and weight problems for quite some time. The change in the American diet is a very good one, but this doesn’t change the fact that many people are still finding health foods to be a lot more expensive than junk food items. There are tons of different things to consider for yourself if you are going to be changing your own diet, but choosing one that incorporates healthier foods is definitely the viable option for you and even your loved ones who are involved.