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Liquid Nitrogen is Rocking the Culinary World

Food connoisseurs are continuously on the hunt for new food fads to delight their sophisticated palates. The latest craze blends food with science using something normally found in laboratories – liquid nitrogen. Chefs are combining the two to create delightful concoctions which dazzle the senses and make your mouth want to cry from sheer happiness.


Not for the beginner, liquid nitrogen does come with a warning label. It requires special handling and training. With a temperature below three hundred Fahrenheit, chefs need gloves, goggles, and special gear to handle this substance which can cause skin burns and suffocation.


So why take the risk? Well, when used right the outcome of this unusual pairing creates delicacies that are rocking the culinary world. Chefs are discovering new flavor combinations and techniques every day. One can say they are the Marco Polos of this gastronomic revolution.


The process used is fascinating and can be seen in this video. After donning the right equipment, the chef whips out a large metal jug he refers to as a vacuum dewar. Up until this moment, you feel like you are watching an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy. Then the real fun begins.


Using three bright oranges, the chef covers the fruit with liquid nitrogen allowing it to freeze to an unimaginable negative 321 degrees Fahrenheit. As the gas flows over the food, the chef goes over the nuances of working with nitrogen.


Once frozen the chef smashes the fruit while warning viewers not to eat it at this stage as the gas will cause mouth sores. The oranges need to warm up first. They look like small pieces of confetti.


Next, the chef turns mint into a powder. Wielding culinary magic, he creates a hybrid crème brule dessert that looks amazingly decadent on the video topped with the oranges and mint powder.Not only is this process fun to watch, but the result is pleasing to the eye.


Liquid nitrogen has expanded the possibilities for chefs allowing them to bridge new gaps and experiment with texture and flavor. This technique has opened a door serious gourmands are grateful for. Full of endless potential, this food revolution delights both the senses and palate.