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Slow Roasting Is The Newest Cooking Trend

It’s winter, a time when most people want a hearty, home cooked meal, and there is nothing better than slow roasted meat. This technique isn’t new by any means, but it’s gaining in popularity and it’s something everyone should try at least once.

Slow roasting is pretty simple. The meat is coked slowly at a low temperature for a long period of time. It’s catch phrase is “set it and forget it”, making it similar to crock pot cooking. It’s a very forgiving process that anyone can do, but there are a few rules to keep in mind when using this process.

It may go against you’re way of choosing meat, but when it comes to slow roasting, the fattier the cut of meat, the better it will be when slow roasted. The slow roasting process breaks down the collagen, the steam in the oven as the meat cooks literally makes it dissolve and keeps the meat juicy, tender, and tasty. Meats that are most popular for slow roasting are often things like short ribs and pork shoulders.

The meat should take on a nice brown color as it cooks. Think rotisserie chicken with brown and crispy chicken. If you notice your meat is cooking but it isn’t browning as well as you would like, hit it with the broiler for a few minutes at the end of the cooking cycle.

Finally, keep in mind that there will be no automatic rich sauce from slow roasted meat. Braised dishes on the stove top often provide their own rich and tasty sauces to add some tang to the dish, but braising doesn’t work the same way. When you serve your meat, try to offer sides like crunchy vegetables with punchy dressings or sauces, even fresh herbs, to bring some liquid pop to the plate.

Don’t let this process scare you, it’s a great way to cook large hunks of meat that turn out tender and juicy. Check out this Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder recipe from Food Network to get you started. It is basic, simple, and most importantly, incredibly tasty.



Bacon Is Perfect, but You Might Be Cooking It Wrong

If one thing is for certain in today’s food industry, it is that bacon is for everything. Aside from pairing one of the greatest foods in existence with other tasty foods, its enticing, unmistakable aroma is being used to punctuate perfume and even scratch tickets. From bacon ice cream to bacon wrapped scallops, it is important to understand how to properly cook the meat candy before incorporating it into other food or your diet in general.

Bacon Cooking Tips: What You Have Probably Been Doing Wrong

Which Pan Are You Using?

Many believe that they should heavily grease a pan or to use a non-stick pan while cooking bacon, but this is false and actually does more damage to the meat than good. Professional cooks recommend a well-seasoned cast iron pan to cook this treat in because the high-fat content of the meat will do all of the work for you.

Put It in a Cold Pan First

A common misconception is that a frying pan should be scorching hot before putting the meat in it, but that results in an unevenly cooked or completely burnt product. Instead, place a pan on medium-low heat and add the bacon when it is still fairly cold.

You Are Probably Undercooking It

Though most prefer their bacon to be nice and crispy, some like it chewy. Regardless of personal preferences, it is important that the meat is at least cooked. Placing it into a pan that is too hot will cook the outside, something that forces you to believe the inside is also cooked. Turn the heat down to ensure your bacon is cooked thoroughly.

Storing the Excess Grease for Future Cooking? Do This!

Before placing your grease in the fridge, strain it. This removes bits of bacon that were left behind and allows the grease to set better in the fridge. Of course, the flavor is better when you remelt it for another use.

Have You Forgotten That Bacon Is Salty?

Too often, the popularity of bacon results in it being paired with foods high in salt. Bacon is salty, so unless you want a meal full of sodium, be mindful of what you are pairing this perfect food with.

Foods To Keep In The Freezer

If you’re ever looking for a meal to prepare for the family, all you have to do is look in your freezer of you keep a few simple ingredients on hand.

You probably use butter in many of your dishes. If so, then consider keeping a large amount in the freezer. You can get a tub to keep in the refrigerator as well. The butter in the freezer can be divided into small sections before adding herbs to each section. When the butter is melted, you will have added flavors in your recipe.

Fruits are an item that you want to keep in the freezer because they are good for children to enjoy after school, and you can use them in various recipes. Add blueberries to pancakes or strawberries to a shortcake. There is an endless number of recipes that you can create using fresh fruits if you keep them stored in containers in the freezer. If you’re family enjoys eating sandwiches, then add a few loaves of bread in the freezer. It won’t go bad if it’s kept sealed and frozen until it’s used. This is an idea if you see bread on sale so that you can stock up on it to have for times when you simply don’t feel like fixing a large meal or if children want something light after school.

Freezer Foods

When you prepare meals for the family, there are a few things that you always want to have in the freezer. These items will help you better plan your menus and can add a little extra to some of your dishes if you’re missing an important ingredient and can’t get to the store.

Pour chicken stock into a muffin tin to freeze small cubes before storing them in a plastic container of freezer bag. This ingredient is ideal for adding to soups and recipes with chicken instead of using a lot of butter or oil. Keep a supply of frozen shrimp on hand. It can be grilled, sauteed or prepared in many other ways, giving you a variety of meals for the week. It’s also an ingredient that you can add to pasta or a salad for a healthier and filling meal.

Bacon is a meat that you should keep in the freezer at all times. Not only is it a good meat to use for breakfast, but you can fry the bacon and use the grease in a number of recipes or wrap meats in the bacon for a smoky flavor. It’s best to divide a large pack of bacon into individual pieces so that they are easier to use when needed instead of thawing an entire pack and then putting it back in the freezer