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Teddy Covers Gives Insights on Professional Betting

If you follow sports betting keenly, you must have heard about Ted Servansky, popularly known as Teddy Covers. Teddy is a commentator for ESPN college football betting system. He is also a professional sports bettor, who provides insights to new bettors on how the industry works. Therefore, as a new bettor who wants to make it in the professional betting, you can rely on the insights given by Teddy Covers to help you excel in sports investing and professional betting. Teddy highlights the types of sports he is involved in among the ten sports types in the market. is well-known for placing bets on NBA odds. Apart from the key points stressed on by most betting websites, Mr. Covers offers other tips that assist professional bettors to place bets that will see them win.

New football bettors make a common mistake of betting on the first set of lines they see. As a football bettor, you can get free sports betting tools online where you get to view various sportsbook lines in one area, and then customize their opinion across leagues, bookies, and sports. The rule here is to compare what other bookies are giving and ensuring that you maximize potential return on your investment. Since you will spend less, you will reduce your loss. Teddy also advises professional bettors to bet with their heads and not their hearts. That means that before you place a bet; ensure that you are well-informed because you are investing. Bettors can wager on a variety of bets to mitigate risks. Bet wisely to increase your return significantly. Teddy also advises professional bettors to avoid trusting everyone; rather, they should watch the market. People tend to follow Teddy’s bet with the hope that they will make it just like him because of his good advice. As a novice bettor, the best you can do is to watch the market and listen to advice given by experts like Teddy, but not follow their bets. is a reliable betting website where novice bettors can visit for insights on betting. The website stresses on being smart when betting, rather than following people’s bets. is your website for news on hot sports topics including football and basketball. The site also gives information on teams and players of different football and basketball games. As a professional bettor, visit for league trends, NFL contests, NBA betting, NCAAF betting, and MLB betting.