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Newest Food Trend Brings Together Coffee And Cones In A Delightful Way

This is the year of trends, and foods are no exception. With social media giving everyone the power to share food, recipes, and food tips, it’s no wonder food and the interesting new food discoveries are becoming top trends. One that seems to be growing and is undoubtedly going to become a new trend is coffee in a cone.
If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this new craze that is taking over Instagram, check out the pics found here.
It is, for the most part, exactly what you would expect. A waffle cone full of coffee. It sounds so simple yet so enticing it’s a wonder this fad took so long to find it’s way to our hearts. It originated in Johannesburg, South Africa at The Grind Coffee Company. It features a waffle cone that has been coated on the inside with chocolate. After the chocolate is set the cone is filled with a latte. So simple, so easy, and so convenient when you realize not only are you getting the treat of some amazing coffee, but you can munch on the “cup” when you are done.
The hashtag #coffeeinacup is from barista Dayne Levingrad. After working abroad as a coffee consultant and in the digital marketing industry he returned home to South Africa where he created the hashtag to bring the internet’s love for coffee and social media together. The hashtag now has well over 1,500 post of the coffee in a cone trend and it’s still growing. This popular fad has been popping up around the world and recently in the United States where it’s seen taking on new trends. Cones have turned into waffle cups and they are not only dipped in chocolate but often have other fun toppings around the rims like nuts or cocoa nibs. Often, as is popular in the US, they are topped with generous doses of sweet and frothy whipped cream and sometimes even sprinkles.
This trend is surely something most people can get behind and it’s only a matter of time before we see scoops of ice cream floating in them or better yet, slices of banana for the ideal coffee in a cone banana split! For more information and photos of some of the interesting creations that have been found check out this article from the Huffington Post.