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Clear Coffee? Has The World Stopped Turning?

Two brothers, originating from Slovakia, have started a London based business making something, that to a coffee drinker, sounds blasphemous. Named “CLR CFF”, this brew is supposed to be a clear, cold brew made from Arabica beans and pure water, as opposed to non pure water and regular coffee beans.


The brothers, Adam and David Nagy hold their formulation close to the vest, but say their brew doesn’t contain any extra flavoring, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or stabilizers. What is added to the clear brew is, what they call a “natural, high quality” caffeine to replace the caffeine that is lost in the process of distilling the coffee.


David and Adam, the men who formulated this coffee, stated that one of their main reasons for brewing a clear coffee is the lack of teeth staining properties that’s found in traditional coffee. Detractors of this coffee brew have stated that it tastes like water with a hint of coffee, or that water was poured over day old coffee grounds and then bottled. At the moment, CLR CFF is found in the UK at Selfridge’s, Whole Foods and at the CLR CFF’s online store for now.


My take is this: I understand that people feel the need to make things better, less calories, more flavor, but why mess with the dark goodness that is coffee? I have seen both sides of the coffee fence. I was a “late to the game” coffee drinker, and I spent time finding my favorite morning brew. When a coffee drinker knows what coffee tastes like, whether they like a light or dark roast, drinking a watered down version would seem underwhelming. Of course people are encouraged to judge this new brew for themselves, but as for me and my coffee, I wouldn’t change a dark brown thing. Oh! And for the teeth staining properties, I brush several times daily and have not had a brown tooth yet.


To read more about CLR CFF and the brothers who devised the clear coffee phenomenon, please click here and judge for yourself. Who knows, it may be something to love.