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Chili-Mac Winner Of The Super Bowl Meal

It is time for the Super Bowl and the many Super Bowl parties that require tasty, easy to eat anyplace but the dining table meals. And the Food Network with the inspiration of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen are happy to offer one of their signature and most indulgent recipes. The one that seemed perfect for Super Bowl and a favorite of kids no matter what their ages is Chili-Mac and this recipe promises to score with the guests and the family. For more about Trisha’s Southern Kitchen just go to the website to find these and other appealing recipes: Your text to link…

This delicious but simple recipe brings together macaroni, cheese, diced tomatoes, kidney beans, and ground beef. The dish can be prepared in under one hour and will provide a filling meal for those football fans with an appetite for something other than football. This meal can also be served in mugs, making it easy to eat anywhere and avoid food spills on the sofa or carpet by the party guests. This meal goes great by itself and is enhanced by the addition of tortilla chips in many flavors from mild to wild.

Trisha Yearwood’s recipe promises a hearty, filling, and satisfying meal that will leave guests ready for football and beer. By having a hearty meal like this chili-mac, there should be less drunkenness going on around the TV screen.

This recipe is also great during weekends when outdoor plans and outside activities limit the amount of time a family can spend together around the dining table. Prepare this Food Network recipe and freeze away half for another weekend meal.

There has been an epic shift away from complete family meals taking place at the dining table as often both parents are working or volunteering their time for other activities other than cooking the family meal. Simple meals that can be prepared in under an hour and made in volume for a later date will help to keep the family satisfied and appreciating the good efforts of mom or dad regarding food preparation.

For that very special Sunday Super Bowl Party or family lunch or dinner rely on Trisha Yearwood’s Chili-Mac to satisfy everybody.