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The Impressive Evolution of OSI Group Incorporated

For a company that began as a simple family meat market in the early 20th century, then called Otto & Sons, OSI Group Incorporated has evolved by leaps and bounds. They expanded from a local meat market in the suburbs of Chicago into a meat-processing facility with more than 65 facilities in 17 countries around the world. OSI’s first major customer came in 1955 with the then unknown Ray Kroc startup, McDonald’s, as one of their many hamburger suppliers.

Twenty years after the initial deal between the two companies began; OSI Group became the exclusive supplier to McDonald’s restaurants around the world. OSI has recently expanded its use of Arrowsight Inc Remote Video Auditing to more closely monitor quality control and safety procedures in more of its food processing plants. The likelihood and feasibility of this expansion for use in international plants were propelled further by this current move.

Recent Expansion

Perhaps one of the fascinating facts about OSI Group is that it is also a very large privately-held company. In years past, it had not held a spot in Forbes 100 Largest American Companies, but in its first year to make an appearance on the list in 2016, it has landed a spot at number 58. The original plant is located in the suburbs of Chicago and has grown internationally, but they have also recently doubled in the Chicago area as well, acquiring a plant that was formerly operated by Tyson Foods.

In the latter half of 2016, OSI acquired a predominant Dutch company Baho Foods, to facilitate growth in Europe. Baho Foods also is a meat manufacturer, but also complements OSI’s products by producing other food products such as deli meats and convenience foods and snacks in retail and foodservice locations.


Philanthropic Leadership

The current CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, acquired the company over time from previous heirs and others who had ownership in the growing company to become the company’s current sole heir. In addition to the many awards, honors, and other ways that Lavin has been recognized for his numerous accomplishments, he has recently received the Global Visionary Award from India‚Äôs Vision World Academy.

The North American Meat Institute awarded Mr. Lavin with the 2016 Edward C. Jones Community Service Award for his role in charitable contributions and community service in the Chicago area, primarily with the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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