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West Village chef has Filipino restaurant go viral through Instagram

Taking a picture of food plates for Instagram carries an almost a religious level of significance for many of the young and smart phone-endowed, and one chef in the West Village has seen this ritual work to his advantage in a big way. In the past May, Chef Jordan Andino opened his Filipino taqueria, 2nd City. The restaurant features a number of Filipino dishes given playful names like the “Poke Me Bowl”, but what has really gotten the public’s attention is Andino’s unique business plan; optimizing his dish presentation specifically to maximize Instagram-readiness.

Chef Andino claims that his motivation to create 2nd City out of the feeling that no one else had yet taken the initiative to create of Filipino taqueria. He aspires to be a pioneer of what he hopes to be Filipino cuisine’s proper introduction to the American public at large, and with the traffic of one of the world’s biggest photo-sharing platforms on his side, he just might have the right kind of momentum to make that a reality.

Chef Andino saw his restaurant become jam-packed during all open hours not long after the opening in May, and according to what he’s seen, it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down anytime soon. In addition to the conversions created by Instagram, Andino has also cited Yelp as being a great help in increasing 2nd City’s exposure. He states that he believes the marketing techniques of many restaurants around the world are bound to evolve with social media in mind, and if other restaurant owners have taken note of his taqueria’s explosion, it’s safe to say that his prediction isn’t a stretch.