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Removing the Colors and Flavors from Cereal

Some companies are jumping on the healthy bandwagon, and one of those companies is General Mills. A recent announcement was made that items with transfat would need to be removed from store shelves or modified to remove the fat. General Mills has decided to take their own stand by removing artificial colors and flavors from all of the cereal that is sold. These cereals include Trix and Lucky Charms. There is no word as to how the cereals will look after the colors are removed as these are cereals that are vibrant and attractive to children. Bruce Levenson agrees that perhaps this is one of the reasons why General Mills has made the decision to remove these components, or it could be to try to motivate people to eat healthier by eliminating choices. The company has already started experimenting with items like carrots and various spices to get the colors and flavors, but there is no word as to how these products taste.