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Simple On the Go Cereal Bars for the Back to School Hustle

Back to school season is here again and while that is dreadful to the children, parents are celebrating from every corner of the country. Though parents have their homes back to normal and finally get that much welcomed break from their kids, it is important for them to make certain that their little ones have food fit enough for their growing, hardworking minds. Surely most kids are in some sort of after school activity, which forces parents to get a little creative with the week’s meal choices. From quick snacks between activities to breakfast on the go when everyone is running a little late, food must be readily available at all times. Consider making these healthy treats on Sunday night in big batches to get you and the kids through the busy week:

Honey and Nut Cereal Bars

These simple snacks are incredibly healthy and easy to make due to their versatility. Essentially, all you need is some honey, nuts of your choice, and a plain grain cereal, like Cheerios or bran. If you prefer, you can use oatmeal in this recipe as well. Combine all of the ingredients until the mixture becomes sticky and malleable, press it into a pan, allow to settle in the fridge, cut them into squares, and grab them on the go.

Fruity Pebbles in Bar Form

These bars are perfectly layered to control sugar levels. Begin by taking a plain cereal, some honey, or corn syrup. When that mixture becomes sticky, press it into a pan. Repeat the same process with the Fruity Pebbles and layer it on top.

Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Pretzel Bars

What is better than these three ingredients? Really nothing and this is a super healthy combination. Simply combine all of the ingredients and add a glue-like substance, like melted marshmallows or honey, to make the mixture pliable. Press it into a pan, chill it in the fridge, and serve as you would any other no-bake bar.

Strawberry, Banana, and Cheerio Cups

Muffin tins serve a multitude of purposes, including this one. Combine all three ingredients with honey or even a thick strawberry syrup, place the mixture in each cup, allow it to settle, and serve when needed! If you do not use liners, use cooking spray or butter to grease each cup.