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Lime Crime Cosmetics Is Doe Deere’s Dream Come True

Entrepreneur Doe Deere is nothing if not resilient. She has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and instead of resigning herself to business death, she has fought her way to the top. She has endured failure in the fashion and music industries. She has lived in a homeless shelter. She has seen her life-savings dwindle down to a few hundred dollars. Instead of giving in and giving up, she redoubled her efforts and transformed herself into the creator of one of the hottest new cosmetics lines on the planet. Her company, Lime Crime cosmetics, is now the new blueprint for success.

Lime Crime cosmetics started as a way for Doe Deere to get more attention while she was performing as a rock and roll artist. It has now blossomed into a growing player in the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry. She has done this through luck, pluck, and the support of well-wishers. Friends helped her family get out of a homeless shelter and get on their feet. The encouragement of the visitors to her online make-up tutorials gave her the confidence to offer the brightly colored Lime Crime cosmetics to the public. Fate put her in the right place at the right time. And her determination led her to success.

A lesser person might have given up long ago and got a 9 to 5 job. But Doe Deere has held on to her dream of being a prosperous entrepreneur against all odds. There has been no quit in this Russian born, New York City raised entrepreneur. She has been able to look past all her failures to see a bright future for herself. Without business school training or a marketing degree she has built a business and created the innovative marketing necessary to take it to the top. She has dealt with failed attempts at business time and again, but has never considered herself a failure.

That’s what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur. One has to be able to accept failure, learn from it, and keep on going. Doe Deere has done just that. When neither the dresses she designed nor the music she recorded on and gave her the level of success for which she had a burning desire, she simply redoubled her efforts, harnessed her creativity, and looked for another opportunity. It has made her the quintessential entrepreneur and the perfect example of the Horatio Alger story. She has pulled herself up by her boot straps, pursued her American Dream, and attained it.

Now a new generation of entrepreneurs will have another inspirational figure. One that did not let failure after failure deter her. A woman that worked her way from a homeless shelter to a mansion in Los Angeles among the stars. He journey is not yet complete. She has not yet built the pink mansion of her dreams. But what has become clear is that once Doe Deere has a dream, she is willing to do what ever is necessary to attain it.