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French Chef Roger Vergé Has Died

The famed French chef, Roger Vergé, died on June 5, 2015 at the age of 85. According to his daughter, Cordélia Vergé, complications from diabetes caused his death.

Vergé was born in France and as a young boy he would stand on a bench near the stove and watch his aunt prepare dinners for the family. Even though he thought he wanted to be a pilot, his path took him in a different direction. When he was 17, Vergé worked as an apprentice at Le Bourbannais, a local establishment. One of these internet companies said the chef went to Paris to learn more, and then he traveled to Africa to work at restaurants in Morocco and Algiers.

Even though Vergé was trained to cook traditional French food, which was known for being heavy and rich and creamy, he decided to change his methods and became one of the founders of nouvelle cuisine. He felt that he could maintain the wonderful flavors of the original dishes by using fresh, lighter ingredients, and by making a beautiful plate presentation.