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NYC Cardiologist Edward Honig’s Thoughts on Finding the Right Specialist

Noted New York City cardiologist, Edward Honig, recently outlined his thoughts on what patients should be looking for when seeking out a specialist for their own surgeries. As with most serious health issues, it’s important to move quickly when informed of a pending internal problem, and that’s why it’s worth knowing what to do before you fall into the situation at .

First, it’s worth knowing what exactly a cardiologist does, and how their services can have a direct effect on your well-being. The main job of a cardiologist is to help patients overcome diseases related to their heart and the blood vessels that travel through it, as well as the rest of the body. When you see a cardiologist, you’ll be expected to go through tests concerning your heart and liver functions, as well as your overall blood pressure. From here, the cardiologist will be able to gain valuable insight into what’s going on within your body, and what course of treatment will be the most effective.

Although people commonly associate a cardiologist’s services with heart attacks and strokes, these are far from the only issues in which a cardiologist may be useful. For example, many patients are advised to visit a cardiologist if certain red flags appear during their physicals, such as an unusually high cholesterol or blood pressure level. By speaking to a cardiologist ahead of time, you can ensure that your protected against any of the aforementioned heart attacks or strokes.

While a cardiologist can be incredibly useful to a patient, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all cardiologists are created equal. Edward Honig noted that every person’s body is different, and what one cardiologist did for someone else might not be as effective elsewhere. With this in mind, it’s important to find the cardiologist that’s right for you, and not just the one that was right for your friend or relative. One of the most important tools in discerning which cardiologist to see is where they received their board certification. If you trust the institution that accredited them, then you can likely follow their guidance as well. In the case of Edward Honig, he regularly works out of Glen Cove Hospital in New York to provide help to a wide variety of patients.

One of the most prevalent myths regarding cardiologists is that gender can cloud their judgment and affect their insight into the opposite gender’s body. Edward Honig is quick to dispute this though, and has routinely proven that cardiologists are more than prepared to help patients of all races, genders, and any other factor that people might think would play a role in their abilities. Of course, that’s not to say that there aren’t some differences. It’s been well documented by now that there are certain physical symptoms that women respond to differently than men, especially in the case of a heart attack. Although this has had a dramatic and tragic effect on the survival rate of women in the past, modern cardiologists are prepared to deal with these differences and address them accordingly. In fact, Edward Honig has helped many women in the past by dealing with these exact differences and ensuring that his female patients are made aware of them on

It is this type of attention to detail and commitment to quality that separates a good cardiologist from a less effective one. Hopefully, by keeping these various factors in mind, you’ll be able to find a trusted cardiologist of your own one day, and go on to live a happy and fulfilling life.