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Tim Armour Provides Capital Group With Remarkable Leadership

Timothy D. Armour is the chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer at Capital Group. He also serves the Capital Research and Management Company, which is an affiliate of Capital Group Inc. as the chairman and the principal executive. Timothy also serves the Capital Group Management Committee as the chairman. Timothy Armour is remarkably seasoned in investment management with an impressive 33-year experience. In his earlier years as an equity investment analyst, Timothy served the Capital Group by covering global telecommunications and the United States service companies too. At the start of his career, Timothy Armour served Capital as a participant in the Associates Program.

The Capital Group is the home of American Funds and is one of the leading investment management firms in the world today. Capital Group’s Board of Directors appointed Timothy as their chairman in 2015. The changes in Capital Group were made after the group’s former President Jim Rothenberg passed on. Tim and the other senior members of Capital Group’s management committee vowed to continue working with the members of the committee to lay down, communicate and put into place the general strategies of the business. Capital Group is a group that appreciates the roles of each of its members in helping the firm to realize its set objectives. They have a mission of delivering superior investment solutions that are long term to their investors and clients.

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Tim who is also a portfolio manager, together with another portfolio manager Rob Lovelace recently shared their perspective on the recent market selloff that was triggered by China’s woes. According to them China currently accounts for about 15% of the world gross domestic product. Therefore, China has an impact greater on the global economy than ever before. They also felt that the most important catalyst in the selloff was China’s unexpected decision to degrade their currency, a decision that shocked the financial markets. Tim said that there had been a six-year bull run in the United Stated as well as rising markets in several other parts of the world. This made the US markets to be fairly valued, and these valuations were stretched to some of the companies and industries. Therefore Tim felt that the market correction was not unexpected. In fact, he felt that such corrections now and then are healthy for the market as they get rid of pockets of excess.

Timothy Armour has a remarkable educational background. He attained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Middlebury College. He has served Capital Group from 1983. Since the start of his career, Timothy has always been centered on providing the best services for his clients.

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