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Softbank Acquires Fortress Investment Management

Japan’s Softbank just announced an additional acquisition meant to expand its business strategy as well as its investment portfolio. In a press statement, the management stated that it would part with $3.3 billion in a bid to acquire the famous Fortress Investment Group. As a leading asset manager as well as an investor, Fortress Investment Group has significant stakeholders in different institutions including Lyft, Jawbone, Xapo, and ZestFinance.


Background Data

Reports indicate that this is the agreement between Softbank and Fortress. Also, recently, Softbank made a $100 billion commitment to partner with Vision Fund and started a project that will be led by Rajeev Misra, Fortress’ former employee. Regarding this new project, new reports indicate that this is a new chapter not only for Softbank but also for Fortress Investment Group. Because the company will soon have new leadership, it means that things will change for Fortress Investment Group.



Still, on the new acquisition, the chief executive officer of Softbank, Mr. Masayoshi Son addressed the issue of governance. He said that the business would be run independently. Even so, some of Fortress Investment Group executive leaders would be tagged along. This is in light of maintaining the service delivery scope by ensuring that the changes incorporated are either better or the same as the initial services, and


Benefits of Acquisition

Simultaneously, for Softbank, this is an opportunity to expand its service group capabilities by offering new employment opportunities through the Vision Fund platform. Of course, the new acceleration will transform the manner in which the firm is managed, and what Fortress Investment Group knows.


Company Profile

Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998. Over the years, the private equity firm has dynamically become a highly diversified universal investment manager. Consequently, the firm has managed to specialize in asset management with the aim of bringing into the market significant experience bordering several asset types. What is more, Fortress’s experiences include extensive expertise including pricing, owning as well as financing and managing physical assets. Other assets include real estate and secured assets.


Working at Fortress

From time to time, the investment group advertises several employment opportunities. As an equal employer, Fortress Investment Group works with its affiliates and associates to offer qualified candidates the chance to pursue their careers. This is regardless of age, gender, citizenship, disability or nationality among others. On the working conditions, most employees have admitted to working with lovable people who are not only supportive of each other but also committed to making sure that clients receive some of the world’s competent financial services.



It looks like the Fortress’s new home will offer clients a better opportunity to expand their investment portfolios. This is in light of Softbank’s capitalization on global technology. Coupled with the need to maintain excellent leadership, Softbank will ensure that clients are not disappointed by the new management. For Fortress Investment Group, the new administration has a lot to offer especially when it comes to asset management. Governed by the need to provide unmatched services, this firm will continue to thrive under its new umbrella of management, and read full article.

Avaaz Puts Power Back in the Hands of People

For years, people didn’t have much power when it came to their own lives and their own rights. They didn’t know what would happen if they had to deal with different problems, but Avaaz knew how they could help people with the things they had to offer. They were confident they could give the community what it needed and that was a big part of their business plan. By starting their organization, they prepared to show people how things would get better. They were also preparing themselves to give attention where others might be able to take advantage of it. As long as Avaaz continued helping people through the things they had to offer, Avaaz knew they were getting more out of the business.

They also knew everything would get better because people could take advantage of the options they had. It was their point to always give them what they needed and Avaaz knew what they were doing to help people. For Avaaz, the point of the business was to grow enough they could show people what they were missing out on if they didn’t take advantage of human rights services. They wanted people to see their lives would be better no matter what they were like before Avaaz stepped in.The company even helps animals with their rights. They don’t want anyone to suffer and that includes animals. Since they dedicate themselves to helping animals, Avaaz knows there is a lot of importance that comes from giving them the help they need.

They also know they can do more to give the community a better shot at things getting better. As animal rights activists, Avaaz can show people the right way to do business. They may also help people through things they need help with while they’re standing up for animals. All around, Avaaz is a great company within the rights industry. They’re an organization dedicated to helping and giving back. They also know what they can do to promote the help of other people. As long as Avaaz knows what they’re doing, they feel good about the business. They also feel good about what they’re doing so people can enjoy their lives. The point of the organization is to give back. If they can give back, other people will see how well the organization operates and they’ll want to enjoy different things in their organizations or personal lives.

Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings decided to expand their territories by establishing subsidiaries in some countries due to the increase in demand for stock-based loans. They were receiving huge number of investors from all parts of the world. Equities First Holdings decided to open their first subsidiary in the UK.

Equities First Holdings London (UK) was first referred as Meridian Equity Partners. Through the help of prominent lawyers, Christy Jr. was able to acquire it and changed to Equity First Holdings London in 2014. Meridian Equity Partners was formerly known for offering financial advisory services on investments. EFH London was established to offer alternative financial solution by providing investors with stock-based loans, and what Equities First knows.

Since the acquirement from Meridian Equity Partners in 2014, Equities First Holdings London has managed to record a significant number of transaction. They have also managed to disburse a significant amount as shareholder loans to their clients, and more information click here.

The Surgeon Entrepreneur, Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is the husband to the lovely Gianine McKenna. Their two beautiful children are Elle and Ryder. This is a happy family which has grown happier because of the contribution and sacrifices of both parents for the family. Before moving to Atlanta, Mark was one of the few who were privileged to be on the board of the New Orleans Jazz Festival and also the Industrial Development.


Dr. Mark McKenna’s greatest company, OVME, was a result of his experience in the aesthetic industry. Mark had been working in the field for well over ten years. It was just obvious that time would get him more experienced and better in whatever he did. This experience gave him the idea to start a company because he knew there would be the least chance of failure. Doing what you are used to doing results to perfection or something close to it. Furthermore, his time at Lifetime Fitness opened his eyes to the many chances that were available for him to work with. Mark decided he was not going to ignore those opportunities.


Dr. Mark McKenna is a believer of planning ahead. Mark plans his activities and visualizes them before trying them out. He says that taking time to ponder on your ideas may just be one of the best ways to make them prosperous plans. Get More Information Here.


Dr. Mark McKenna reads a lot and has since he started working, been self-employed. He has, therefore, never experienced working under a particular authority or person. This has driven his choices into spending the most time with successful people because Dr. Mark McKenna believes that he can gain a few things or more from that.


Looking back to where he started, Mark is grateful for all the support that he has received, especially from his wife, Gianine. His interest in medicine came from his father. He began to practice with him after he graduated from Tulane University Medical School. At the time, he had his eyes set on real estate more than his passion for medicine. This lead to the launch of McKenna Venture Investment, a boutique real estate development firm. He enjoyed success at a young age with the acquisition of Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. His father is the person who introduced him to private practice in medicine after he graduated. This is one of the things that kept Mark self-employed because soon after he began working with his father, the ideas of starting a business started. Being a businessman and a doctor at the same time have brought out Dr. Mark as a great man.



Matthew Autterson – Passionate Philanthropist and Investor

Accidents, trauma or birth problems can cause motor or movement injuries that have a basis in the brain. These neuro-motor disabilities are debilitation for a person and result in considerable loss of independence. A person with motor dysfunction has to rely on other people to perform essential, everyday functions. Moreover, people with poor muscle function and coordination may be forced to lead a restricted life and give up their sports or other recreational activities. Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB) is an organization that seeks to assist persons with neuromotor disabilities in looking beyond their limitations.


Matthew Autterson is a Board member at Falci Adaptive Biosystems located at Denver. Matthew Autterson graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in finance. He then went on to study Tax at Denver University. His professional journey began with his work at First Trust Corporation, which is a subdivision of Fiserv group. He then joined a financial firm called Integrated Resources, Inc. and created a Colorado-based offshoot of this firm. He has served in a leadership role for Resources Trust Company in the past. The Resources Trust Company was ultimately taken over by AIG firm.


Matthew Autterson is committed to giving back to society. He actively contributes his time and efforts to Falci Adaptive BIosystems.FAB is a non-profit group that seeks solutions to improve the mobility of persons affected by neuromotor problems. FAB was created by a neurosurgeon, Dr. Scott P. Falci. He has many years of experience in treating patients with motor disabilities due to spinal and other injuries. FAB attempts to meet the requirements of people with limited movement and enable them to lead-free and unrestricted lives. View More Information Here.


FAB has several ongoing projects. One of these is their motorsports division. It has collaborated with the Craig Hospital, Air Force Academy, Falconworks, National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) group, and the Air Force Research Laboratory to create a racing car which can be driven by disabled persons with the use of customized eyewear. The vehicle utilizes a technological platform that connects a human with the car machinery that can potentiate the abilities of the driver. Matthew Autteson is a member of the Advisory Board of FAB and takes an active interest in its endeavors.


Matthew Autterson has led many roles that further his passion for philanthropy. He is a panel member of the Denver Hospice, Denver Zoological Foundation, Denver Zoo, and the Webb-Warring Foundation.


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Matthew Autterson, CEO of CNS Biosciences, Inc.

Matthew Autterson became President of Resources Trust Company in 1989. Resources Trust Company was a large state-chartered, FDIC insured depository trust company. It was one of the largest institution in the state with over 200,000 clients, 15,000 registered independent financial advisors, 700 employees and $20 billion in custodial assets and over 1.0 in deposits. During his 19 years of service as President, Matthew Autterson was involved a series of acquisitions besetting his company. It was acquired by of AIG in 1998 and Fiserv in 2001.


In 2001, he joined GL3B Partner Limited, a business consulting firm specializing in privately held and real estate investing companies. His move to CNS Biosciences may have seemed to others as a complete change, but Matthew Autterson is still building a great business, as he did with his previous positions. Accustomed to leading large organizations, he will do the same with CNS Biosciences, Inc.



Every organization he is a part of benefits from his money raising skills.

His leadership role on the board of the Denver Zoo and the Denver Zoological Foundation has resulted in his ability to engage sponsors for the zoo:

One$50,000 title sponsor, Mellon along with their Dreyfus and Buck affiliates

Six $15,000 Premiere Sponsors

Seven $7,500 Benefactor Sponsors

Several $3,000 Corporate Sponsors.




After 25 years in the financial services industry, Matthew Autterson is now focusing his energies on building an area of the Bioscience industry, neuropathic pain management. Today, he is CEO and President of CNS Bioscience, Inc. Dr. Scott Falci, a neurological surgeon from Englewood, NJ founded CNS Bioscience in 2013 to focus on the development of drugs to reduce and eliminate neuropathic pain.



Matthew Autterson is also a board member of CNS Bioscience. He serves on another board, as a member of the board of directors for Falci Adaptive Biosystems. Falci Adaptive Biosystems is a nonprofit organization that helps persons with neuromotor disabilities. They help them increase their ability to control their bodies and better interact with their surrounding environments. Visit This Page for additional information.



Before starting to work, Mr. Autterson studied finance at Michigan State University. In 1979, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance. He also attended the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. His first job after ending his studies was at the First Trust Corporation, a subsidiary of Fiserv. In 1982, he became a part of a small team chartering a new Colorado State chartered trust company that was a subsidiary of a New York-based financial services company Integrated Resources, Inc., which owned Resources Trust Company.

Michael Burwell Takes On CFO Role at Willis Towers Watson

Recently the global insurance, human capital and risk management advisory firm Willis Towers Watson announced it was hiring Michael Burwell to fill the shoes of retiring Roger Millay as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Willis Towers Watson was enthusiastic about how Burwell would help the company achieve its potential for growth and leadership in the field of 21st advisory and brokerage services to business.


This step comes as one more achievement in Burwell’s long history as a distinguished businessman in the accounting and consultant field. Burwell started out after receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration at Michigan State University. Price Waterhouse Coopers, one of the main accounting firms in the United States, hired him and set him to work learning his trade in the assurance department auditing many of their clients. Burwell stayed with PwC for 31-year dedicated years, rising to a high level of responsibility and performance, making Partner in 1997 and in February 2006. One of his many achievements at PwC was becoming Head of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Automotive Shareholder Value Awards team. They evaluate companies in the automotive space for inclusion in the PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Automotive Shareholder Value Index. That includes manufacturers of automobiles and other vehicles, suppliers of parts from around the world and retailers within the United States. For the past six years, he has served as Chairman of the Automotive Suppliers M&A Institute Conference. He frequently speaks and writes about merger and acquisition activity in the automotive industry. Click Here for additional information.


Michael Burwell has extensive experience from his term with PwC working with transactions services practice. He started out for PwC in the Detroit area, then rose to Midwest Leader of Transaction Services and Automotive Industry Leader. Eventually PwC promoted him to US Transaction Services Leader. Beginning with his time as auditor, Burwell has had the opportunity to share his expertise to the benefit of PwC’s clients, and also to observe how other businesses work. He has an extensive background in financial processes and systems from this. Burwell has led many projects both small, private companies and large multinational corporations. He has had the opportunity to observe many business models and their successes and problems. He has examined the business projections of private equity firms. He’s led teams that analyzed the profitability of many products. And Michael Burwell has managed the examination and analysis of business processes and products in many different industries.

Matthew Autterson Made Sure People Knew CNS Bioscience was Successful

Because Matthew Autterson is the CEO of CNS Bioscience, he knows there are different things he can do to make sure he is helping people. He also knows what it will take and how he can make sure things are going to work out for all the people who are in the same business as him. It is part of what he can do to help others and part of what will make him the best he can be. For Matthew Autterson, this is what has allowed him to make sure he can show people how he is going to be the best he can be.


For as long as Matthew Autterson has been helping CNS Bioscience, he knows there will be things that will change depending on the issues that are going on. He also knows there will be a positive influence on the community if he’s going to make a difference for them. It is his way of bringing attention to the issues in neuropathic medicine. If he can’t try to help people with the things they’re doing, he knows it will not work out. He also knows there will be things that will happen if he isn’t running the business in the right way.


Matthew Autterson liked to make sure there were things he could do to help people. He had always wanted everyone to know what they could get out of the business and what they could do to bring attention to the issues going on in the business. It was his way of making sure everyone knew what was going on. Since Matthew Autterson had always tried to give people the attention they needed, he knew what it would take to bring help to those who were in the industry and those who were doing their best to provide new options to others. View More Information Here.


Since Matthew Autterson knew what he was doing and knew he was going to try and help people, he was sure there were things that were going to improve the company. It was his way of making things easier and giving people what they needed. He had always tried to show them that things would work better. He knew what it would take and how he could make sure everyone knew they were doing things the right way on their own and in the communities, they were working to try and help on their own. Follow Autterson in Twitter.


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Burwell’s Recent Appointment As Willis Tower Watson’s CFO

Michael Burwell is now the global advisory Chief Financial Officer for Willis Tower Watson. The announcement was made on August 2017. He replaced Roger Millay who was to retire two months later. The company was particularly happy to have Burwell accept that position with his more than 31 combined years of experience in different fields.


Having worked at PWC in different capacities like being the Head of Global Transformation; the Chief Financial Officer in-charge of the United States as well as the Head of Transaction services for the United States. With more than 11 years’ experience in auditing, Mike was no doubt the most qualified guy for the position. He is also well armed with not less than 12 years when matters related to pre-merger valuation and due diligence are concerned.


Congratulating Michael in his appointment, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, John Haley said that Willis Tower Watson was lucky to have Michael Burwell working for them saying that they looked forward to reaping strong growth results because of his sound guidance. He was particular in saying that with such leadership, the company would have a much easier time when undergoing evolution.


Mike is well known to perfectly understand all matters related to leading and being in a position to drive results and especially if the company has a global presence like Willis Tower Watson are concerned. The company top management expressed satisfaction and confidence that with his expertise in finance, transformation and transactions, they will be better placed to offer their clients even better-quality services. See This Page for more information


Accepting the appointment, Michael Burwell said that he was happy and confident that with the amount of confidence the management has in him, they will without a doubt make remarkable progress. He also expressed happiness that all the other management and staff members were positive and open to the company achieving even more.


Burwell is a graduate of the Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. He is also a Certified Public Accountant who is stickler for discipline and professionalism. Willis Tower Watson commands a global presence in not less than 140 countries and with employees to the tune of 40,000. The company is in the business of turning risk into a growth path with a strong emphasis on delivering solutions that enable individuals and institutions cultivate and expand the power of capital. With Mike on the helm however, all the company wants to achieve will be doable.



CassioAudi Famous Musician, Businessman, Drummer, and Lyricist Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The music industry has seen many music bands come and go over the years, and there has been a transformation in the industry as well. The musical taste of the people continues to change with time, and it is one of the reasons why many music genres exist. It ensures that people can choose what they want to listen as per their personal musical taste and preference. In the late 1980s and 1990s, one of the music genres that got massive popularity and acceptance across the globe was Metal. Many bands composed and produced metal songs, but in Brazil, a band that got exceptionally popular was Viper. It is a band that was co-founded by the star drummer of that time, Cassio Audi.

Cassio Audi

Even though Cassio Audi was very young, his talent for drumming was highly talked about in the music industry. It is also what helped Viper get the sound and popularity it did. Cassio Audi has since then changed a lot growing up and has become an investment manager. Even though Cassio Audi enjoys tremendous success in the finance sector and is a focused and education professional, music continues to remain his top priority. Cassio Audi ensured that the band could connect with the audience well when doing musical tours and live shows.

Cassio Audi Group

Cassio Audi said that his band, Viper, was primarily inspired by the famous British group named Iron Maiden of which he was a massive fan of. Cassio Audi co-founded Viper in 1987, and the name of the band’s first album was Soldiers of Sunrise, which consisted of many chart-busting metal numbers, including Killera, Princess from Hell, Soldiers of Night, Wings of Evil, and more. Cassio Audi is a multi-talented musician and he can not only play drums but can also write lyrics. Cassio Audi wrote many of the top songs by Viper.