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Nine9: A Company Lead By Anthony Toma to Assist New Talent

Anthony Toma, a talented professional who know how to introduce new talent in the entertainment industry, is a founder and CEO of Nine9, the UnAgency. It is a talent agency that is coming up with different ideas and method to effectively introduce a fresh model or actor in the industry so he or she can notice by famous stars, producers, and directors.

Toma, a successful entrepreneur, and businessman has owned a plethora of businesses across a couple of industries including entertainment and few others. He is famous because he has linked with many influential leaders of the entertainment industry and this is what makes his different than other agency. He is always busy in finding new ways and opportunities for fresh talent who as ambition, and willingness to become someone.

Anthony told that he wasn’t planning for the entertainment industry, he was looking for franchise opportunities in the food industry, but he ultimately ended up in a franchise of fashion industry instead. And then day after day, months after months, he worked dedicatedly and very hard and ultimately his hard work rewards back, and he founded Nine9, The UnAgency.

He said what makes him different other than that is that he works for his client like it is his work. He supposes himself on the place of his client and then thinks about the possibilities and opportunities that could be helpful in launching him to the entertainment industry. He also has a team of professional who are continuously in touch with the leaders of the entertainment industry. So, when there is a need of fresh face, they would know immediately and learn more about nine9.

He is continuously working hard for the evolution of Nine9, his business. The fact that you do not need a huge capital is awesome. And this is what he feels like this company because it already established, so there is no need of another capital investment to improve the business and more information click here.

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Nine9 Redefines the “UNagency” Industry

Breaking into the entertainment industry is one of the most difficult career choices any individual can make and decide to pursue. Unlike other industries in which talent will always find a suitable position,no one has ever heard of a talented surgeon not saving lives because they never “got their break”, the entertainment industry requires immense dedication, hard-work, talent, and a little bit of good luck as well. This difficult reality is well-known to all those that decide to bank on their dreams and chase down their path to stardom and fame, not including the amazing and lavish lifestyle that often accompany the two.


Giving Yourself an Edge With an UNagency

Understanding the inherent difficulties within breaking into stardom is only the first part of your path towards fame and stardom but to progress much further than that realization you must be able to have not only talent but the right team of people supporting you from the beginning. Think of a professional boxer who without anyone in his corner of the ring would never have made it beyond a neighborhood gym without a proper coach and team and learn more about Nine9.

Unfortunately for many aspiring actors, actresses, and models, they align themselves with agencies that often only provide a minute amount career development that will prove essential as prospective talent look to make it further than simply auditions and more information click here.


The Unagency, Nine9 is the Firm for the 99%

So if a regular agency is only going to provide auditions and not help jump start a long and fulfilling career, what options are available to prospective talent? and its resume.

Nine9 the Unagency is the perfect answer for anyone looking to break into the entertainment industry due to their revolutionary take on talent recruitment and development, to learn more please click here.

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Anthony Toma Founded Nine9 to Help the 99 Percent Succeed

Anthony Toma is creating a revolution in the entertainment industry. He is CEO of Nine9, which is the one and only UnAgency in the entertainment business. He has years of experience in many industries. He works with the top players in the entertainment industry, and his goal is to let people with talent achieve their goals.

How did he get into the entertainment industry? It started with a franchise that he purchased in the grocery industry, which was related to entertainment. From there, he went on to start his own company. He has a unique way of bringing ideas to reality: He writes them down, and then takes them to his team and asks them to find holes and problems in the plans. This way, he can easily find solutions to those problems. One of the things that makes him productive is listening to other people and their ideas, as well as always thinking about the future and how things will play out then.

So what is Nine9 and where did it get its name from? Well, Nine9 represents the ninety nine percent of actors and models who are not represented by any agency. Nine9 is the ultimate UnAgency where these models can get the tools and support they need to achieve their career goals.

Unlike an agency where they will tell ninety nine percent of models “no,” Nine9 gives everyone an opportunity to be what they want. They have extensive contacts in the industry, and they are recognized for helping castings out. They have connections and help place models and actors with castings all over the country and learn more about nine9.

Their software will match you with the best possible castings, and they never charge commissions. You will get real time access to auditions all over the nation. Whether it’s television, movies, promotions, print, music, etc, you will find an audition with them and Nine9 of website.

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When You Think Shopping in Brazil Think Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a 58 year old Brazilian entrepreneur who is most well known for the creation of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall in the city of Joao Pessoa, in Paraiba Brazil. This is the same city that Roberto comes from himself. He studied at Pio X-Marist before going on to attain his business administration degree from University Of Center Joao Pessoa. Aside from his business interests he is an avid sports fan. Roberto has won many motocross prizes, and has had many kart championship victories as well.

He began a blog online using his vast knowledge of Brazil to hone his writing skill. He wrote many articles that brought attention to his abilities. While this may have been the beginning to a productive career his beginning as an entrepreneur began at Café Santa Rosa where he started a cartonnage company. He is active in business ventures in the areas of entertainment, real estate and investment in Brazil. Visit to read more.

Mr. Santiago is most well known for building the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall which opened in 1989. This mall is so large than many visitors say that it is like a small city itself. The size of this shopping center is 135,000 square meters and has the parking space for 3,180 vehicles. You’ll find many natives as well as tourists here to shop as well as make use of other features of the mall. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is a one stop shop for it’s patrons, here you’ll find a bank as well as a school. It is known for being the largest mall in its locality, and strives to offer customers many options for shopping, dining, and being entertained.

On the roof of the shopping center is Domus Hall. This is a concert hall that can fit nearly 8,000 people. It host concerts as well as a variety of other functions such as parties for people that rent the space. This mall is home to many shopping options for almost anything you could want, as well as having many dining establishments, a fully electronic bowling alley, an 11 screen cinema, as well as bars, spas and more.

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Exemplary Entertainment – Nine9

He believes that giving an ear to issues is one of the ingredients to a successful entrepreneur. He has been in the modeling and entertainment industry for a short period, but he has made it big. Anthony Toma loves what he is doing; he is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Nine9 The UnAgency, which is a modeling company. The UnAgency was created with the primary purpose of changing the modeling and the entertainment sector, especially how actors and models are represented in the industry. Mr. Toma is a renowned business person who has owned several businesses in different industries including the retail, service as well as entertainment industry and read full article.

Recently Anthony Toma was interviewed and asked how the idea of Nine9 Group came about, and he said that he was in a food business when he came to a company that was ion the entertainment industry and he decided to venture into the firm. Later the Company collapsed, and he went for the same type of operations which he does not regret. Asked how he brings his ideas, he said that he writes them down, takes the time to think about them before taking them to his team to look at them and make the final decision. If the team agrees with the idea they put online, test it and finally launch the idea.

Nine9 the UnAgency is a modeling Company which was created with a primary purpose of assisting aspiring models to build their talent and success in the modeling industry. The modeling organization was established in 2003 and ever since it has been expanding and changing the lives of people in the entertainment industry. The group has experienced staffs that have skills in handling clients and making relevant bookings. Any aspiring model can join the company, and they are assured of excellent benefits including

  1. A golden chance to meet with industry leaders in monthly organized workshops.
  2. A commission free environment.
  3. A composite card which serves in both digital and tradition submissions.

Individuals with the right attitude, the passion and have decided to be in the entertainment industry, Nine9 is the place to build their career and learn more about Nine9.

5AM Venture’s Managing Partner Dr. Scott Rocklage, Ph.D.

Dr. Scott Rocklage, the Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures has over 30 years of healthcare management experience. He is also an inventor and a co-inventor holding over 30 U.S. Patents and has written over 100 peer-reviewed published articles.

His leadership has led to the approval of three U.S. Drug Applications with the FDA. He has served as the Board Chairman of Relypsa and Novira, Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, as the President and CEO of the Nycomed Salutar Company as well as held R&D positions with Salutar and Catalytica. At present, he serves as the Board Chairman for Rennovia, Kinestral, and Cidara, also on the Boards of Pulmatrix and Epirus.

In 2003, Scott Rocklage, joined 5AM Ventures as a Partner and in 2004 was made a Managing Partner. He is currently on the Boards of Achaogen, Relypsa, and Semprus as Chairman. He is also on the Boards of Variation, Pulmatrix and Wave Rx and the Board of Associates at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge Massachusetts.

He attended the University of California, Berkeley and graduated with a B.S in Chemistry and his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). While working on his Ph.D. at MIT he studied under Professor Richard R. Schrock, a Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry.

Scott and Patty Rocklage, in 2016, gifted MIT with a donation which will be used to help with the costs of the planned renovation of Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry, and Professor Bawendi’s nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab space in Building 2.

They were given a tour of the renovated lab space by Professor Bawendi and two of his graduate students, after which the Rockledge’s and faculty members gathered in the vestibule of the lab at which time they viewed a plaque to honor the Rockledge’s. The Department Head, Timothy Jamison, and the former Department Head Sylvia Ceyer, along with Professor Bawendi paid tribute to the couple.

Sylvia Ceyer asked Dr. Rocklage if there was any possibility that he might contribute to the department needs, to which he told her absolutely and ask her where they needed help the most.

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Stephen J. Rotella brings 30 years of Strategic Leadership in Cash Management

Stephen J. Rotella as played a major role in many different cash management scenarios. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer at StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC. Formerly, Rotella served as President of Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation and as Chief Executive Officer of Chase Home Finance, LLC as well as Executive Vice President of JP Morgan Chase since 2001. From 2005 to 2008 Rotella served as the Chief Operating Officer and President of WMI Holdings Corporation. His responsibilities ranged from oversight of retail and commercial lines to technology and day-to-day administration. When he was apart of JP Morgan Chase, Stephen Rotella was heading the Community Development Group all while serving as Acting Head for WMI Holdings Corp. Loans Division.

Earlier in his career, Rotella held many positions in retail brokerage, mutual fund, and systems consulting industries. Along with the positions in cash management, Rotella played a major role as Director of BalletMet, which is a large arts company in Columbus, Ohio. Currently, StoneCastle Cash Management is a leading provider of money deposit technology. StoneCastle recently acquired Intermedium Financial, LLC. This acquisition makes StoneCastle a leading provider for investors to expand their ventures into 401k, finance advising, and broker-dealer trade. When asked about the transaction to acquire the assets of InterLINK along with Intermedium Financial LLC. Rotella stated, “We plan to be a disruptive and differentiated force in the insured sweep industry…the InterLINK platform complements and augments our current technology-driven business and significantly expands our distribution options.” (Broker-Dealer, Press Releases, Accessed 2 Feb. 2017.

Rotella brings 30 years of strategic and operational leadership in cash management to StoneCastle. Rotella and StoneCastle are overseeing $12 billion in assets under their current management and advisement. With the experience that Rotella has, he is ensuring that StoneCastle remains a leader in proprietary processing and analytical systems in tech-enabled investment. The goal is to provide community banks with modern funding sources, and to offer innovative cash management solution to treasury professionals. With their positioning in cash management, Rotella and StoneCastle are sourcing cash balances from financial institutions to banks and aim to establish long-term relationships with clients.

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New Tool from Davos Real Estate Group to Change The Real Estate Market

One of the most important markets today is the real estate market. It is, however, quite confusing for many people. Even real estate experts acknowledge just how much they have to learn in the market. This is something that has now been changed by David Osio and his group of associates at Davos Real Estate Group. Learning what you need in the real estate market has never been easier. With the newly designed tool, potential advisors can access vital information that informs decision making on some crucial issues. This new instrument has been designed to specifically help potential investors to analyze the profitability of a venture that they are interested in across the real estate market.


This tools that come in the form of a mobile app is meant to provide comprehensive financial assistance to potential investors. David Osio is behind the remarkable ingenuity of the new app. This is another addition to many other tools that the Davos Real Estate Group has developed. This app is ideal since clients can bring it along as they look at properties. All it needs is an input of few bits of data; the app will then run analyses to find the kind of return their capital might garner from a certain venture in a given period.


The Davos Real Estate Group is a leading real Estate company in the United States. The man behind the company’s notable performance is David Osio. This is an individual who is well-seasoned in the financial world. He has dedicated years of his time investigating and trying to manipulate capital to do what people want to. David Osio has an outstanding drive for excellence that his clients understand is an essential part of who he is and is also the source of his motivation.


David Osio has a rich background in fields of finance and banking. This is why he can give his clients insights that they cannot get anywhere else. David Osio has offered Davos Group, incredible leadership that has seen it rise to become a financial boutique that offers tailor made solutions through their independent affiliated companies. David Osio has also played a central role in the increase of Davos Group’s income levels. Also, under his leadership, the company has registered significant geographical expansion into international markets. This has been marked by the establishment of offices in lucrative markets across the world such as New York, Lisbon, Geneva, Panama City and Miami.


The True Nature of Anti-Semitism

Glen Beck, the Fox News commentator, accused billionaire George Soros of running the “Shadow government” that aims at destroying the American political system. Glen Beck was drawing on the traditional of the rich anti-Semitic attacks. It’s amazing how most disturbed people have located their way into anti-Semitism as part of their explanation of the activities they engage. Adolf Hitler launched numerous attacks to the Jewish while he was in power. As a matter of fact, the power to surprise is still in the unfamiliarity. When high power is involved a small exercise, most of us tends to think like George Soros Nazi that rational motives are at the core of these programs.

For most, they are at work. Crazier considerations for George Soros can only override these reasons. What factors present themselves in these activities that are hard to perceive. The Nazis were planning to wipe away the Jews and cyclists. We are left to ask ourselves why they were targeting the cyclists and the Jews. Anti-Semitism, whatever the answer, is not on the right side. Stalin, the other colonial monster, found his way to the anti-Semitism. After numerous trials of anti-Semitism, Stalin gained access to anti-Semitism which ended through his death.

While it is impossible for most to assign the recurring anti-Semitism appeal, which the 20th century saw this act as a new theory that had never existed through the ages. They viewed it as a full-dress conspiracy theory for George Soros. According to the Jews, this law was after making the world come under one regime through the attack of all governments. For this reason, world governments would be inseminated. There is no clear guide to what they feared and planned to do.

However, they needed to do something before the events began. This was the response of reality to the fantasy. For them to achieve their goals like George Soros, they had to cut themselves off the totalitarians events. One could think that they provided the standard for separation from reality. In this case, most of the old-aged conspiracy theories are outdated. When they long for illusion, a political life is perennial. The rise of the anti-Semitism is always ready to satisfy their unique needs.

For this reason, we are brought back to Beck. He takes us to the demagogue pioneer such as Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh. He can sweep from self-abasing alcoholic moralist to the well-known preacher. In that instance, is one of the most significant figures of the Tea Party. As a matter of fact, they are the representation of the Republican Party. For this reason, the newly-elected leaders of the Republican Party are the greatest peril that could make this country perish. They have branded George Soros and President Obama as a socialist.

One Republican was quoted to say that one person speaks in a manner representing what they believe. Beck steps in at this point. He has sketched the fictional universe in a way stronger than anyone’s. He is a conspiracy theorist in classic. For over 100 years ago, anti-Semitism has been controlled by a secret society. Woodrow Wilson has been demonized of all under the regime of President Obama.

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10 Major Places to Visit in Panama

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a professional entrepreneur who delights in making his clients happy with Panama and the local natural environment. The following are ten exciting places to visit in Panama.

1. El Valle de Antón (Anton’s Valley)- Anton’s Valley is an interesting part of Panama. The city of El Valle is located in the crater of an extinct volcano. The climate is cool for a tropical region, because the city is located 2000 feet above sea level according to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. It is an ideal place for hiking and horseback riding. The villages nearby have waterfalls. One of the major creatures of note is the rare golden frog.

2. Las Perlas Archipelago (Pearl Islands)- On the Pacific Coast of Panama, the Pearl Islands are a group of 100 little hideaways that feature resorts, and airstrip, and beautiful beaches. The Pearl Islands were the setting for the popular 2003 TV show Survivor on Crunchbase.

3. Volcán Barú (Barú Volcano)- Barú Volcano is located in one of the highest regions of Panama, Chiriquí Province. There are changes in the climate as you get closer to the top of the mountain. Hikers will enjoy the challenge of working up the mountain. Less adventuresome visitors can enjoy hot springs that find their source from the dormant volcano. There are spas at the base.

4. Gulf of Chiriqui- The Gulf of Chiriqui is a great place to tour. There is a magnificent coral reef, one of the nicest on the Pacific coast. Rich mangrove trees and sandy beaches are common. Coiba Island, the largest in Panama is in this region as well. Overall, the Gulf of Chiriqui is largely unspoiled and open for tourism.

5. Boquete- The Boquete is on the border with Costa Rica. This part of Panama is very nice. It features large fields of flowers. There are cloud forests and zip lines to keep you happy and interested in the variety available in Panama’s tourism.

Read more: Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa da 8 Consejos para la compra de una propiedad para alquiler en Panamá.

6. Santa Catalina- This is a great place to go surfing. A quiet fishing village where you and your friends can play on the beach. There is good access to Coiba National Marine Park.

7. Las Islas San Blas (San Blas Islands)- These roughly 400 islands are unusual because they feature relatively primitive living. Few of them are inhabited, and those that are have little electricity. The Kuna Yala tribe lives here according to Figueroa.

8. Bocas del Toro (Bull’s mouths)- Are a beautiful collection of more islands. Can visit the indigenous Ngobe tribe.

9. Ciudad de Panamá (Panama City) -The city of Panama features modern high rises contrasted with beautiful old stone buildings. A must see for any visitor to Panama.

10. El Canal de Panamá (Panama Canal)- The Panama canal is a wondrous work of human technology. Ships from all sorts of nations can go through the canal and shave travel times. A must see for any curious traveler.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an experienced businessman who wants to help people visiting Panama feel happy. He is glad to take any questions you might have.