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InnovaCare Health Introduces Rick Shinto for Better Medical Plans

Across the world, health care remains one of the fields that have received undivided attention from private and public sectors. This is because of the vast changes that occurred in a bid to provide quality health services and fight diseases. Health care companies have strategized ways to improve the healthcare system on Crunchbase. InnovaCare is one of the facilities.InnovaCare Inc is a top notch medical service provider for Medicaid and Medicare Medical Coverage also known as Advantage Plans. It offers healthcare related health care services within Puerto Rico. To improve their services, InnovaCare added three well experienced medical practitioners to the team. The new team was a reflection of the high level of expertise and experience the medical facility seeks to absorb to the team.

Chief Administrative Officer

Penelope Kokkinides took the position of Chief Administrative Officer. With her over two years experience in medical health, she specialized in the public sector programs of Medicare and Medicaid on Penelope Kokkinides was in charge of the care industry. Prior to that, she specialized in generating clinical programs in addition to managing health care activities, operations and services. Penelope capitalized on improving efficiencies in addition to organizational infrastructure on LinkedIn. Not only does she have experience in the medical field but also, she served as a leader in various organizations. She was the Chief Operating Officer at Centrelight HealthCare. She was also the Executive Vice President of the same facility before securing the Chief Administrative Officer position at InnovaCare. At Centrelight, Penelope controlled all the activities while offering strategic direction to the care department.

Rick Shinto

The second person to join the InnovaCare team is Rick Shinto. He acceded to the company after working for several others including Aveta where he served as the head cheerleader and President. That was between 2008 and 2012. Rick Shinto has a twenty years experience in the medical industry hence Innova’s excitement to have poached him. He moved to InnovaCare as the Chief Executive Officer. Since he was also a Chief Executive Officer at Aveta, he was well versed with the roles and was prepared to offer InnovaCare the best medical plan services. Rick Shinto initially worked for NAMM California where he was the Chief Medical Officer. Rick Shinto is the author of journal and books on clinical healthcare in the country.

About InnovaCare

Physically located in North America, InnovaCare prides itself in being the top service provider for health care management on Via two core units of medical care, InnovaCare offers Medicare as well as Medicaid Advantage Plans. They are committed to offering quality health care by developing affordable models linked to advanced technologies.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Putting A Smile On His Patients Faces

Avi Weisfogel started a GoFundMe campaign aimed at assisting Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a global medical charity organization that offers children free surgical procedures. They also help young teenagers in fixing face deformation. The campaign aims to raise $ 2000 internationally. Avi Weisfogel views this campaign as a way to give children a second chance with a better smile tomorrow. Operation Smile mission go hand in hand with Avi Weisfogel passion for offering the best care for children.

Avi Weisfogel has two decades experience. He opened a Dental Care known as the Old Bridge in 1999 and has been running it for almost 15 years. Over the years he has ventured into other fields such as sleep disorders which he studied from 2010 to date. He has opened several clinics to conduct research and in 2014 he opened Dental Sleep Masters. This clinic was to assist dentists to understand the use of oral appliances in the treatment of sleep disorders. In 1982 Bill and Kathy launched Operation Smile. Operation smile conducts annual medical missions globally. The organization’s aim is to bring a smile to children with deformities in future, and that is why Dr. Avi Weisfogel decided to raise money for Operation Smile via GOFUNDME.

Avi Weisfogel Sleep Apnea
Dr. Avi Weisfogel has always been passionate about treating patients suffering from sleep disorders. He discovered the Dental Sleep Masters which is in South Orange, New Jersey in April 2014. The purpose of opening this clinic was to assist patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Dentists working with Dental Sleep Masters offer patients with oral applicators as an alternate way to treat sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is in charge of the company’s entire business growth.

Prior to launching Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel was the principal lecturer for Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient in Old Bridge, New Jersey. While working here, he taught dentists how to bring in more patients suffering from sleeping disorders and used to run sleep programs. He also was the co-owner of Healthy Heart Sleep in Old Bridge. While holding this post, he worked alongside hundreds of physicians across the United States to run sleeping labs.

Selling Tricks with Martin Lustgarten

How do you sell well? A lot of people do not know how, which is why businesses regularly fail after being started. Only a handful of businesses become the next Google, Apple, or Microsoft. The art of selling consists in knowing what the market wants desperately, or could want desperately, if the new product or service existed.

If you copy what your competitors are doing in their selling behavior, you will not be properly differentiated. You will not make enough profit. There will be too much competition if everyone makes the exact same type of candy bar, car, or engine. The first step in selling is differentiating yourself from the competition.

Figure out what your market desperately wants. Typically, most humans desperately want food, shelter, clothing, money, water, pleasure, and leisure. They are willing to expend a large portion of their income and time on these things. Knowing these common human desires can make your product or service design much easier. If your product or service robs people of food, shelter, clothing, money, water, pleasure, and leisure, you will not have many people buying from you. Cater all of your product to meeting as many of these needs as possible to find a lot of buyers for your business.

An example would be an airplane. If you design the aircraft to be open air, with everyone hanging on to a metal bar, there are not going to be many people wanting to buy this uncomfortable craft. That is why most people do not own a hang glider. If, on the other hand, you design your airplane to have food, shelter, clothing, money, water, pleasure, and leisure incorporated into it, you will have a huge supply of individuals looking to purchase this miraculous machine. That is why the Airbus 380 is so popular, despite its high price.

The shrewdest investors buy low, and sell high. Martin Lustgarten is happy to provide business advice to make you a wealthier and happier individual. If you maximize the desperation that your market has for your product, you maximize the amount of people buying from you.

If you have questions for Martin Lustgarten, be sure to contact him at his Linked In account. Martin looks forward to hearing from you.

Ex-CEO Stephen Murray And The Early Days Of CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray the former CEO of CCMP Capital died recently. CCMP Capital had formerly been JPMorgan Partner’s team that handled buyouts and growth equity. After it was spun out from JPMorgan Partners in 2006, the first committed capital it received was an independent fund with $3.4 billion. Prior to getting the money there naturally were questions about the company’s track record, their reliance on the bank and how the company would source deals. Still, the fundraising process was very successful because of CCMP Capital’s track record of successful execution and good strategy.

The company initially debated whether they should seek $3.25 or $3.5 billion in funding. Even though they decided on $3.5 billion, their fund raising efforts only generated $3.25 billion because they didn’t have enough time to secure the additional funding. They received 80% of their capital funding in that round from outside investors whereas in the past the bank provided 80% of their funding. This shows CCMP Capital had to develop a large number of new quality relationships. The company felt good about their new limited partners as well as the new investment team it created.

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Stephen Murray officially took over as president and CEO from Jeffrey Walker in January or February 2007. The company did not issues a press release then because the new titles reflected the way the company had been run for years. Walker was focused on high-level relationships and strategy while Murray handled investment origination and execution. They worked together, along with six of their partners, on the investment committee.

There have been some changes in investment strategy since CCMP left JPMorgan Partners to become and independents company, Murray explained at the time. JPMorgan Partner’s traditional investment structure was marked by broad diversification. It had multiple asset classes as well as a broad geographic footprint. When CCMP Capital was part of JPMorgan Partners the average size of their investments was about $25 million. When it became an independent company, CCMP Capital then had an average investment size of $200 million.

The increase in the size of the average investment resulted from eliminating some of the venture capital, mezzanine and Latin American investments from the new company’s portfolio. Eliminating co-invests and a number of other similar types of investments also played a role. The focus of CCMP Capital then became wanting to take the lead on deals where they managed the process from beginning to end.

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Susan McGalla’s Ideas On Creating Balance Between Work And Family

Susan McGalla wrote a guest post for Getting Balance regarding how to balance your family with your work schedule. With some determination and smart planning, you can peacefully balance out taking care of the kids with your job.

First of all, you need to allot daily downtime into your weekly schedule. This will allow you to relax, socialize and spend time with your kids. If you don’t give yourself time to relax then you will go insane trying to keep up with your responsibilities.

Secondly, you should cut out all useless activities that drain your energy. You cannot take on the whole world when you work full time and have a family. Try to avoid endless conversations or try to avoid draining, annoying people in your life.

Not only should you find time to relax, but you should find time to isolate and have complete silence. Taking a long bubble bath or a period of meditation will help clear your head. Long naps on the weekend would also be a good idea.

Plan out physical activities or workout schedules. Exercise is beneficial to your physical health, mental health and maintaining self confidence. Signing up at a nearby gym will help keep to a workout routine. You may also jog at a local park or trail.

You need to simplify all of your little tasks. If you are super busy, maybe you should consider doing your grocery shopping online instead of running to the store every day. You may also send mail or packages online and schedule pick ups instead of running to the post office.

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Try not to carry too much guilt in your life. Many mothers that work full time jobs feel guilty that they are neglecting their children. You need to remain positive and assure yourself that you are being the best Mom that you can be.

You don’t need to be a perfectionist. Trying to set high goals for every aspect of your life will be a burden on yourself and your family. Prioritize what is most important in your life.

Take extended breaks from the Internet and your cellphone. With technology dominating our lives, we spend too much time playing around on the computer or cellphone. Ignore your devices and let yourself focus on real life.

Assess and simplify your day to day life. You should create schedules and assess the most efficient ways to run your life. Most importantly, you just need to go out and live life.

You need to avoid stressful, jumbled mornings. Have a concise plan for what to do every morning and avoid unnecessary headaches. It may help to do chores and make meals the night before instead of cramming everything in the morning.

Susan McGalla is an expert in American retail clothing stores. Susan McGalla has held many management positions for American Eagle in the span of 15 years. She also move on to becoming the Chief Merchandising Officer and later the President of the company. Susan McGalla now works for the e-commerce clothing store for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

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An In-Depth Look In The Contribution Of Don Ressler In Nurturing Entrepreneurship

Don Ressler is renowned for spearheading the development of several online stores that operate through a unique infrastructure to deliver services and goods to users. He is the founder of JustFab, an online store that uses a subscription service to offer goods to buyers and members can access unique rights that allow them to set their preferences for suggestions to leading items that are posted every month.

Don Ressler’s journey in entrepreneurship reflects the dedication he has put to pursuing his ideas and he is among entrepreneurs who have changed the perception about taking risks and business in general. The first business that Don Ressler founded was based on fitness products. offered different types of fitness products and acted as a good platform on which Don Ressler would experience more about entrepreneurship and the challenges that come with running a business. He went through several challenges and learnt many lessons about managing a startup. In 2001, he approached Intermix Media for a deal that allowed him to sell his company to them.

It is during the transaction that he got in touch with the COO of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg, who he discussed several things with before they decided to set out on a journey to invest together. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler drafted their first idea and they decided to invest in an advertising agency that would help companies to achieve better results while marketing online. Alena Media worked for two years and they started recording massive profits from the advertising section.

In 2005, the duo sold Alena Media to News Corp to finance their new idea that would help them explore wider markets. Having needed capital and experience, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler launched Intelligent Beauty in 2008, which has been operational since then. Intelligent Beauty is among profitable businesses the duo ever launched and it continues to generate big profits.

Their dedication to achieve greater things did not end with Intelligent Beauty, they moved on to a new platform. In 2010, they founded JustFab, which remains their biggest investment, a company that operates an online subscription retail where members can access special benefits every month where they are given suggestions to their preferences.

To boost the performance of the company, Adam and Don Ressler requested for funding from Matrix Ventures amounting to $33 million in 2011. During the year that followed, they went for additional $76 million, which was given by several companies including Matrix and Rho Ventures.

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Christanna Bevin Making Big Moves in the Project Specialist Field

A project is a temporary endeavor that is done to provide the end result of a new product, service, or result in some sense of change within an organization. When it comes to project service management, Christanna Bevin is a well-known name that comes across the desk of many professionals seeking such services. She is most known for her work in Australia, Laos, and Bulgaria in which she was able to lead world-class projects to their completion, coming in on budget and on time. There is no way to describe the gratitude that is felt by the project stakeholders who have benefited directly from her great work around the world.

Universal Energy Services were able to secure Christanna Bevin as project manager for a few years and was able to provide groundbreaking on-site services. At the location she had a team of about twenty and was able to manage schedules, contracts, procurement, and cost controls. The ability to service oil and gas service sector clients was a tremendous opportunity for Universal Energy Services and Christanna was instrumental in making it happen for the organization. Her exemplary work will allow the company to continue reaping benefits of her services for a long time to come. Each time Christanna has taken on a new project, it has been with careful observation and consideration of the factors that will be involved in the process.

It is important that the work of Christanna Bevin be understood as a work of art and of science. She is able to map out the various areas of concern for clients as well as creative solutions that would help her to accomplish the objectives of any project. Bevin has worked as a project manager for Oakajee Port and Rail as well as Phu Bia Mining. In each of the stated project roles she was able to accomplish the introduction of new software dedicated to the client and also implement a budget feasibility study. In China Christanna was pivotal in helping secure contractors from China, Vietnam, and Thailand. It is important for good project managers to be able to work with various leaders from around the world.

As a major overhaul of Kogan Creek Power Station was in consideration, there was only one name that stood out for consideration to lead the project. Christanna Bevin will be crucial in the role of project manager at the Kogan Creek Power Station. Other places in Australia where her work can be seen is in the coals project in Queensland as well as a redevelopment at a hospital which is another major operation. She is the one who can bring the vision and resources together in the most effective way, ensuring that the project is on time and on budget. In the midst of overwhelming cost controls, environmental concerns, and changing geographical climates, it is best to have someone on the job who knows what to do and how to do it most effectively. Christanna Bevin is the project service manager who can get projects done.

The legacy that Stephen Murray is leaving behind at CCMP Capital

Not many people really understand the amount of hard work it takes to be successful in business. One investor who has practically overseen a company rise from nothing to a state of complete success is Stephen Murray. It is unfortunate that the business community lost him before he had a chance to make an even bigger impact on them. His is a story of rising from the bottom of the pile and working through the ranks diligently, until he made it to the top management position and affected all the policies he has always dreamed of to transform the company. His legacy will live on for long after his sad demise.

When Stephen Murray started feeling unwell, he decided to resign. After a few months of battling with his illness he passed away earlier last year. One of the virtues that he had to perfect as a businessman was that of patience because it is not easy to work for one business or company for more than a decade, while eyeing a promotion to a managerial post. When he got to the leadership position that he was looking for, his first order of business was to change the policies he felt were negatively affecting the growth and profit margins of the company. He then made changes in management and forged for partnerships with the right strategic partners.

Stephen was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He developed a keen interest in economics from a very young age. He got into the Boston college and undertook studies in economics. Then, he proceeded to the University of Columbia where he graduated with his MBA. Before the promotion to CEO post, Murray had worked with CCMP Capital for 20 years. After 9 years as CEO and massive business success, he resigned to take care of his health.

Stephen Murray was very passionate about his job. But when he was not working, he was either looking for new entrepreneurial opportunities or working with charity groups. Murray was elected board member by various companies such as us Octagon Credit Investors and Crestcom International. By the time he was passing away, CCMP had a capital base of $16billion. His business leadership style included a strong belief in business partnership and corporation as opposed to competition. The charities that he has supported over the years include the ‘Make a wish foundation’ which is aimed at assisting kids from poor backgrounds develop an interest in college education and eventually attend college.

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The History And Evolution Of IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is a company which solves the most challenging problems facing the public and private sector. They specialize in advanced technical and professional services, facilities management and global-scale logistics. Today the company has thousands of workers and a presence in 25 countries, but when it started as Pan Am World Services almost 50 years ago, its sole task was building and running the Cape Canaveral space launch complex. This was the United State’s first and the job required testing the first air-breathing missiles and working with the manned shuttle program on Facebook.

Pan Am Services Inc bought Johnson Controls, Inc. and became Johnson Controls Worldwide Service. The newly formed company was soon a leader globally in the operation, management and maintenance of commercial facilities and commercial bases. The company also created innovative ways to improve energy efficiency as they provide technical support and temporary personnel services and automated lighting, security, fire and environmental control systems. Johnson Controls Worldwide Service was acquired by specialized procurement and logistic company IAP. IAP worked closely with the U.S. military during Operation Dessert Storm. The company’s became known as IAP Worldwide Services.

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IAP Worldwide continues to be a trusted partner of the U.S. armed forces. It provides it with mobile, temporary power generation, transportation and emergency disaster relief services. The company currently has over $370 million in military contracts. Plus they offer professional and technical services, base operations support services and global operations and logistics. IAP Worldwide has the reputation of being ready to respond to the ever-changing global environment and able to solve the most complex problems. To improve its incredible service IAP Worldwide acquired British engineering company G3 Systems Ltd.

The acquisition enables IAP Worldwide to better provide facilities services and solutions like deployable modular systems and fixed infrastructure and the support services associated with them. G3 also brought it capability to create, deliver, maintain and operate equipment and facilities anywhere in the world. IAP now operates in the harshest environments in the most challenging locations on When disaster strikes IAP Worldwide can quickly provide life-sustain services and supplies and emergency power. The work the company is doing in science and technology helps to advance healthcare and protect the environment. The also improve countless lives through humanitarian aid projects.

If you’d like more information on IAP Worldwide Services and their current and future project you can visit their Facebook page or go to their website.

The Midas Legacy Aids in Self-Actualization

Only a few firms are concerned about the deeper aspects of life willingly. The Midas Legacy is one of the companies dedicated to carrying out these tasks. They concentrate more on the causes of hindrances to financial freedom. One of the things that they assist in is discipline because most people are quite undisciplined when it comes to spending. These people end up struggling to meet their daily needs on top of the struggle to attain financial freedom. The Midas Legacy has experts experienced in several fields of life. Through this team of experts, they are gladly willing to assist people to retrace their financial freedom.

Through their Twitter handle, The Midas Legacy is helping many people to tackle different deeper issues in their life that are barring them from achieving financial independence. For instance, they may have jobs that pay little for them to pay their bills adequately. These bills accumulate with time making it harder for them. In such cases, a better perspective of addressing the issue need to be established.

The Midas Legacy is dedicating its resources including time, money and workforce to help tackle such employment situations. Among the ways they use on the situation, include helping the victims on how to fill out job applications and writing down their resumes. With this, it is possible for them to get better jobs that are paying more and thus be able to pay their bills without difficulties.

Also, The Midas Legacy assists these people to deal with their lifestyle so that they can consider first the things that are necessary for life. They may be required to cut on luxuries that are in their lives so as to give a financial room for the core needs that one must prioritize. This will help them reevaluate their priorities as Midas Legacy encourages them to pay for necessities first before going for the luxuries.
Apart from disciplining on spending habits, The Midas Legacy is also helping future entrepreneurs achieve their goals. The professionals in the firm provide ideas to their clients on how to increase their incomes. With more income, they will not only be able to pay their bills but also afford some fun treats.

About The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is an advisory firm headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida to offer research services for those who want to succeed in life. Most of the services provided by them relate to helping people attain financial freedom. They provide resources to their clients that benefit in disciplines of the self, finance, entrepreneurship, real estate, retirement and natural health among others.