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Robert Santiago Introduces a Fun Alternative

If you are looking to break the monotonous family outings, you need to consider the Manaira Shopping Mall. The Mall has been designed with fun activities suitable for the whole family.

Robert Santiago had the vision to introduce a fun alternative for the citizens of Joao Pessoa. That is when the idea of the Manaira Shopping Mall was born. It took two years for the Mall to be completed and that is why it beams of elegance. Manaira Shopping Mall, inaugurated in 1989 is one of the largest shopping malls in Joao Pessoa and Brazil at large.

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The Mall was designed not only for shopping but also for fun family activities. There is an electric amusement park with different gaming stations. It also includes an elegantly designed ballroom and recreational activities including the gym. The game station is built in 1800 Square Meters, and it has over 200 machines. They have included state-of-the-art playing activities.

The Mall provides you and your friends a chance to connect. They have a bowling alley with six electronic tracks. The Gold Strike alley lets you showcase your bowling skills and talent. Adjacent to the bowling alley, there is a strike bar. This is a themed bar where you can enjoy a cozy environment with your friends. You will have a chance to experience different types of cocktails.

If you have young children, they have a children area; the Pirlimpimpim. It is a playing ground where children can be engaged and entertained. The Mall has qualified staff that will take care of your kids at the play area. They have 24 supervisors and two managers who provide guidance and feed the children. You can buy either weekly or monthly passports for your kids.

In 2009, the Domus Mall was opened. It is a concert area located at the roof top of the Mall. The Concert Hall is the largest in the city. It was designed with two floors: the Mezzanine and ground floor. The ground floor is spacious and can be used to host different events like weddings, birthdays, and graduations. The Mezzanine floor has a private lounge with individual cabins. It also has different dressing rooms. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho


Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has a Cinepolis which has 11 theaters with modern features. It offers the ultimate cinema experience. They have a VIP Cinema with three theaters with comfortable reclining seats and a giant screen. They have included a popcorn gourmet area and a bar that gives you access to different drinks.

Food courts

The Mall has an elegant and modern food court with different food joints. You will get a chance to sample different cuisines. The gourmet space was recently added, and it contains a steak and burger houses.

Tammy Mazzocco’s Experience With the Ohio Real Estate Market

Ohio closed out 2016 with the busiest housing market the state has experienced in over 10 years. Home purchases in the state were up 7.5% from 2015 at 151,6000 homes sold. Peter Kopf, who is the President of the Ohio real estate trade group, said that the state saw record gains in both sales and the average price of a home.

Lawrence Young, Chief Economist for the trade group, said that 2016 was so strong primarily due to very low mortgage rates coupled with strong job creation. Rates are rising higher which might crimp sales but, nonetheless, they are still near historic lows. Another concern going forward is that supply is tightly limited in the state. There are not enough previously homed coming onto the market and not enough new homes being built to meet demand. It’s been said that buyers are out there in droves but until there is more supply in the amount of home sold there will be a limit to the monthly numbers.

One of the real estate professionals dealing with these issues is Tammy Mazzocco who has worked for RE/MAX since 1995. According to, the counties she works in – Franklin, Deleware, Licking, and Fairfield – have been experiencing a tight supply of homes on the market. This situation required Tammy Mazzocco to go the extra distance on every sale. Part of her strategy is put together gift baskets which she leaves at school teacher lounges and fire stations. She leaves marketing material with them and resupplies these and the treats every month.

Much of Tammy Mazzocco’s business comes from referrals and repeat business. One thing tha Tammy Mazzocco does to bring in new customers, though, is to do cold calling every morning. She has positive results using this method but she finds it challenging as it’s not one of her favorite activities.


The Growth of Jason Halpern as an Expert in the Real Estate Sector

Jason Halpern is a highly trusted individual in the real estate development business. He started serving the sector years ago through his company, JMH Development. Mr. Halpern has gained sufficient expertise and experience in the industry over the years. He manages his business from its head offices, which are based in Brooklyn, New York. Jason’s background revolves around real estates since his family has been running a construction firm for more than five decades. They have made significant accomplishments, and they include constructing and owning top-notch buildings in the New York and Westchester County. The firm has managed to create a good name in the two regions. Jason’s company is presently leasing out business space in the Westchester County. It has been contracted to establish many modern buildings that are based in various U.S cities. His passion for his work has been the key factor that has influenced his success.


JMH Development has strived to develop a client base and has created an outstanding service provision record. Halpern has ample experience on the needs of various markets, and therefore, his work stands out. His company is dedicated to ensuring that it associates well with the all the clients that it serves. JMH Development’s expertise is broad, and it deals with residential and commercial properties. It also understands different needs of various customers and offers state-of-the-art buildings that match Miami, Brooklyn, and Manhattan’s lavish lifestyles.


Jason Halpern has also been providing monetary contributions to support projects that are crucial to the community. The primary institution that has gained from his charity undertakings is the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. It is currently run by the Westchester Medical Center and has hired highly trained medical personnel. The hospital has a Level 1 Trauma Facility that has enough equipment for sophisticated neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, open heart surgery, and treating people who have dislodged limbs. It also offers medical services to children, burn victims, expectant mothers, and patients who are internally injured.


JMH Development has been offering its support to communities. It has currently joined efforts with a non-profit water organization to supply fresh water to the people of Nepal and Egypt. It funds the project by offering $20,000 for every construction tender that it gets from the Three Hundred Collins. The water program is being constructed by the Splash and Relief Society of Tigray, and more than 650 homes have benefited from it. JMH is striving to grow its charity project to other regions.


Jim Hunt And VTA Publications Teach People The Ways Of Success


There are a large number of people every year that are finding themselves broke and looking to file for bankruptcy. One big cause of this is the overspending people do causes them to go into debt, and then once they are in debt they find it impossible to escape because the debt builds as they try to pay it off. In any case, regardless of whether or not debt is from overspending, loaning money, or paying off a student loan, it can make a huge impact on someones life financially.

One of the worst cases is when someone finds themselves with an insanely expensive medical bill, which takes a long time to pay off for many people, and sometimes they can’t be paid off by low income families. Jim Hunt and VTA Publications are working to help give people the knowledge to build a life of financial success and overcome and debts that they made have accumulated throughout their life. They help people by providing them the knowledge and courses to achieve the goals they have in life.


VTA Publications offers much more than just debt information and how to overcome it, but they provide information on investing, startups, marketing, and much more. Their services are designed to help people regardless of their background or way of life. Debt is usually caused by people wanting to spend more than they have, because they want to be successful. This however is a bad idea because this way of life cannot be maintained without the appropriate level of success. Thousands of people fall to this year round, and then they do not know how to fix it. This is what VTA Publications and Jim Hunt are trying to fix. Jim even puts up YouTube videos to teach people some basic methods and ideas on how to be successful.


Jim Hunt has also put out a program himself called Wealth Wave along with what is provided at VTA. This is a technique for people to use for profiting by using the stock markets and have an extra source of income.


Kyle Bass Makes A Mistake Listening To T. Boone Pickens


Kyle Bass has been on the wrong end lately when it’s come to making sound market decisions, and this latest one seems to come from his misinterpretation of something that Dallas oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens told him in a meeting. The official word that Pickens told Bass was that the “domestic oil supply would not overtake the storage capacity,” and Bass seemed to think that meant that a lower supply in oil would mean a jump in prices. Well, it seems his late investments in oil have suffered losses. While Pickens may have said something that may not have been 100% accurate, Bass seems to have made yet another blunder.


Kyle Bass has been in the hedge fund management industry for about 25 years, starting off as an advisor for Prudential Securities in 1991. In their article, Usefulstooges then describes that Kyle next worked for Bear Stearns as a senior managing director, helping manage client assets. He then spent a few years at Legg Mason, where he eventually spun his unit out of and then started up his current firm, Hayman Capital. Hayman Capital did quite well in the first few years of its existence, making sound investment decisions for their clients and making good profits. Kyle Bass really got attention when he predicted there was going to be a housing and subprime mortgage crisis in 2006, the fiasco that came true in 2008. He invested in credit default swaps as their values soared that year, and he was seen as a genius for doing so. But since then, things haven’t turned out so great for Bass.


Kyle Bass has made several bad decisions that have stained his reputation and hurt his hedge fund firm. The first is that he has placed a lot of investments in Argentina and developed a friendship with President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a woman whose economic policies have badly injured the country, and has even elected to default on debt. Second was when he tried to protect General Motors executives in the midst of the hearings back in 2014 regarding failed safety features, and even tried to blame the passengers who had died in accidents. But the final blow seemed to come when his organization, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs was challenging pharmaceutical patents, hurting company stocks, and then selling their stocks cheap to make money off of them.

Brad Reifler’s Advice For Becoming A Successful Investor

Brad Reifler is a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder of Forefront Advisory. Brad is also the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer at Forefront Capital Markets Management. He has served as the CEO of the company since 2009. Brad Reifler also founded Pali Capital, as per Wikipedia. He served as the Chairman and the CEO of the company from 1995-2008. Other companies that he has founded are Reifler Trading Corporations and Reifler Capital Management.

Brad Reifler studied Economics and Political Science at the Bowdoin College. He is a qualified professional and a serial entrepreneur, considering that he has been in the industry for more than 30 years according to LinkedIn. Brad serves on multiple boards and advisory councils, including Foresight Research Solutions, the European American Investment Bank, and Genesis Securities. He has always been an outspoken member of the society when it comes to advising people on how to plan to achieve financial freedom.

Brad acknowledges the fact that losses are bound to happen for any investor. However, the most important thing for an investor is keeping losses to a minimum. He says that learning how to avoid the difficulties comes at a price. Brad is very familiar with the two sides of the investment market. He knows all about the one percent who have the funds from government and uses them to invest in public funds. He is also well-informed of the 99 percent of the population that does not have such enormous amount of wealth and are disallowed by the government to invest directly into those funds.

Brad Reifler shared his thoughts on tips of how to become a successful investor. He said that people who used those tips were on their way to becoming successful investors in the future. His first advice to people was to consider the safety of their money. Therefore, people should stop investing all the money that they have in the stock market. The second advice was people should get to know their fund managers because it was essential to know the person investing their money. The last advice was that people should be aware their investment objectives.  Be sure to visit Brad on YouTube, for even more money tips.

Danilo Diaz Granados, the Co-Founder of Toys for Boys Treats Miami Socialites to a Fun-Filled Event

This summer has seen affluent guests being treated to an action-filled event in Miami. The co-founder for Toys for Boys, Danilo Diaz Granados planned another unbelievable event for hand-selected elite Miami socialites. The event featured exclusive previews, bottles of Dom Perignon, fine cuisine, moments at the racetrack and a sunset boat ride. Since the inception of Toys for Boys in 2013, Mr. Danilo has held several hyper-sensory for renowned guests.

Danilo Diaz Granados explains that the events are his way of treating guests to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. “Our goal with each event is to offer guests an opportunity to connect with cuisine, art, and entertainment worthy of Miami’s extravagant style,” Granados remarked on Twitter. “Men in Miami now have a place to check out the most extravagant, one-of-a-kind products and places,” he added.

The hand-selected guests were treated to an intimate breakfast at Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum Sales Center. They later had a preview of the long-awaited residential building in the deluxe Biscayne area of Miami.

The guests had a 30-minute helicopter ride to Palm Beach Race Track where every man had the chance to take a spin around the track. As the event continued, guests were returned via helicopter and were awaited with Dom Perignon champagne and lunch at the River Yacht Club on the Miami River.

The day was wrapped up with a sunset boat ride in the bay. Danilo Diaz Granados tested the latest boats to wind up the amazing day through the help of their two sponsors, Technomar and Van Dutch. Mr. Danilo and his business associates worked with notable firms and organizations to make the day successful on sea, air, and land. The sponsors were Van Dutch Americas, Air Commander Aerospace, Gryphon Racing, and One Thousand Museum

About Danilo Diaz Granados

Mr. Diaz Granados is a prominent Miami-based entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Toys for Boys and has a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics from Babson College. He started as an investment advisor immediately after completing his college studies. Mr. Danilo is also the wing liaison for the Equity Investments program and an associate at FCP.  There’s more in his own words on WordPress.

Kyle Bass Discusses Interest Rates and China

During the economic period of growth that occurred following the 2008 global recession, the Chinese economy was one of the leaders in the industry that helped to ensure that growth continued. While China was a bright spot on the global economy for several years, many people began to show concern that the economy in China, and other emerging markets across the globe, would not be able to hold up the quick growth.

As many expected, the growth rate in China has stalled dramatically over the past few years. In fact, many are now concerned that the Chinese government may struggle with its financial resources and that it could be facing bankruptcy. This would be devastating to the global economy, particularly the United States, who would likely be required to payback a considerable portion of the debt that it owes China.

While the Chinese market is a concern to many people, one financial expert has recently stated that there is no need for people to be concerned about the state of the Chinese economy. Financial expert and hedge fund manager Kyle Bass recently was interviewed about the Chinese economy. Kale Bass also stated that while the slowing growth of China has led to a slowdown across the world, there is little risk that the country could be facing insolvency. Instead, it is far more likely that the Chinese economy will reach a level of stabilization. According to Kyle Bass, this ultimately will be better for the global economy as they see China as a stable financial power as opposed to an up and coming nation.

Kyle Bass also gave his perspective on a number of different topics, although UsefulStooges reports you need to take these with a grain of salt, including the risk of negative interest rates in the United States. While interest rates have declined to below zero is parts of Europe and Asia, Kyle Bass believes that it is unlikely to happen in the United States. He did state, however, if it did happen here that people should consider moving their money out of the banks and into gold or other investments. This method could help people to save money by not paying excess fees for a bank to hold their money.

Jim Hunt Blows The Whistle On Stock Trading

An August PR Newswire article reiterates a challenged issued by Jim Hunt of VTA Publications. With his vow to make his mother a millionaire in ten simple steps, the business man and entrepreneur then goes on to hint at what makes his method so effective and efficient.

Jim Hunt of publishing group VTA Publications, issued a challenge through PR Newswire. With ten steps that focus on compounding numbers, Hunt vows he can make anyone a millionaire, including his mother. Hunt believes that looking for the right stocks and stresses it as one of the most important factors to making big gains in the market.

VTA Publications is a non-fiction publishing company who specializes in long distance learning courses. It is the company’s goal to bring cutting edge information in economics and trading to those wanting to learn and succeed in those fields. VTA specializes in bringing in experts in various fields to ensure only the best insight is given to their easy to read and easy to use formats.

Founded in 2012, VTA Publications has enlisted hundreds of specialists and garnered thousands of readers. VTA also works as a booking agent and hosts seminars for financial related events.

While not everyone can enjoy the life of a millionaire, Jim Hunt and VTA Publications is making the hurdles easier to jump. So much so, Jim has announced he can make his own mother one through a ten step process. Jim is so confident with his program that he released the first step on the website,, just to prove that with the right mindset and core skills anyone can reach their goal.  Follow his journey on the official Jim Hunt YouTube, or even on his Twitter.

Diversity And The STEM Field

John Goullet is describe as an Information Technology(IT) magnate, who has made a way for many IT companies to be very successful. He began his quest as an IT consultant. Then in 1994 he transitioned to IT Staffing. So, with all his experience and knowledge he began Info Technologies. An answer to Fortune 500 companies. The company has flourished so much that it graced the pages of Inc. Magazine. This private company has been describe as one to watch because of the speed of it’s growth,taking the number eight spot. IT Staffing grew to be worth about $30 million.

Then in 2010 Goullet merged his company with Diversant. It is now known as Diversant LLC and is an African American Information Technology staffing company. He sits at the helm of this company with a title as Principal Executive. This company teams up the most qualified IT individuals for Fortune 500 companies and other companies with large yearly profits, for temporary or permanent positions. The experienced professional gets company benefits,good salary and job stability and, free training with lots of assistant to make a smoother transitions. The professionals also get to make the decision on where they want to work.

Diversant takes their employees very seriously and is really interested in their growth. They go above and beyond, moving beyond senior level position and job compensations. Once you get hired, one can be guaranteed job security. Diversant will work tireless for an individual who is looking for employment with the company. They will look for the best position that will help enhance the person’s profession. Teaming up with this company will definitely help ones career take off to a successful level. Diversant LLC, say with them collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, an IT person looking for a job will have great success.

John Goullet said that the company name Diversant reflects multiplicity in all forms. He believes it’s the only way to conduct business if one needs to be successful. He also states that a lot of their success can be attributed to their traditional touch. Diversant is a member of the Minority Business Enterprise(MBE).