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The Brunch Brigade

It is always nice to see a community of people stand together and encourage one another. It is a more beautiful picture to see a community of people come together in order to lift up and support neighbors was in the community. A restaurant in Worcester was struggling to pay the costs for expensive renovations. Devoted customers of anus claw brunch have received national attention after starting a fundraiser to help pay for the renovations. Annie’s Clark Brunchhas stood erect since 1991. Annie Jenkins and her daughter Megan run the restaurant that is right on the edge of Clark University. after more than 20 years in the restaurant business, and discovered that she would have to bring her grill, fire system, and kitchen up to code. And he has always offered customers low prices and quality food. Brad Reifler understands that this has made it incredibly hard for her to come up with $50,000 that it would cost for her innovations. Customers made the remarkable step to get her. $50,000. People from all over the world including by land, India, and England have donated money for this community people to keep their restaurant fixture up and running. Annie is $20,000 away from her goal and expects for enough donations to come in in order to reach that goal. Annie and her daughter are closing the store in the next week to start renovations. They are hoping that enough money and support comes in so that the community can come back to the place that they know and love.