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Biscuit Theater? Bojangles Updates for Millenials

Is it even possible to improve fried chicken? One North Carolina based chicken chain certainly thinks so. While people of all ages love their food, the restaurant has rolled out improvements to attract millennials. This isn’t surprising considering that millennials are the largest and most tech savvy generation. Check out what’s coming!


What is a Biscuit Theater?


A growing trend in all sorts of restaurants, from doughnut shops to Japanese grills, is allowing customers to watch food preparation. Bojangles will now have a large, glass window so consumers can watch “master biscuit makers” prepare the famous dough.


Charging Stations


The next big thing in public spaces? Charging stations. If a customer’s phone dies, how will they tweet pictures of their food? Secure stations allow guests to charge their devices while they eat, potentially increasing the amount of time they spend in the restaurant.


Free Wi-Fi


Thanks to the internet, people can work from anywhere. Whether for work or for school, customers can utilize free wi-fi at the restaurant to complete their work while they sip a coke or nosh on chicken and biscuits.


Swanky Style


Bojangles will also be updating their look to keep up with modern style. Trendy accents like exposed brick, tile, and bright pops of color are just the start. Customers will also have the option of relaxing in lounge chairs.


Creating a Hangout


All of these updates are both smart and stylish. Each one is designed to convert the fast food joint into a favorite hangout. The longer guests hang around, the more they spend, and the more loyal they become. These improvements are bound to be a refuge from the fast-paced world we live in.