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Drinking A Bloody Mary With Brunch?

A Bloody Mary is like a meal in and of itself, so if you like to give yourself the excuse to have a drink with your brunch, then it is the perfect option. Many people have begun to drink a Blood Mary for brunch this summer, as it really is the ultimate drink for a time like that. With the mixture of tomato juice, spices, and vodka, you won’t feel quite so guilty drinking it as you would drinking a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. You’ll feel like you are drinking something healthy, and that it is just part of the meal.
But, does that mean that you should be drinking a Bloody Mary with brunch? Just because other people are having this drink for brunch, does that make it alright for you to drink it, as well? Just because this drink tastes like a meal doesn’t make it one. Andy Wirth suggests that you will have to decide for yourself whether you should be drinking it at brunch or if it would be better if you skipped it.