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The All Natural Crime

Cosmetics provide so many great benefits for people. Whether they are trying to smooth their complexion or add the perfect lip color to their look, it can bring so much confidence to a person that without it they feel so lost. As today’s society grows, there are many products that are using artificial ingredients and chemicals that are very harsh on someones’s body.

Lime Crime Makeup was launched back in 2008 by CEO and founder Doe Deere. She created this makeup brand to bring cosmetics that matched her colorful eccentric wardrobe, but she also wanted it to be cruelty-free and vegan friendly for people. They are a company that is certified through PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program, and goes to show why Lime Crime expresses their love for animals and pride they take in creating great products that are safe to use. They offer a variety of products to purchase from vibrant eye shadow palettes, unique lip colors, and the infamous Unicorn hair color. One lip product they have is their Unicorn Lipstick that gives a flawless matte finish and has a unicorn design on the tube, but best of all…it smells like cupcakes! Lime Crimes Unicorn Hair Color is one of their most popular products. It is a semi-permanent color that lasts longer and fades gracefully out, also no harsh chemicals are used and the best part is you can have beautifully and vibrant colored hair like a unicorn.

The great thing about Lime Crime as a cosmetic company is that not only do they provide vegan and cruelty- free products but they are also at an affordable price. Makeup can be very expensive for such a small item, but having a good quality lipstick for ten dollars or an eye shadow palette for thirty- five dollars if more affordable compared to other companies out there.


Lime Crime, Affordable Quality Cosmetics

Founder and CEO Doe Deere launched the acclaimed make up online-store Lime Crime in October, 2008. This is a makeup company who’s products are made strictly vegan that of which do not use of any ingredients that involve animal products, including byproducts from beeswax, lanolin, whey and carmine. This business is certified under the name ‘Leaping Bunny’ that is made up of several animal protection based groups like the Humane Society. They also hold a certification under People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).


The company is home to many gorgeous styles of cosmetics. They had came out with the popular Unicorn Lipsticks in 2009 and has since been one of their best selling products. These lipsticks come in a wide variety of color schemes a few being, (Bomber) a darker red, (New Yolk City) a vibrant yellow and (Hoodie) a darker shade of pink. Lime crime also offers a rad spin on a selection of Unicorn hair dyes. The dyes come in two categories Full Coverage and Tint and offer some colors such as, (Salad) light shade green, (Neon Peach) peach orange color and (Strawberry Jam) a violet red. Don’t be afraid to mix these colors for you can come up with delightful colors of your creation! An online v-logger put the idea to the test and used the colors Bunny and Neon Peach to create a wonderful color of her own.


Lime Crime has a variety of reasonably priced bundle packages of cosmetics that can make great gifts, or purchased for personal use. Some contents of these bundles are the ‘M$LF Velvetines‘ Lip Balms that include 4 shades of products, (M$LF) Rose Nude, (Cougar) Grey Taupe, (Low Cut) True Terracotta and (Stacy’s Mom) Sugar Plum Mauve. Each one of these lip balms are absolutely stunning colors. Bundles and products of all sorts are always on sale and priced pretty cheap. You can find just about any shade of Unicorn Lipsticks for $10.00 a piece along with bundles worth $60.00 or more for half off. However offering free shipping for US residents with purchases over $50! What else could you want from a company when shopping for cosmetics? They provide high quality make-up at an affordable price, shop now at