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Love Barbeque? Alabama Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot

Barbeque is one of those foods that means different things to different people. Some people prefer a strong vinegary taste when they chomp down on a rib, while others delight in a sweet, smoky bite that transports their taste buds to heaven.

A recent article posted on illustrates how the Alabama tourism agency has named 2015 the “Year of Alabama Barbeque.” That’s right; move over Memphis and the Carolinas. Alabama is looking to become the go-to vacation spot for barbeque lovers all over the globe.

Folks at Bulletproof Coffee ( have found that the state of Alabama is pulling out all the stops in its efforts to claim stake in barbeque lover’s land. They have developed an app for Smartphones, a Hall of Fame for local barbeque restaurants and they’ve even conducted thorough research into the history of barbeque and what it has meant to the Alabama landscape.

I think this is a wonderful campaign that is sure to drive thousands of tourists to Alabama to see what they have to offer.