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Jason Hope: Entrepreneur, Businessman, Philanthropist And Futurist

Jason Hope PhilanthrophyEntrepreneur, business owner and philanthropist Jason Hope is a man of great vision and a work ethic to match. The Scottsdale, Arizona native is involved in so many projects it would make the average person’s head spin.

He’s involved with the Internet of Things, the SENS Foundation, technology and is an avid futurist. But that’s all in a days work for Hope. He says he feels compelled to help other because his assets have put him in the position to do so. Plus he’s passionate about helping develop local organizations and communities throughout Arizona.

Jason Hope plans to do more than just become a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He wants to support humanitarian organizations working toward the improvement of mankind’s future by controlling the effects of aging and helping people to live healthier, longer, lives. And he is always on the lookout for projects and organizations to which he can lend his resources, influence and time to support that goal. One organization to which he lends significant support is the SENS Foundation. The organization is doing research into finding cures for many conditions that lead to premature death.

Jason Hope sees technology as the future. His work focuses on research and development on tech targets. He develops gaming and desktop software and mobile apps. He also works on devices and technologies that add ease and enjoyment to life and improve the human condition. He’s always looking for innovative ways to use technology and pays close attention to technology infrastructure to identify potential trends. As a futurist, Jason Hope works with numerous individuals and companies to help them identify the right direction to focus their plans and begin developing useful cutting-edge technical advancements.

Launching new ideas, products and businesses can be challenging, Hope explains. A great idea is just the beginning. Finding the investment capital to take it to the next level is often the most difficult step. That’s why he’s always willing to use his resources and business acumen to help young business owners and cultivate future generations of entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs often lack the money and insight needed to succeed. That’s why he offers grants to high school senior and college students working on technological breakthroughs.

A graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in finance and an MBA from the university’s Carey School of Business, Arizona native Jason Hope is passionate about technology and helping to improve the future for everyone.