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Talk Fusion is Winning Awards and Customers Over

Talk Fusion, created by Founder Bob Reina, has won two awards this year. It is hard enough to win one award, let alone two. When a company wins two awards, they are on the right path and they have created a product that is gaining steam. The award they won was the 2016 Communication Solutions Products of the Year Award. This award was given to them by the Technology Marketing Corporation. This is the same company that gave them the first award earlier this year. It is clear they are paying attention and taking notice of this revolutionary product and all the good that it does.

The award looks to products that are in the voice, data, and video communications realm. They discussed how they look for the best of the best. That is high praise. Talk Fusion has earned it with its video conferences, video newsletters, video chats, and video emails. They have made staying in touch easier than ever and they have provided people an outlet for creating their business and watching it blossom and grow to heights they probably never imagined. It works with a smartphone, desktop, or tablet, and many people have all three of those.

Even if someone is on the go, they can still stay in touch with someone, run their business, and get things done. With Talk Fusion by their side, nothing is impossible or out of reach. The world is right there for the taking and so are their dreams, hopes, and accomplishments. Talk Fusion has made the world a better place, and Bob Reina could not be happier. The public is very smart, and they can tell when a product is worth its salt. The minute they get their hands on Talk Fusion, they can’t help but fall in love with it and want more of it.

They see how easy it is to use, all of its benefits, and the low cost does not hurt either. Plus, they know that by using Talk Fusion, they are living the life they have always dreamed of and always wanted since they were a little boy or girl.


Visual Search Technology Continues to Advance

The internet continues to evolve as IT developers such as Slyce IT continues to find ways to use every bit of smart technology to the limit. A basic tenet of sales marketing is taking advantage of impulse or spur of the moment shopping. Slyce IT, a leading developer of visual search engines, allows users to snap an image of a real life product, a 2D print image or a bar code or coupon, and it will find similar products in the retailers product line. Imagine a woman who loves to shop at Neiman Marcus. She’s sees someone else with a stunning handbag. With the snap of the smartphone camera, color, pattern, style, size, shape and any other unique features are analyzed and a sale is made that may otherwise never have happened. Even making a grocery list becomes a matter of snapping a photo of that last tomato before you chop it up in your salad. Curious to see who the manufacturer of a product is. Just snap an image and the visual search technology can in all likelihood find the manufacturer and style of that product.

This will eventually revolutionize the way we shop as Slyce IT continues to roll out add-on products to its original visual search platform line. Just recently they doubled their contract with a toy retailer that instead of leaving shopping carts abandoned with out-of-stock items, it will provide the consumer with similar alternatives, therefore keeping them in the buying process. The software even sends out emails which generate a twenty percent click through rate. There can be a significant recovery in revenue that may otherwise have been lost.

A recent MIT Technology Review article discusses how Pinterest and are experimenting with AI image recognition software. By drawing a box around a product on Pinterest, it will search over an idea of over a billion online products to find a similar item. Some items will even have a buy option, once again taking advantage of the instant gratification that internet retailers can use to boost sales. is testing similar software. With the use of a “visual filter” the software will generate a grid of twelve shoes that fit those parameters. When the consumer selects the item that best suits their tastes, the software will present the closest style matches to the customer. Taking away the old drop down text box to filter a product, will make it easier for customers to actually see what they are looking for.

MIT Technology Review

Flipora Might Be The Biggest Social Media App To Come Out Yet

Some people might download new social media apps onto their iPhones or other devices for the fun of it, while others download new apps in search of the next big thing. There is always something new going on with apps and technology, and those who want to download something new for any reason should be able to find something to download all of the time. They should be able to have fun with all of the new offerings, and they just might find some new apps that they absolutely love.
One app that people have started to download and have come to have a great deal of love for is Flipora. This social media app has made many people happy because of how convenient it is to use. It is something different than most people have ever used before, and once they get used it it and how it works they cannot imagine their lives without it. They can’t imagine not having it around to help them to search and do things like that much easier than they’ve ever done them before.
Flipora is a convenient app that some have claimed is going to take over every old search engine. Some people believe that this is the way that people will go about searching the web in the future, and that just may come true. Flipora has gotten a ton of positive feedback from those who have tried it out so far, and as more people download it onto their devices and see all that it can do for them it is only going to continue to become more popular.
There are many reasons that people love social media so much already, and Flipora is just another reason for them to love it. It offers them yet another reason to come to appreciate social media and the apps on their devices. Flipora just might be the next big thing for everyone who uses technology, and those who are wanting to be in on something big as it comes to be are going to want to download the social media app immediately.

Skout Has Helped Me To Sell More Insurance

I come from a long line a family members that sell insurance. My mother, father, brother, sister, and even my grandfather sold insurance. My other family members were really good at selling insurance, and I’ve grown to be very good at selling insurance as well. I have my own business where I sell insurance, but the fact is, there is a lot of competition out there. I didn’t really know how to bring in extra business, and that’s where Skout comes in. You wouldn’t believe how many people are out there who don’t have insurance, even though there are so many insurance companies around.

I sell all kinds of insurance, such as life insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, car insurance and more. Since I offer so many diverse types of insurance, this means that I can help anyone when they have insurance needs. I figured that if I use the Skout network, I’d be able to bring in extra business, and I was right about this hunch. I simply joined Skout to socialize with others in my free time, but I began seeing how some of the users on the network were advertising their businesses. When I saw that some people were advertising and pushing their business on Skout, I decided to the same thing.

I figured that I could bring in a little bit more business than I was getting now, but I never figured that my business would explode. Let’s put it like this. I was making $2,500 a month before I started advertising on Skout, and now I almost double my previous income each month. I’ve been advertising the same way for years, and the only difference I’ve made recently is by advertising on Skout. The fact is, the exposure that I get on the Skout network has doubled my business, and I’m only sorry that I didn’t think of using Skout before.

I’ve even suggested to my friends who also sell insurance to use Skout as their platform, even though it may make for some more competition. I know that the Skout network like Instagram is big enough where everyone who joins it can increase their business, but it won’t necessarily step on the toes of others who are also in the same business. I decided that since my insurance business was going so good, I might try my hand at doing some other types of businesses as well. I recently opened up a website, and I’m advertising information about my website on Skout.

Using Skout as an advertising tool was an excellent choice for me, and I advertise by word of mouth, by putting information in my profile, and by posting information on Skout wherever I can. Maybe because Skout has so many people on the network is why I’ve had such an explosion in my business. Skout has over 200 million members, and a lot of the members are in the USA, so this means I have a big platform to advertise on and possibly bring in additional clients.