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Anthony Toma –  Nine9 CEO & Founder

Nine9 is one of the best United Nation Agency that looks for rare talent among the people. For the company, they engage in searching the most prominent individuals seeking a profession in the modeling and acting industry. The entertainment industry has suffered a significant loss due to lack of information about the best people. For this reason, this company seeks to get better business through identifying and highlighting the best unrecognized young talent in the community. Anthony Toma is the Founder and CEO of Nine9. The American Business Journal also recognizes Anthony Toma as one of the most prominent businessmen in the country. He has owned numerous businesses and companies in the entertainment, service, and retail sectors. He is also passionate about opening opportunities and doors for everyone. He has the heart for opening doors to the most ambitious. For those who are willing to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, you must be prepared to start from the bottom. Nine9 at Instagram .

Nine9 Talent Agency is a company that was commenced after searching for rare talent. Anthony Toma decided to shift his business from the food industry to the entertainment industry. For this reason, he went on to develop better business through the allocation of food franchise. The path to finding a better franchise is very hard. However, he was lucky to get an opportunity to purchase a new franchise in Orlando. When he succeeded in this business, he had purchased more than 24 franchises in the region. From that idea, he developed the Coral Reef Production Company based in the United States. In 2003, his business flourished to attain the best movie production in the country.

When Anthony Toma wakes up in the morning, his first service is to prepare his children for school. After that, he goes behind the screen to read and reply to a few emails on the internet. Before working at the center, he also looks at his status in social media and develops intelligent reports to his followers. Anthony Tom also listens to business motivational speakers in the region. Because trade is what defines his business, he always seeks more knowledge in this field. Click Here for Nine9 casting . for more .