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Dick DeVos: Amway, ‘Magic’ And More

Dick DeVos was born Richard Marvin DeVos Jr. on October 21, 1955, in Grand Rapid, Michigan. He is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the son of Richard DeVos, co-founder of the Amway Corporation. He was the CEO, (chief executive officer), of the company between 1992 and 2003.

Work History

Dick DeVos has reportedly been involved in the family business since he was young. He officially started working for the Amway Corporation in 1974. He held a number of different positions in several different divisions such as finance, manufacturing, marketing, research and development and sales.

He became one of the corporation’s vice presidents in 1984. He had several responsibilities. His main duty was to to oversee the business’ in 18 countries around the world. Read more:About – The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation

In 1986 he took the position of vice president of foreign operations. Reportedly, foreign sales accounted for approximately five percent of the overall sales at the time. Six years later, when he left that vice-presidency, sales outside the U.S. had increased to account for half of the company’s yearly sales.

Orlando Magic

DeVos is also a bit of a sport, too. In 1991 the DeVos family bought the NBA (National Basketball Association) team franchise the Orlando Magic. DeVos signed on as both the president and CEO of the ball team.


In 1993 he left the positions with the Orlando Magic and returned to Amway. He succeeded his father and became president of the company. He expanded the company’s operations to over 50 different countries and territories on half a dozen continents. Learn more about Dick DeVos:

He restructured the company in 2000 creating Alticor and additional subsidiary companies as well. The process took less than two years as was done to return significant profitability as well as prevent more downsizing or even the theoretical loss of the business. DeVos, along with his brother Doug, were responsible for setting new industry standards and taking the company global moving it into international markets. He stepped down from that position in the summer of 2002.

The Windquest Group

His next position took him to The Windquest Group. He became the company president. TWG is a private investment management agency. The firm has holdings in manufacturing, technology and other areas.


DeVos attended Northwood University after graduating from high school. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He next attended the Harvard Business School and the Wharton School’s Executive Study Programs although he did not finish either program.