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Brian Bonar’s High Quality Business Achievements

Dr. Brian Bonar likes to take business ideas that are currently out there and turn them into something brand new. Much of his career has been spent developing technological applications and manufacturing office equipment as well as forming new business partnership ideas. But he’s also become a restaurateur who enjoys finding cooks and chefs to bring exotic flavors to life.

Bonar has purchased a number of restaurants in the Escondido, CA area just north of San Diego where his businesses have been based, and some of the most notable ones are Bellamy’s Bistro, and the Bandy Canyon Ranch that he’s turned into a vacation resort with fine dining. Working to make Bonar’s restaurant endeavors come to life is Patrick Ponsaty, an award-winning Master Chef of France.

According to Spokeo, Brian Bonar is originally from the UK where he was raised and educated. He went to several schools including the James Watt Technical Community College where he studied mechanical engineering, and then got his bachelor’s and master’s in business from Strathclyde University and Staffordshire University.

Brian Bonar went to work in the IT field originally serving at IBM UK Limited for about 17 years. He would eventually relocate to the US where he served for several other companies including Bezier Systems, QMS Management and Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc.

Bonar is most known for heading a San Diego based employee benefits company, the Dalrada Financial Group. This company puts together employee benefit programs into affordable packages that small to mid-sized businesses can afford for their employees.

He also helped change the marketing and customer service strategy for Imaging Technologies (ITEC), a company that’s been a longtime manufacturer of office printers and copiers. Bonar turned ITEC into a full service operation with ongoing support and a partnership with SourceOne Group, a professional employer organization (PEO). He would later form Trucept Inc., another PEO.

Brian Bonar has been one of the biggest pioneers of PEOs, special kinds of companies that are hired to manage client company’s human resources operations. PEOs become the employer of record for client company employees with their own ID listed on the employee’s W2 tax form, and they usually take care of all payroll, accounting, tax and benefit plans for the employee.

Many times they even recruit and hire the employee, but the client company still oversees the employee’s daily tasks and has the right to hire or terminate an employee at their own discretion. Brian Bonar stays quite busy with all his business endeavors, but when he has spare time you might find him out golfing, boating, or enjoying time with his family.