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Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Change the Outlook on Depression

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers recently published a blog post called “8 Facts that May Change the Way You Look at Depression” where Samantha Suarez discusses one of the most prevalent mental illnesses in the U.S.

Depression is not something that can be ignored. It affects more than 6.7 percent of the American adult population every year. While it mainly affects adult women, it can affect anyone regardless of gender or age. Many who experience symptoms of depression do not even seek treatment because of the perceived shame surrounding mental illnesses. Read more at about Neurocore.

Suarez suggests that depression is not merely a sadness or a weakness of will, instead it is a serious medical condition. There are several major types of depressive disorders. Major Depressive Disorder reveals a ceaseless sadness that continues for at least two weeks. Postpartum Depression occurs after a woman gives birth and can last up to a year. Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs for people when they do not see enough sunlight in the winter.

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Despite how many people are affected by this mental condition, the symptoms may not necessarily be obvious to an observer. Each person may experience different signs or symptoms. Many times there will be persistent feelings of emptiness or sadness. They may sleep throughout the day or stay awake too long. They may lose interest in the activities they loved or gain weight. Some people do not even show any symptoms because they have a high-functioning depression.


Depression is also a debilitating disorder that can lead to suicide, particularly in young people, or disability. Despite the prevalence among the American population, depression research is desperately under-funded. However, despite the lack of funding, even the severest forms of depression can be treated.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are focused on helping people retrain their brains to perform at optimal levels. They help people who suffer from stress or sleep disorders, migraines, depression, autism, anxiety, and ADHD.

Each facility uses advanced qEEG technology to help map and analyze the brain diagnostics. BY analyzing the data, they can help their patients identify the source of their symptoms while creating a program to relieve symptoms. Follow Neurocore on

The CEO OF Fills Us In On Cleansing


The Chief Executive Officer of, A.D. Dolphin, recently appeared on the Steve Harvey show to talk about his cleansing products as well as raw foods. is the premier e-commerce site for herbal supplements. Dolphin talked about how Harvey lost 12 pounds using his company’s Full Body Cleanse as well as Dolphin’s help.

When a person is doing a full body cleanse they eat a raw foods diet that consists of just fresh fruit and vegetables as well as raw nuts and seeds. As Dolphin shows this diet can be a lot more than just endless salads and smoothies. Among the dishes that are made in the episode includes an ice cream like tasting kale smoothies, zucchini noodles, and raw walnut tacos. All three recipes featured essential vitamins and minerals as well as tasting great.

Dherbs was founded in 2004 as an online resource for nutritional supplements and to educate people on how to eat a healthy diet. 20-Day Full Body Cleanse is Dherb’s flagship product and has been used by millions of people around the globe. Dherbs sells many other health and personal wellness products as well such as herbal laxatives, candles, bath drops, and aromatherapy products. In addition to the 20-Day Full Body Cleanse the company also sells a 10 Day Cleanse and 10 Day Colon Cleanser.

The Tumblr home page for includes many wonderful articles for how to eat healthy and what the benefits of doing so are. Among the current articles are one that reveals juices that can lower your blood pressure, 5 smoothie recipes for a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, a raw Citrus Beet Salad, and another recipe for a raw Banana and Cashew Pudding.

Dherb’s CEO A.D. Dolphin regularly travels around the country to inform people about Dherbs products and the advantages of healthy eating. At each stop he will visit two people at either their work or home for personalized information and coaching. These sessions are recorded and posted on Dherbs social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The very funny Sheryl Underwood, comedian and co-host of the popular CBS show The Talk, recently appeared on the Steve Harvey radio broadcast discussing her recent weight-loss with “Da Herbs”. Jokingly “urbanifying” and its popular Full Body Cleanse, Underwood admitted that she had only been on the program just short of a week and had already lost Five (5) pounds. offers a full array of different types of cleanses and other all natural supplements that promote health and well-being. Underwood is one of many past, present, and upcoming success stories using the product-line. Underwood has enjoyed success as a comedian, actress, and television host. She has credits to her name which include The Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, and BET’s Comic View. A full-figured woman, Underwood has expressed her pleasure at the results she has seen with this product. How Does the Full Body Cleanse Work?     If you would like to start on the program and realize its benefits, it is advisable that you become disciplined. The program requires the participant to eat a raw-food diet which comprises fresh fruits as well as vegetables. You can take your raw foods in the form of salads, smoothies or by undercooking them.

In order to help you create a variety of dishes that will break the monotony of eating raw food, the website also offers its users several recipes. These include recipes for salads, steamed food and smoothies. They also give you the proportions which you should prepare and consume at intervals. Above all, you will be required to take a lot of water to help in the flushing of toxins from the body.



Benefits of the Cleanse



Anyone who has undergone the cleansing program swears by its health benefits. Not only will you feel a lot lighter but you will also get a boost of energy. The program gives you a simple way of starting over by cleaning your system and getting rid of toxins. Subsequently, your immunity is improved and you are able to ward off lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

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Laidlaw & Company in Battle with Relmada Technologies

The world of high finance and investing has a workplace of powerful leaders and untested sales agents trying to emulate their superiors. It is a conservative realm, with wing-tipped shoes and Brooks Brothers suits, expensive neckties attached to starched white shirts. Once a person has achieved a modicum of success the purchase of a Rolex is de rigueur.

Soon after comes the luxury vehicle, country club membership, and trophy wife. But the time before the Rolex is difficult for new sales agents, there is intense competition for sales and quotas. These aspiring traders who have passed a rigorous test to be licensed must prove their worth with sales. The promise of a corner office with a view is there, but failure means sharing open space on the floor of the “boiler room.”
Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank with 170 years in this field both in London and in the United States of America. Their top executives Matthew D. Eitner and James P. Ahern have been embroiled in a controversy with a company they brought public, Relmada Technologies.

Unfortunately, the relationship between Relmada and Laidlaw has become contentious. Suits and amended suits have been filed, and the stock price of Relmada has deteriorated from a high of over $4 per share to $1.
The court system in Nevada will have to determine which company is at fault, but culpability often comes from junior agents trying to make sales at any cost to secure their position with the firm.
Many suits are brought by investors whose purchases with a brokerage firm have gone south and lost value. In a stock market that is growing in value with every year, some investors do not understand how it is possible to lose money from any investment. In the short term, many things are possible and often over-zealous sales agents are at fault.

Cranberry Apple Almond Oatmeal Dehydrator Cookies by Markus Rothkranz


Today we’re making cranberry, apple, almond, oatmeal, dehydrator cookies. They taste great and they’re all raw. They’re not cooked or baked in any way, thus preserving all of nature’s nutrients. For this recipe all you’ll need is: rolled oats (you’ll make two cups of oat powder with this by blending the raw oats in a blender), three apples (which you’ll grate into two cups), some almonds, some cashew butter, fresh or frozen cranberries, and some cinnamon. That’s it. Simple so far, right?

First, drizzle three ounces of maple syrup onto the cranberries and stir. Then, put two tablespoons of raw cashew butter (almond butter isn’t as good). Incorporate the maple syrup into the butter, about a tablespoon at a time, very slowly. Whisk continually. Next, incorporate the dry ingredients into the butter. Continue to whisk. Make sure it’s mixed very well. Squeeze the grated apple to release some of its juice, then put the apple in with the butter (this makes it moist). Next, put in the cinnamon (a third of a teaspoon) Mix well.

Next, you can either cut the cranberries in half, or scoop out the smallest ones of the batch to use. You want them to pop in your mouth. Crush almonds over the well whisked batter. Incorporate it into the batter really well. This is the most nutritious cookie dough you could ever eat.

Next, form them with the flour. You want them to be hamburger-sized patties. It tastes excellent with a cup of tea. This will give you about a dozen cookies. Put it in the dehydrator for six to fifteen hours, depending on how moist or crispy you like your cookies (It’s important to not heat stuff over 118 degrees because it will kill enzymes). A good strategy is to put it in overnight.

You can periodically test them to see if the texture is to your liking. The worst part is having to wait so long, but the pay off is enormous: you’ll look healthier than ever. It’s a great gift to give during the holidays. You can mail it and it won’t spoil, which will really impress your friends.

Fun Lunch Ideas For School

When school starts back after a long summer, you want your children to have a nutritious lunch that they can enjoy in the time that they have allotted. There are a few fun recipes that are easy to make the night before that are packed full of the vitamins and nutrients that will help children focus during the day. Most recipes include something from each food group.

Create a taco bar for your children with a plastic container that has small dividers. If there aren’t dividers, then use small containers in a large plastic container so that all of the ingredients stay separate. Put a simple taco in the center of the container. It could be one with browned beef, or you could use a lunch meat, such as turkey or ham. Add items that the child can put on the taco that might include shredded lettuce, salsa and cheese. The taco can be made so that it’s something the child will enjoy. Add a few tortilla chips for a side dish.

A meal that includes a higher amount of protein is a chicken salad sandwich. Make it a little more elegant with a deli bun instead of just two pieces of white bread. Add a tomato and lettuce for a healthy meal that will help your child get through the rest of the day. Another option with chicken salad is to create a roll-up with a tortilla wrap.

The night before school, bread small pieces of chicken to make healthy chicken nuggets. Include a dipping sauce that the child will enjoy in the lunchbox along with slices of fruit or vegetables. Chicken strips are also a good idea as they are easy to hold and provide a little more chicken than a small nugget. This might be something that older children would enjoy with the nuggets being reserved for younger children who don’t eat as much during the school day. Panko bread crumbs sometimes work best as a coating as they give a crunch to the outside of the chicken.

The Many Benefits of Shea Butter on the Skin

Most cosmetic products utilize Shea butter as a part of their construction. Shea butter is a plant extract that has, for a long time, served many purposes, including culinary and medicinal purposes. It is therefore no huge surprise that it is also very good for skin care products. Shea butter contains vitamins A and E which is a natural skin whitening agent and helps in soothing stress marks on the skin that results during and after pregnancy, surgery and during fast weight loss or gain.

The forming of Eugenia Shea is a joint initiative between a mother and her daughter from Ghana. the business is run primarily by Naa-Sakie Akuete who graduated from Harvard. After attending business school, it was only practical that she handles the sales part of Eu’genia Shea. This includes customer satisfaction, product analysis and supply and demand.

Unlike most cosmetic lines that do not reveal what amount of Shea butter they put in their products, is 95% Shea butter. The product is packed at home by Naa-Sakie Akuete and then delivered to the customer via a delivery service. It is important to note the difference that Eu’genia Shea puts in its products which cannot be said for most of cosmetic brands. Most cosmetic lines go through a highly chemical process to ensure that their products induce desired results.

Sometimes this leads to the undesired result of the customer reacting harshly to the chemicals used during manufacture. Eu’genia Shea is imported from Africa having been harvested naturally and without the use of otherwise harmful chemicals. As if to seal the deal of its safeness, the final packaging is done not by a machine but by Akuete who has a deep seated passion for the benefits of all natural Shea butter.

Eu’genia Shea butter is in itself a wonderful, life changing product that is being distributed under the supervision of a spirited young African woman who actually believes in the authenticity and value of her product.

While most cosmetic brands cannot be dismissed as necessarily unsafe, it is important to realize that products reflect on the hands that made them happen. This Akuete has not failed to do with her deep passion for the usefulness of Shea butter.

Hearty Summer Meals

One of the traditions of summer is grilling a hamburger and adding all of the toppings to make it as large as possible. There are a few tasty ways to create a hamburger and side dishes that family and friends are sure to enjoy. Enjoy a burger that tastes like it comes from a steakhouse when you add sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. You can add a bit of steak sauce to the hamburger before it’s grilled, or you can brush the bun with a small amount of sauce, placing the bun on the grill for a savory flavor.

Enjoy a hearty meal by grilling pork tenderloin and your choice of vegetables. Potatoes and corn on the cob go well with a barbecued pork. When the meat is cooked, slice it into small rounds so that it’s easier to manage when serving your guests. Paprika and brown sugar go well together for a rub on the pork with a small amount of salt, pepper and paprika on top of the corn as well. Add a little color to your summer table with an orzo salad. This colorful salad features sliced tomatoes, slices of cucumbers, chopped onions and the fresh herbs that you enjoy. If you’re looking for a different way to make the salad, consider using white rice as a base with a hint of ranch dressing blended in as well.

Evidence Shows a Low Sodium Diet May Not Be a Good Thing

If you have high blood pressure or are trying to watch your weight, then you have likely heard that you should limit your salt intake each day. But what if eating a diet that is low in sodium was actually less healthy than a diet higher in sodium than what is typically recommended?

A recent review of four separate studies on sodium intake in individuals with hypertension, as well as individuals without hypertension has found that a lower sodium diet may actually increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The studies include a total of 133,118 people who had participated in the original studies. What researchers found after looking at the wealth of data within the studies is that increased sodium intake did not increase the risk of death or adverse cardiovascular events.

Furthermore, the analysis showed that among individuals with high blood pressure, consuming more than 7 grams of sodium in a day increased the risk for adverse cardiovascular events for those with high blood pressure by 23 percent. While that may sound like the same information you have likely heard before, consider this. Among individuals with high blood pressure who consumed less than 3 grams of sodium per day, the increase in risk factors was 34 percent.

Both of these figured were in comparison to individuals who ate 4-5 grams of sodium per day. Current sodium guidelines suggest that we should eat no more than 2.3 grams of sodium in a single day in order to lower the risk for cardiovascular issues such as stroke, hypertension and death.

While it still holds true that a diet lower in sodium may lower blood pressure, there are other health factors that must be looked at in order to determine if a lower sodium diet is beneficial for your health or if it is harmful.

The Best for The Best

There is so much competition in the dog food world. All companies are trying to promise pet owners the same thing; Their food is the best thing for your dog. What is the best thing for your dog? They need a balanced nutrition full of different kinds of foods. They need lots of different vitamins and minerals to promote everything from good eyesight to their ability to listen and understand what you expect of them. Pet owners are speaking up. They want their dogs to have the best out there and they are doing their research to see what really is the best and the worst for their dog.

Purinastore Beneful dog foods are packed with all those things your dog needs to live a healthy and productive life. Beneful use only fresh ingredients to insure that your precious family member is getting 100% of the nutrients they need while not sacrificing for the taste that your dog loves. It doesn’t matter how healthy it is, if your dog doesn’t like the way it tastes, they aren’t going to eat it.

They love the taste of fresh meats like beef, salmon, lamb, and chicken. It makes sure that they will love what they are eating and they really will show it. Vegetables give them vitamins and minerals that they need for everything from their eye sight to a healthy digestive track. You can’t go wrong with carrots, spinach, peas, and tomatoes. Beneful are packed with good stuff. Also, grains like brown and wild rice help them with the energy they need to keep up with your busy day. It’s great to know that Beneful combines all these things together to give your dog the best.

If you are a pet owner who wants to give their dog the very best that you can, then do your research. Look into all the foods like Beneful out there and you will see what they are really offering you and your pet. It won’t take long for you to understand that there has been someone that has been there for you and your furry family member the whole time!


Putting Patients First Is Brian Torchin’s Philosophy

Brian Torchin has been called the number one recruiter in the world for the healthcare industry, and deservedly so. He is president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC now but gained his experience and expertise through years of serving as a chiropractic physician. He puts his knowledge to good use, providing clients with just the right staff for each position available.

The dedicated staff that Brian Torchin has surrounded himself with at HCRC work tirelessly, even making themselves available to their clients after hours, including weekends.  As a working chiropractor he already had healthcare experience, but he needed to cover all of his bases. This is important because the staffing of a medical facility involves a lot of behind the scenes work that can’t always be accomplished during the business day. They work with hospitals as well as private chiropractic practices to fill not only chiropractic positions but medical, physical therapy and other jobs as well. They also assist their clients in training their staff and conducting background checks while offering professional consultation when needed.

Brian Torchin, through his time working directly with patients has said on Twitter that he learned a lot about how to run an effective and productive practice, most importantly to put the needs of the patient first. He teaches his recruits to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere from the front desk to the examining room as a way to put people at ease and make their experience as pleasant as possible. His philosophy is that without the patient, there would be no practice to staff.

HCRC serves clients nationwide as well as in Australia and Canada and have a track record of excellence. They are usually able to assist clients in filling positions with appropriate recruits in a couple of days, a win-win situation for all involved.

Brian Torchin started out by opening managing offices in Philadelphia, Delaware and Florida and has risen to the top recruiter for healthcare in the world by no accident or coincidence. His hard work and common sense approach, along with his ability to discern the personalities and abilities of his recruits, make it possible for clients to quickly staff their practices. With the help of HCRC and Brian Torchin, patients are being cared for by professional staff who treat them with the utmost respect as well as an abundance of compassion. When all is said and done, that’s what matters most.  Follow his Vimeo for more info about Brian.  He frequently posts videos from his adventures around the US, but also important talks about the healthcare industry too.