Caribou Caribou has made shipping and the logistics that go along with it affordable and convenient for business owners in Europe. This operation calls the United Kingdom home, but the teams service the world.

Whether you need to ship cargo across the ocean or have a small package hand-delivered across county lines, Caribou has tailored a delivery system to suit your specific needs. Some of the companies associated with Caribou are Amazon and eBay sellers. One of the newest operations that can easily participate with this company now is Not on the High Street (NOTHS).

Through Caribou’s website, a NOTHS supplier can learn how to link their account so that they can access the various tracking and shipping options. The technology team broke down the process into a step-by-step guide, and they have done that for the other operations also.

To get started with NOTHS, you will need to begin at your NOTHS’ administration page. This page is located inside your company-assigned website. Once inside, you will be directed to the settings tab, and there you will collect an API token. Copy that token number, and take it over to Caribou.


The system will use that number to integrate the two accounts. Once connected, you will enjoy the tracking features and other benefits this shipping company offers to all of its clients but customized for NOTHS’ specific needs.

Cofounders started caribou. One of them is Scott Dylan. Organizations throughout Europe have acknowledged him and the various departments. A British freight association recognizes the work this operation does as well as a long-haul freight group.