Bojangles Makes Move to Target Millennials

The world of fast food is changing. Chains are targeting the newest generation of consumers with updated menus and interior spaces. McDonald’s has added calorie counts, healthier fare and even flavored coffees to its menu in an effort to win over young consumers. Bojangles is taking a hint from the Golden Arches and embarking on its own update.


It’s hard to make fried chicken healthy, so Bojangles is heading in another direction. It’s adding amenities that appeal to Millenials. In Greenville, South Carolina, the chain is showing off its  latest plans.  The cutting edge restaurant is intended to create a hang-out space like a modern coffeehouse, making Bojangles a destination, not a drive-through.


Redesigned stores will feature a number of updates. Free wireless internet will be available. Charging stations for phones, e-readers and laptops will be present throughout the store. Both features will encourage diners to spend extra time in the store. A biscuit theater will let visitors watch dough turn into biscuits. Even the dining space is being redesigned with modern furniture and fewer tables, creating a more enjoyable area.


Every new Bojangles will feature the updates. The dining rooms will host wooden chairs and an elevated table with bar-style stools. Exposed brick walls will create an industrial feel. Bright yellow lights add a splash of color.


It’s not clear how encouraging diners to hang around and take up table space will lead to increased profits. Independent coffeeshops struggle to stay afloat with millennial customers who stay for 8 hours and buy $3 of coffee. Perhaps Bojangles knows something they don’t.




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