Blue Bottle Chain Expanding Into new Markets

Coffee continues to be one of America’s favorite beverages. A hot cup of joe can be just the thing to wake up to early in the morning. Given this popularity, it’s hardly surprising that java retailers everywhere are finding happy new markets for their products. One chain in particular has been seeing vast growth in recent years. Blue Bottle is one of San Francisco’s most adored coffee shops. They offer specially prepared coffee varieties that are lovingly handmade from beans across the world. With their help, customers can discover an entire new world that is all about enjoying this beverage. Native San Franciscans have been coming here for a quick stop of iced coffee on a hot day or a delicious mug of steaming coffee when it gets cold outside.


New Potential Markets


With their devotion to quality beans, it’s no wonder that the chain has become quite popular and rapidly carved out a niche in the San Francisco area. In an effort to bring their product to other places, those at Blue Bottle have been busy. Their aim is to expand into new markets in other parts of the United States. They have opened a sixteen million dollar brewery in Brooklyn, one of the hottest culinary markets in the world right now. New Yorkers are known for their love of coffee and their appreciation of the finer things in life so it’s no surprise this is where those at Blue Bottle hope to expand even more.


Several New Locations


Coffee lovers across the country can now look forward to the opportunity to sample the Blue Bottle experience. The company plans to open shops in the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan as well as in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Another market that will see a Blue Bottle location is Boston as well as the nation’s capital and Miami. This will bring the number of Blue Bottle locations to more than three dozen across the U.S.

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