Technology is a process that is always going on in the world. Every single day, people all over the world have the chance to explore all sorts of forms of technology. One of the many truths about the world of education is that kids are more ready than parents to be part of new things and work with them. Betsy DeVos has seen this happen in her own life. She’s watched as her own young grandchild learned to operate a computer. The child took to this form of technology with ease. She was delighted to realize that the little girl was at home with a new idea. Betsy DeVos knows that such technology has a great deal of transformative power. Parents, children and educators can have the opportunity to make the use of technology in their own work as well as the kind of education they are providing for their kids.


Taking Advantage


Taking advantage of new forms of technology has the power to radically transform how education operates in the United States. Parents and kids alike can benefit from the world of technology when it is applied to their schools. As Betsy DeVos points out, listening to some drone on for half an hour can lead to kids who are not paying attention in school. The old models where the teacher speaks to her students as they passively copy things down is not going to work anyone. She wants to see radical changes in how things are done. The use of technology has the power to take things in a brand new direction. This is a world that Betsy DeVos believes can be fine tuned to better serve the needs of all children as a whole. She has seen it happen in her own life with her own grandchild.


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